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Should You Pay Your Kid To Babysit Younger Siblings


This is a simple question that is bothering me for quite some time. Should I pay my kid to babysit younger siblings? I grow up with 2 younger brothers that I babysit from time to time. My mom never paid me for that but I have to admit that made me angry sometimes. I was wondering – my mom was paying other people for babysitting, why doesn’t she pay me? Is it my job to look after them? I don’t think so. But, they are my brothers and I am the oldest one. Maybe it really was my job.

After talking with lots of adults with siblings about this topic, I found it very often that people resent their parents for making them look after their siblings. Could that be avoided if mom or dad would give them some money for babysitting or some other sort of compensation?

babysit younger siblings

Should You Pay Your Kid To Babysit Younger Siblings

As I said, it’s a simple question, but very hard to answer.

In my opinion,  if we are talking about occasional babysitting like when your kid is looking after their siblings while you run to the grocery store, you probably shouldn’t pay your kid for that. If they are watching them while your work every day until 6 pm or every Sunday – then perhaps you could work something out.

It doesn’t have to be about the money. This can be some other sort of compensation – like making cookies together or going for an ice cream. The important point here is that your older kid needs to know that he or she is appreciated for babysitting the siblings, and not just taken for granted.

‘She should babysit them for free because they are her siblings’. But hey, your oldest kid shouldn’t do something just because he or she is the oldest. That really doesn’t sound right.

So, I really believe that if it gets to a point babysitting takes a huge chunk of your kids time and he or she is doing it well and responsively, there’s really nothing wrong with wanting some compensation. Of course, I am talking about amounts that your family can afford.

What do you think about this topic? I would really like to her your opinion!

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Parents & Nursing Homes: Getting Over The Guilt

Most of us face the prospect of watching our parents get old. It’s the cycle of life, and as much as we tell ourselves it will all be OK and smooth running, nothing can really prepare you for what might come.

Ultimately, there will be tough decisions to make, not least deciding on the best way to care for your parents. And if you make the decision to find a nursing home for them, it would be no surprise if you feel terrible guilt about it. But you will not be alone.

Many people feel this guilt, and there are a few things you should realize that might help you deal with your emotions. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

getting over the guilt

It’s not your fault

First of all, you have to realize that you didn’t cause your parent’s illness. And no matter how guilty you feel, it isn’t going to change their continuing suffering. Yes, they might seem like they are happier at home, but no one wants their folks to experience pain and suffering that can’t actually be managed as well as it can in a medical environment.


Sometimes it’s necessary

When your parents are chronically ill or approaching the end times, they will be incredibly uncomfortable. End of life care nursing is a highly specialized skill, that encompasses all kinds of support, from the physical to the emotional. You might know your parents as well as you know the back of your hands, but unless you have had years of training and experience, you won’t be able to care for them as safely and as comfortably as they need.


You have choices

When you make the decision that your parents need full-time care in a home, you still have plenty of power. Make sure that you research each care home thoroughly, and know about any incidents of complaints or poor quality treatment. Unfortunately, there are still many sub standard facilities in the country, so it is essential you make the right choice – always check your local Better Business Bureau before signing up with any nursing home. Doing so will help you reduce your guilt levels because you know they are in the right place.


You’re still a part of the team

Just because your parents are going to a home, it doesn’t mean that you will lose your advocacy. In fact, the best nursing homes will make you feel like an important part of the care team. It’s still a huge commitment that will involve a lot of your time, involvement, and decision-making.


It’s good for you – and your parents

When you are a full-time caregiver for your parents, things can get tricky. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional aspect of being a primary caregiver, but it is also exhausting. You can easily take your eyes off the ball and do something incorrectly, and you will also find it impacts hugely on your typical family and working lives. A nursing home can help you freshen up, avoid caregiver burnout, and approach your responsibilities with renewed vigor.


It can be hard to let go when you put your parents in a nursing home – they are your folks, after all, and your children’s grandparents. There will be a lot of guilt involved. By understanding some of the issues highlighted above, however, you will hopefully be able to see the positives.


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When We Were Young…


The freedom most of us had when we were young is a foreign concept to kids today. We never had the restrictions set upon kids, and maybe it’s a good thing that our own children are growing up in a safer world. Sometimes it’s a wonder that we even made it through childhood at all.

One thing is for sure; today’s children are growing up in a much different world than what we had when we were young.

when we were young

When We Were young…

1. We used to disappear early in the morning and not return until the sun was down and the street lights were on. There was no report to the police about a missing child in the neighborhood.
2. When we were young, kids carried BB guns, pellet guns or even fashioned their own brand of weapon out of sticks and anything else they could find.
3. Even before they could see over the steering wheel kids would steer the car all around the parking lot while on mom or dad’s lap. If parents were really daring, it would happen on the road.
4. Remember when we used to ride in the back of a pickup truck? The days of getting bugs in your eyes and dirt in your mouth are long gone.
5. Riding anywhere in a moving vehicle is no longer an option. Forget about riding on the floorboard, beneath the window or doing acrobats on the seats because kids can no longer ride without a seatbelt no matter what.
6. I remember waiting in the car for my parents to finish their errands. When a child is left unattended in the car nowadays, the police are called to ensure they are in safe hands.
7. There’s no more borrowing dad’s hatchet to go build a fort in the forest and forget about using anything like a saw to help.
8. There were days when we were forced to go door to door to sell raffle tickets or girl guide cookies but it’s rare to see anything like that now. Unless, of course, you actually know the kid, their name, their parents or are related to them.
9. When we were young we used to go to an actual arcade that wasn’t a Chuck E. Cheese.
10. And of course, riding a bike without a helmet.

Have we become a society that coddles our children too much? We don’t see kids running off into the woods with some tools like we did when we were young or hanging out at the corner store digging into all the candy they just bought with their allowance. Most of the time we just see them with their smartphones. Things just aren’t the same.

That is true. Things are just not the same. But are things worse? I think we have all learned that some of those things we did as a kid weren’t exactly safe. There were probably many times when we barely escaped the clutches of serious injury because we didn’t have an adult supervising or because we really shouldn’t have been using a machete to clear away some grass. We miss some things because life seemed to be easier when we were young, but we have to admit that our kids are much safer now.

What do you think about safety nowdays and before? Do you miss ‘good old times’?

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50 Life Lessons You Should Teach Your Kids


Lots of people are complaining that what kids are taught in schools will not be relevant in their adult lives. You may agree with that or disagree, that doesn’t matter. We all know that there are more important life lessons for kids. I found all this life lessons for kids on Quora, printed it out and now have it on my ‘Inspiration board’.

Life Lessons for Kids

1. Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.
2. Mistakes are your best friend. Aside from things like riding bulls or kissing cobras, never miss an opportunity where you can make a mistake. From mistakes we learn.
3. Care deeply about something.
4. Leave the world a better place than you found it.
5. Use your time, talents, and mind to help those around you. Even if you don’t have money, you can influence your world.
6. Be brave! Speak out and share your unique perspective. Make connections, innovate, and don’t be afraid of failure.
Life Lessons
7. Appreciate the small things in life.
8. Life is the journey, not the destination.
9. Never give up on a dream.
10. Take chances on new things.
11. Listen to your heart.
12. Every person you meet knows something that you don’t.
13. If you have a question, ask.
14. Be confident in yourself.
15. Never bow down if you are not wrong.
16. Help the Helpless.
17. Don’t be bothered with what others might think of you. Be your own person and stay true to what you believe and know to be true.
Life Lessons
18. You can never say “I love you” too often to the people who really matter to you.
19. No matter what be honest to the person you love.
20. If you have a dream – get on with it.
21. You will regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do.
22. You are responsible for what you do and how you handle life’s issues.
23. Admitting when you are wrong, when you don’t know, and apologizing are not signs of weakness, but of strong character.
Life Lessons
24. No one really has a clue to what is going on, everyone is just like you.. Figuring it out as they go along.
25. Happiness doesn’t come from perfection, perfection comes from happiness.
26. Being weird is something that should be celebrated. Embrace who you are.
27. Everyone has his own story. Never be quick to judge.
28. Mind your own business.
29. Surround yourself with people who let you grow.
30. Mean what you say. If what you’re about to say is mean, then don’t say anything at all.
31. People and places are a reflection of your perceptions – hate yourself and the world is hateful, love yourself and the world is wonderful.
32. Smile. A positive attitude will get you through most problems.
33. Don’t sweat the small stuff. A lot of life’s problems are not worth worrying about.
34. Words hit harder than a punch. Choose them wisely.
35. You can’t get to the top without climbing to it.
36. Above anything, be happy. If you aren’t happy, change something. Don’t think about it. Change it.
37. Spend more time listening than talking.
38. Making assumptions is the worst thing you can do to yourself and others around you.
39. Being a producer of content is much better than a consumer of content. Don’t just sit and read, watch, listen, play etc but do something. Write a paragraph. Create a tune.
40. The best things in life are free.
41. The only thing you take with you when you die are your experiences. Collect them. Nurture them. Cherish them.
42. You should be able to live with your choices, as well as the consequences.
43. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. If you don’t know how to work hard and rebound from disappointment, you won’t reach your potential. No matter what reality TV says, life isn’t just handed to you.
44. It’s okay to be different, and to appreciate differences in others and in ourselves.
45. You owe us nothing. You owe your own kids everything.
Life Lessons
46. Learn to think critically. Question. Be skeptical. This is how you become who you are, not a copy of those around you.
47. Learn how to fail. What to do when they fail. How to know when failure is the universe calling for another approach and when it is evidence that you should try something else entirely.
48. Find a job you enjoy and that gives you a reason to live.
49. Being in the moment is the only choice you have – be it a painful one, or a lighthearted one.
50. Eat healthy. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink too much. Get exercise. Take care of your teeth. Pay your bills on time. Reply to personal e-mails. Show up on time. Make time for your friends.

You might not be able to teach your kids all of the above life lessons for kids, but it’s our job to at least try!

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Link Love – My Favorite Things – Week Seven

I found this cool idea about ‘link love’ on several websites I like to read on daily basis. People are sharing their favorite things they found online that week. I love that! I found so many cool blogs and interesting websites by reading other bloggers’ ‘link love’.

I decided to also do something similar. I will share all the cool things I stumbled upon recently. Hope you will like my picks and find something cool for you.

link love my favorite things

Link Love – My Favorite Things

Lucys Outbox Crafts

I was trying to find some cool and unique lamp for my home office. Everything I found just wasn’t special enough. So, I decided to take a look at Etsy shops. And I found one very new shop with most amazing lamps. This adorable mushroom lamp&pencil stand is just pefect for my home office. Mushrooms are made by hands with nontoxic special kind of rubber which gives very natural and organic feel. Lamp stand is made of quality oak wood and painted in shabby white&worn out looking style which blend perfectly with the mushrooms. Everything is really high qualitiy and you definitely won’t regret buying this! Check out the shop and let me know your favorite item!


swimwear on etsy

Summer is just behind the corner, so it’s time to start shopping for some summer clothes and swimwear. This year I would like to wear something completely special and unique – so I was really happy when I found this beautiful etsy shop featuring swimwear with watercolor illustrations. Their swimwear models are just perfect and unique. All of their swim wears are made from top quality four-way stretch Italian Lycra so you don’t have to worry about quality, and it comes in three sizes (S, M and L). I love how each design is a separate story. Visit the shop and find your favorite one!




I am obsessed with bags and I don’t think you can ever have too many of them! When I first discover Manofatto Etsy shop, I was so delighted. Their bags are handmade, unique and absolutely beautiful. I already mentioned them before on my blog, but when I saw their new design tote bag for Spring/Summer 2017, I had to do it again. Just look at those finishing details with the beautiful stitching on the middle of the bag to enhance the appearance of it – I love it! Check out their Etsy shop and find something perfect for you.

SmellyCatSoaps by Vicky



If you like fun and unique soaps, you’re at the right place. This amazing Etsy shop has so many choices that I can’t even pick my favorite one. The owner and SoapMaster-in-Chief of Smelly Cat Soaps is talented Vicky.
She loved smelly soaps but she was allergic to them, even the hypoallergenic stuff – imagine that! Luckily, she decided to try to make her own soaps, and because of that, you can now buy this wonderful handmade soaps!


Dylan’s Cosydoze by Elsa Joseph

Dylan Cosydoze by Elsa Joseph

My daughter can’t sleep without her pink blanket. Oh, what a tantrum would we have if she lost her precious blanket somewhere. I guess that is why she loved this charming book about little Dylan so much – she could relate to his problem 🙂 What is it about? Dylan cannot sleep without his Cosydoze, but it goes missing on a visit to Granny’s house. Buy this amazing and heart-warming book and find out where has it gone and can Mum and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it.
We loved it and I truly recommend it to everyone!

Handmade baby slippers

baby slippers on etsy

I was looking for cute baby slippers for my friend’s baby shower and look what I found. This lady on Etsy makes amazing and cutest baby slippers. Every single model is unique and entirely handmade. She even makes custom orders so you can pick any size, color or shape you would like. This can be a great gift for birthdays, baptism, baby showers..

You can also find some cute headbands and jewelry here – something for everyone.

All the items are made in Switzerland, but they do send to other countries. Take a look and I am sure you will find something adorable.

Helge Jewelry

helge jewelry etsy

Do you love jewelry? I do, and my little one is also obsessed about it lately. She is stealing all my jewelry and that is why I have to buy even more jewelry 🙂 I love to browse around Etsy to try to find something unique. And I found Helge Jewelry, a handmade Estonian brand that started out in 2014. The name Helge is actually an adjective in Estonian language that means light, positive or intelligent. It is a brand of unique designs made with gemstones, silver and gold worked into jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. I love every single item! Check it out and tell me which one is your favorite!


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Baby Weight Loss – what is happening?

My baby is losing weight

Baby Weight Loss

You go for a wellness check, anxious to see how your little one is progressing, and your doctor appears concerned. Your baby has lost weight. Instantly, you begin to worry: What’s going on? Why has my baby lost weight? Am I a bad parent? Let me tell you – baby weight loss is more common than you think. There are a number of reasons for your baby to have lost weight, but keep in mind that is long as your little one has not drastically dropped in percentile there is no need for you to worry. Whatever the cause of your baby’s weight loss, be sure to discuss any of your concerns with your child’s doctor.

Possible Reasons for Baby Weight Loss

Newborn Weight Loss – It is common for a newborn to lose weight (up to 10% of their birth weight) in the first few days of life, but your little one will usually gain the weight back within two weeks. Newborn weight loss is completely normal; your little one has been encapsulated in liquid for nine months and will lose some of that water weight upon entering the world.
How Much/Little Baby Eats – One of the biggest concerns from your doctor will be how much your baby is eating. If you are breastfeeding they will ask how often and for how long your baby eats; if your are feeding formula and/or solids your doctor will ask how often and how much the baby is being fed. Your doctor may suggest more frequent feedings and/or supplementation.

Reflux – Sometimes, a severe case of reflux can be the cause of weight loss because the baby is unable to absorb the nutrients due to reflux. Never fear, I worried about my baby’s spit-up (she projectile vomited regularly), but my doctor assured me that as long as there weren’t more than two or three large spit-ups a day that she was fine. You’d be surprised how much they are still getting! (If your baby is spitting-up frequently, watch for signs of dehydration and contact your doctor with any concerns.)

Diarrhea – Most breastfed babies have loose stool, so moms often have a difficult time determining what is diarrhea. Rest assured, if your little one’s poos are extra runny and lose their grainy appearance, it is probably diarrhea. Diarrhea can be accompanied by mucus, but are most often extremely explosive and runny to the point that they soak into the diaper like urine. Similar to reflux, diarrhea can cause weight loss (primarily from water loss) due to lack of baby’s ability to absorb the food’s nutrients. Other signs of diarrhea include: caved in soft, dark urine, poor overnight diaper, and irritability.

Virus – Unfortunately, the rotavirus (or stomach bug) is the most common culprit of weight loss in young children. Vomiting and diarrhea often accompany a virus and, unfortunately, the only real treatment is to let it run its course. In order to stave off dehydration and weight loss, offer your little one plenty of liquids (breast milk, formula, or pedialyte).

Activity – The upside of baby weight loss could be that your baby has become more active! A crawling baby on the move will often result in some weight loss in your infant.

Again, weight loss in babies is not uncommon, but unless it is excessive there is nothing to be overly concerned about. When in doubt, your baby will let you know if something is wrong. But, if you’re concerned, talk with your doctor who will (no doubt) ask you questions related to what we have shared with you.