Office Desks: Simple Style Recipes for Your Work Necessities

home office desks


If you work from home and your job requires a great amount of creativity, your mind is not the only piece of the puzzle you ought to take care of. You need to make sure that the environment around you helps you give birth to fresh ideas by stimulating you aesthetically, all while being functional and simple enough so that you can be fully focused on your job. One of the most important pieces of furniture in your study room or home office is the desk. During those long hours of work, for those of us who work from home, the world indeed is flat and it’s called the office desk – the place where you put all you need to complete the tasks that lie ahead.


home office desks

This is the main reason why when looking to buy office desks online or in your local store, first of all, you need to know the three most sought after styles simplicity wise: minimalist, Scandinavian and industrial. Lately, these three styles are what makes the world of interior design go round. The most important reason for that is the way in which they make a flawless fusion between what attracts the eye and serves a purpose.

With Minimal Effort to a Lot of Comfort
The best type of working comfort orbits around fine sleek lines. Minimalism centers around compact pieces, therefore, if you decide to buy office desks online, stores that are completely oriented towards this style will offer you many different solutions for storage. The key is in the drawers, which are always wide enough and usually one sided and the rest of the desk consists of as minimal amount of material as possible. This style is great for those of you who need to have a lot of books or paperwork around – there will be enough storage without making the desk an eyesore.

Nordic Offerings to Your God of Imagination

If you want your simplicity to say something more by revealing less, a Scandinavian style office desk might suit you best. Within this style no line is out of place or inessential. It doesn’t mean that the desk will make it to the top five noticeable items in the room, but it will give you just enough space to work, without taking a millimeter more than necessary. There is something so modern, yes prehistoric about this style and you’ll be delighted to see how easily it will blend with your existing décor. A nice color play of light and dark will help to furthermore develop that vibe. To achieve this, you can choose the astonishing contrast of black lacquer and natural oak. Expect to find many office desks in Scandinavian design, the drawers of which are an integral part of the surface of the desk, which is a genius space saving idea.

Visual Echoes from the Past

If you are in love with the industrial style, but you think that you cannot get just one industrial item, you are very wrong, especially when it comes to offices. An industrial office desk requires nothing more than a few items of décor to mimic whatever you are already pulling off with the look of the whole room. For instance, if the rest of the décor is vintage, you can just put a vintage vase or frame on the desk. An industrial office desk can do wonders for adding value to your room. These pieces are extremely durable and come with a special rustic charm.

Although there are many substantial differences between these three styles, the obvious reason why they are making such a big splash is the genius design. They prove that beauty and strength don’t have to overwhelm the room – exquisite interior décor flavors come in compact portions.


  1. I haven’t used our office in too many months to count, mostly because it’s not how I want it to be. I really need to get back on it. Lately though, I’ve been working at the kitchen table, where I can look out to the backyard and watch the morning turn to day, the birds and squirrels all frolicking about! 🙂


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