How Not To Lose Temper With Kids

Lose Temper With Kids


It happens even to best of us. We lose temper with kids from time to time. the question here is – do you hit your child?
When it comes to hitting a child, I know my answer well. It’s a big NO.

Lose Temper With Kids

How Not To Lose Temper With Kids

There are better ways to discipline a kid without losing our temper. We often think that kids just don’t understand what we are saying to them. Trust me, they understand a lot more than we can imagine.

Treat them like adults. Give them reason, explain why you are mad.

We are all humans so we are gifted with brain and the capability to speak. Speaking is much better way to resolve things than hitting and fighting.

My daughter is hyper-energetic. She doesn’t even use a minute to rest. She literally runs around all the time (except when I give her tablet to play, but that’s a story for another article). She drives me nuts sometimes but I try not to lose my patience. Sometimes I repeat same thing over and over again but I do explain her why something is forbidden. So – she will not get a dessert because she didn’t eat her dinner. We won’t read a story because she didn’t clean up her room. She does have tantrums from time to time – but when she sees I am serious, she does what I’ve asked her. Also, use emotional statements like: If you don’t eat your vegetables, I am gonna be sad. That will make them more understanding, while hitting will just do the opposite and damage their confidence. They will stop trusting you and will make them rebel eventually.

But what to do when your child is impossible? For example, if he or she has a biting phase, hitting won’t change a thing. But for example, the scariest punishment for them is to sit in the corner when no once can talk with them and they can’t play with their toys. They will get bored so quickly that they will never repeat the same thing. Better way than to lose temper with kids.

Interesting hack:
When you’re mad and you’re feeling like you will lose temper with kids, just use the counting technique. Count slowly to ten out loud. It forces you to delay your reaction and you’re more likely to behave reasonably, and chances are your kids will start to listen before you reach 10.

Children copy what they see, so don’t lose temper with kids and try to discipline them by hitting them. Teach them to respect other by respecting them.


  1. Thanks for this. I think there’s little to be achieved by smacking. You want your child to learn by example and that’s not an example to set. Most children blossom with attention if you consistently give attention for good behaviour and take it away for unwanted behaviour hoprfully you’ll see change. Thanks for sharing #fromtheheart

  2. Yes! Time outs for parents not for kids – how are children supposed to learn to react calmly to situations if mum is freaking out? Thanks for sharing #fromtheheart

  3. It’s great advice. Sometimes it is hard not to lose your temper. With my kids, the gentler I am, the more defiant they are..and at times, only a scream would do. I’ll need to put the counting technique into practice! #thisishowweroll

  4. Good advice. I have a way that isn’t easy to replicate. I’ve worked with children for around 25 years. Always with other adults and their parents around, so I’ve not been able to lose my temper/hit a child. Now I have children of my own, that conditioning ensures that I don’t do it with them even though as we all know our kids can test our patience to the extreme!

  5. This is very good advice indeed. My Grandpa always said that if you lose your temper you lose your argument. I am so glad you shared this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.


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