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Making Money

Take the Sting Out of Your Family Finances

Fifty-seven percent of American households don’t follow a budget according to a study by Harris interactive so if you’re one of those families then it could one of the reasons for bad financial management. There are many ways to take control of your family finances and help teach your kids about money at the same time. If your family is in need of reorganizing funds, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, so here’s some tips to help with you family finances.

family finances

Stay positive

With so many of us having cash flow problems it’s all too easy to become anxious about where the money for the next bill is going to come from. While it’s often difficult to stop worrying about financial issues, being positive and finding solutions to your problems will go a long way to improving the situation. Although a bad credit rating cannot be fixed overnight, it’s important to remember that it is possible to improve your credit rating over a period of time but only if you’re motivated and take control. Try and stay focused on making the most of what you do have and see how your mood is lifted by the benefits of taking care of any money worries.

Be realistic

If you haven’t yet made a monthly or weekly budget then it’s about time you started! Creating one will help you determine where your money is going and what ways you can be more frugal with it. You can draw up a budget step by step and include all your family so that everyone is made aware of their spendings, and the potential ways they can save money throughout the month. Just remember not to set hugely ambitious financial goals that no one can keep to but rather start by making small differences and if it’s a success, build up to larger savings. By being more realistic, you’ll all have better control over your spending and the budget won’t be abandoned at the first hurdle.

Whether you want to save for something special, need to improve your credit score or are simply saving for a rainy day, try and keep everything in perspective and don’t overwhelm yourself or your family. Being anxious and stressed about family finances is not going to be productive to saving any money but taking a more positive approach will ensure that you’ll all enjoy life a lot more.

Making Money

How to Grow Your Mommy Instagram Account like a True Pro

A larger Mommy Instagram following provides a huge amount of potential for you and your business. So, how do you grow your followers? Well, these tips are here to help.

How to Grow Your Mommy Instagram Account like a True Pro

mommy instagram account

Start Posting More Interesting Pictures

If you browse through some of the most popular Instagram accounts, you will see that they post more than once a day. They keep their followers happy with a consistent stream of unique imagery. When there are special events in their lives, they will fill their account up with up to ten pictures for the day. If the content is interesting and unique, you will not annoy your followers. You may be thinking thought that posting so many pictures could harm or even have the account banned. There is no need to worry about such rubbish.

Consider for a moment that the average Instagram user is only active for about 20 minutes a day, how would they be able to see relevant images? Instagram manages the order of pictures that is shown in a feed. The two factors that dictate this feed are engagement and relevance. There is no need to worry about timing your posts just right to get the most engagement nor can you ever overshare. Due to internet myths and urban legends, far too many Instagram users are still stuck on this one picture a day rule. Trust us, start posting three pictures a day and see what happens!

Joining Forces With Other Bloggers

Many bloggers feel that in order to be successful they need to take the lone wolf direction. However, working with other bloggers in similar niches on Instagram can really work in your favor. Take the time to work with one another to create something truly special for all of your followers.

Using The Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore page has been reborn with a new personalized appeal featuring adopted recommendations. This simply means that there are no two Instagram Explore pages that look exactly alike. A simple search online will give you plenty of tutorials and methods of how you can appear on someone’s explore page. However, all of those methods are now outdated and you will be simply spinning your wheels with the newly personalized explore page. However, you can use your own page for a shot of creativity!

Find Your Voice With Instagram Videos

Over the past six months, Instagram has reported an incredible 150% increase in time that users have spent watching videos. With that kind of increase, you know it is time to start posting more video! Videos can be up to 60 seconds and there are plenty of sources to find new inspiration.

Using Instagram Stories

If you are looking for a great way to grow, look no further than Instagram stories. These are growing in popularity daily and can bring a new surge in followers to your account.

The Importance Of Hashtags

You already know the importance of hashtags, so never be vague when using them. Instead of using a tag like “dog” try something more specific like “AKC Golden Retriever” The more specific you are able to get your hashtags, the more traffic and exposure you will get. Instagram hosts a weekly hashtag project, use this for a source of creativity and inspiration, you will also have the chance to get featured on the local Instagram account.

Likes And Engagement

Instagram is known as a social network. Considering it is social, it thrives on interaction. In order to grow and find an audience, you have to be visible through liking posts and making engaging comments. Instagram is not a network where you can post and forget or use some form of automated posting software. You have to be willing to interact with other users to see any form of growth unless you happen to be an A-list celebrity!

Making Money

Office Desks: Simple Style Recipes for Your Work Necessities


If you work from home and your job requires a great amount of creativity, your mind is not the only piece of the puzzle you ought to take care of. You need to make sure that the environment around you helps you give birth to fresh ideas by stimulating you aesthetically, all while being functional and simple enough so that you can be fully focused on your job. One of the most important pieces of furniture in your study room or home office is the desk. During those long hours of work, for those of us who work from home, the world indeed is flat and it’s called the office desk – the place where you put all you need to complete the tasks that lie ahead.


home office desks

This is the main reason why when looking to buy office desks online or in your local store, first of all, you need to know the three most sought after styles simplicity wise: minimalist, Scandinavian and industrial. Lately, these three styles are what makes the world of interior design go round. The most important reason for that is the way in which they make a flawless fusion between what attracts the eye and serves a purpose.

With Minimal Effort to a Lot of Comfort
The best type of working comfort orbits around fine sleek lines. Minimalism centers around compact pieces, therefore, if you decide to buy office desks online, stores that are completely oriented towards this style will offer you many different solutions for storage. The key is in the drawers, which are always wide enough and usually one sided and the rest of the desk consists of as minimal amount of material as possible. This style is great for those of you who need to have a lot of books or paperwork around – there will be enough storage without making the desk an eyesore.

Nordic Offerings to Your God of Imagination

If you want your simplicity to say something more by revealing less, a Scandinavian style office desk might suit you best. Within this style no line is out of place or inessential. It doesn’t mean that the desk will make it to the top five noticeable items in the room, but it will give you just enough space to work, without taking a millimeter more than necessary. There is something so modern, yes prehistoric about this style and you’ll be delighted to see how easily it will blend with your existing décor. A nice color play of light and dark will help to furthermore develop that vibe. To achieve this, you can choose the astonishing contrast of black lacquer and natural oak. Expect to find many office desks in Scandinavian design, the drawers of which are an integral part of the surface of the desk, which is a genius space saving idea.

Visual Echoes from the Past

If you are in love with the industrial style, but you think that you cannot get just one industrial item, you are very wrong, especially when it comes to offices. An industrial office desk requires nothing more than a few items of décor to mimic whatever you are already pulling off with the look of the whole room. For instance, if the rest of the décor is vintage, you can just put a vintage vase or frame on the desk. An industrial office desk can do wonders for adding value to your room. These pieces are extremely durable and come with a special rustic charm.

Although there are many substantial differences between these three styles, the obvious reason why they are making such a big splash is the genius design. They prove that beauty and strength don’t have to overwhelm the room – exquisite interior décor flavors come in compact portions.

Making Money

5 Ways to Grow Your Home based Business

No matter how much we love our kids, we stand their tantrums and deal with the ridiculous amount of poop without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining and crying from time to time), we all want something that is solely ours. Be it a hobby or business, we need something to keep our sanity. So if you have had a long-awaited dream of owning a business of your own and can be run from home, here are five ways to help you minimize struggle and boost your home based business.

How to start a home based business

Starting a home based business

1. Focus on one product
Oft times mommies make a mistake and offer a wide choice of products. This may overwhelm customers. Focus on one product and aim to be famed for your expertise in the product.

2. Take it to the Web
You are more likely to reach more customers if you choose one ground- the web. Make a website and advertise your business online. In most cases, it is fail-proof. Social media is a marketing weapon if used right. You can reach friends, family and everyone else in your area is literally just clicks away.

3. Boost sales
Come up with offers that are impossible to say no to. Your first target should be your current clients – find ways to keep them coming for more. Give them a card which offer a free gift on 10 purchases or offer them discounts on bulk purchases. It would be good to hire someone for your public relations. Be careful when choosing the right company. Find the one that already worked with your niche. For example, if your product is connected to babies and children, I can recommend Konnect PR since they’ve been working a lot with companies in that niche.

4. Hire help
If you have too many orders and not enough hands, don’t send customers away or compromise of quality. You can always hire help. All your profits will drown if you get a full-time employ so instead hire interns or freelancers. You do not need to bear any benefits or additional costs or taxes. How cool is that?

5. Think big
Right now you just want a small business where you can do what you love, maintain a healthy home-work balance and make some money so you can buy those shoes you have your eye on. But see, your children will grow up and get busy with school and you will soon have more free time. You can actually make your home based business a big deal. Don’t discard the idea just yet- aim it and you will be there in a few years.

The thing about the digital age is that anyone can do anything. So if you have a passion or a skill but can’t manage to leave home to make a career, make an office at home and cash your skill today!

Making Money

April 2016 Blog Income Report


Do you remember my blog income report from December? I earned little over 100 dollars and I was over the moon because of that.

Well, I continued to work hard this year and last month income report shows that.

April Blog Income Report

Money is not why I am doing this. I have been blogging more than 10 years now. It is something I enjoy. I love writing stories that help and inspire others. I also enjoy reading stories that help and inspire me. I am happy to say that I found some amazing blogs that I read every day.

So, now when I said that, I can go back to money. So, even though money isn’t a reason why I blog, my dream goal is still to do this as a full time job. And because of that, I am working hard to earn as much as I can on my blog.

April 2016 Blog Income Report

How much did I make?

Until recently, I just had two sources of income on my blog. Those were Amazon Affiliate and Google Ads. Two months ago, I decided to start accepting sponsored post and reviews on my site. I know some bloggers earn enough money to support their families just by doing sponsored posts. I don’t see a big issue there, as long as you stay honest. If you’re doing sponsored post for things that you don’t actually believe in, your readers will get that soon and you will lose them.

When it comes to sponsored posts, my favorite platform so far is Linqia. Really easy to register and use.

But back to my income report…

Here is what I made in April:

Amazon Affiliates: 36.57 USD
Google Ads: 8.43 USD
Sponsored Posts: 292 USD

Total income: 337 USD

I know this is not much, but for me this is a great deal.

I have found lots of inspiration and new ideas through reading blog income reports from other bloggers. I wanted to provide the same feeling to those of you who are reading this and have some doubts about earning money through writing. I don’t plan to earn bunch of money here like some, but it’s good to see that I earn some extra money by doing something that I absolutely enjoy doing.

How do you monetize your blog?

Making Money

December 2015 Blog Income Report – 103.49 Dollars


I love reading blog income reports from some extra successful blogs like Retired by 40 or Sarah Titus. I don’t ever expect to make that much money from blogging, but it’s kinda inspiring, don’t you think so? If they could make it, maybe I can too.. That would be my new motto.

Well, because of all that, I wanted to share with the world my income report from last December. This blog is 9 months old, and this is the first month that I actually made some money. Nothing much, but enough to make me proud.

Blog Income Report

December 2015 Blog Income Report

How much did I make?

I just have two sources of income on my blog. Those are Amazon Affiliate and Google Ads. I didn’t have any sponsored posts or reviews so far, but I know some bloggers earn enough money to support their families just by doing sponsored posts. If that is your thing, go for it! Just stay honest…

Back to my income report…

Here is what I made in December:

Amazon Affiliates: 94.99 USD
Google Ads: 8.50 USD

Total income: 103.49 USD

I know this is not much, but enough to cover blog expenses for next year.

I have found lots of inspiration and new ideas through reading income reports from other bloggers. I wanted to provide the same feeling to those of you who are reading this and have some doubts about earning money through writing. I don’t plan to earn bunch of money here, but it’s good to see that I earn some extra money by doing something that I absolutely enjoy doing.

New Goals for 2016.

1. Finally finish my ebook.
2. Continue writing income reports to inspire others.
3. Help others make money while working from home.

How was your month? Do you earn anything from your blog. I would love to hear your blog income report!