Trouble with Art – Adventures of decorating

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We have recently moved to the new apartment and after years of not being able to add any art or other personal touches we can finally decorate the apartment as we wish. Well, relatively as we wish, the landlord still has some rules. We can’t make any permanent changes, but by using some amazing tools we can make the apartment ours.

My husband immediately went into the decorating mode buying every picture frame he likes. Finding pictures he wanted to put in those frames is another story altogether. He thought it was ok to put them on the wall as they came, with those generic slogans on them. While some of them are really cute, I couldn’t get behind all of them. For example, I could see myself living with “Home is where the heart is” on my wall, considering that we are constantly moving, so we don’t have our permanent home just yet. The others might be as great, but just don’t make sense for us

That is where I come in. I might have 0 decorator genes in my body, but I am excellent in using search engines and shopping, of course. 

I wasn’t really sure what exactly I wanted, but I wanted something cute that would represent our little family. Should I blow up one of our pictures, frame one of the kid’s masterpieces, or maybe make a portrait? Nothing really seemed to be what I wanted, especially since I didn’t know what I wanted. I know, first world problems, am I right? But then I found Lulu Cartoons and my search was over. The biggest problem now was to choose which one I would prefer.

To make my choice even harder, I asked my husband for his opinion. Will I ever learn my lesson? The moment he saw that he could become a superhero, he completely forgot that we were looking for the best idea for a family picture. After we talked, and agreed that we are looking for a nice family picture this time, his suggestion still was: What about a Superhero picture? That could represent us in the future once we get our superpowers. Superheroes also have families. I think my look was enough for him to change his mind. Don’t worry, he will get his dream. My secret plan is to get him a Superhero picture for his birthday, it would be a great addition to his office. 

But, back to the point. I decided maybe it would be better to choose the picture by myself. I settled onto Faceless Custom Art. That way I could get a picture of us, that is a drawing at the same time. And it worked perfectly, I sent them a picture I wanted, and 2 days later I received the finished Art and it looked amazing.

Well, as amazing as they could make it considering we are definitely not a photogenic family. When I say we, I actually think me. Two of them look amazing. Just take a look. Beautiful, right? Best of all, currently they have 50% off on all of their art, so take a look. 

What is next for me? I still have the rest of the wall to fill, so if you have any ideas please let me know. Otherwise, Mr. Decorating Genius will put up frames with stock photos everywhere. Save me, please.



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