Talking Minion review



Talking Minion review


For me, phenomen of the Minions is absolutely incomprehensible. My little one is mesmerized by them for more then six months now. And she is only 2 and a half years old! We have watched all the movies about minions 3 times by now. And we had to buy everything that has minions on it (umbrella, bed sheets, t-shirt..). Little less of a month ago we went on a trip without her and promised her a new minion toy. That is all she talked about until we came back: “Mom and dad went on a trip to buy me a minion”. Well, we had to keep that promise. Luckily we found this toy.

Talking Minion

Despicable Me 2 9-inch Talking Minion – Dave


talking minion review

  • Collector’s edition talking minion Dave. 9 inch figure, says over 30 Minion phrases in his original voice
  • Press talking minion Dave’s chin for voice and facial expressions with moving head and eyes
  • Talks back when you speak to him; he even knows if you raise your voice
  • Press his chin twice, and he will sing a song
  • Jean overalls for an authentic look

I don’t have to say she absolutely loved Talking Minion Figure from Despicable Me. With size 14x14x14 inches and 2.2 pounds its not a small toy.  It’s not a cheep toy to be honest, but i think worth all the money. Talking or singing this minion is hilarious and our baby can’t get enough of it. This talking minion should not be confused with its lesser kin, which sell for about half of this price. There is no comparison! I bought one on a chance and found it is totally animated. He moves his eyes and head and speaks in longer sentences. Best Minion toy ever!


Click here if you want to buy: Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

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  1. […] Everyone’s favorite gift and is one of top baby toy brands. This was the birthday gift for my 3-year-old girl and she LOVES it! Dave’s chatter is hilarious and sounds just like a real deal. Comes wrapped in a plastic bag inside a brown cardboard box. Not a colorful packaging but well protected and clean. I would buy this version of talking Dave again. You can check out our full Minion Dave review here. […]


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