How to Grow Your Mommy Instagram Account like a True Pro

mommy instagram account

A larger Mommy Instagram following provides a huge amount of potential for you and your business. So, how do you grow your followers? Well, these tips are here to help.

How to Grow Your Mommy Instagram Account like a True Pro

mommy instagram account

Start Posting More Interesting Pictures

If you browse through some of the most popular Instagram accounts, you will see that they post more than once a day. They keep their followers happy with a consistent stream of unique imagery. When there are special events in their lives, they will fill their account up with up to ten pictures for the day. If the content is interesting and unique, you will not annoy your followers. You may be thinking thought that posting so many pictures could harm or even have the account banned. There is no need to worry about such rubbish.

Consider for a moment that the average Instagram user is only active for about 20 minutes a day, how would they be able to see relevant images? Instagram manages the order of pictures that is shown in a feed. The two factors that dictate this feed are engagement and relevance. There is no need to worry about timing your posts just right to get the most engagement nor can you ever overshare. Due to internet myths and urban legends, far too many Instagram users are still stuck on this one picture a day rule. Trust us, start posting three pictures a day and see what happens!

Joining Forces With Other Bloggers

Many bloggers feel that in order to be successful they need to take the lone wolf direction. However, working with other bloggers in similar niches on Instagram can really work in your favor. Take the time to work with one another to create something truly special for all of your followers.

Using The Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore page has been reborn with a new personalized appeal featuring adopted recommendations. This simply means that there are no two Instagram Explore pages that look exactly alike. A simple search online will give you plenty of tutorials and methods of how you can appear on someone’s explore page. However, all of those methods are now outdated and you will be simply spinning your wheels with the newly personalized explore page. However, you can use your own page for a shot of creativity!

Find Your Voice With Instagram Videos

Over the past six months, Instagram has reported an incredible 150% increase in time that users have spent watching videos. With that kind of increase, you know it is time to start posting more video! Videos can be up to 60 seconds and there are plenty of sources to find new inspiration.

Using Instagram Stories

If you are looking for a great way to grow, look no further than Instagram stories. These are growing in popularity daily and can bring a new surge in followers to your account.

The Importance Of Hashtags

You already know the importance of hashtags, so never be vague when using them. Instead of using a tag like “dog” try something more specific like “AKC Golden Retriever” The more specific you are able to get your hashtags, the more traffic and exposure you will get. Instagram hosts a weekly hashtag project, use this for a source of creativity and inspiration, you will also have the chance to get featured on the local Instagram account.

Likes And Engagement

Instagram is known as a social network. Considering it is social, it thrives on interaction. In order to grow and find an audience, you have to be visible through liking posts and making engaging comments. Instagram is not a network where you can post and forget or use some form of automated posting software. You have to be willing to interact with other users to see any form of growth unless you happen to be an A-list celebrity!


  1. Good tips! I just finally started using Instagram this fall, and I’m still learning my way around it, but I’m amazed at what a difference good hashtags make. Now if I can just get more consistent in promoting my blog there.


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