Best Puzzle Games for Kids


If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for your little one, then these puzzle games for kids will definitely be a great choice. Puzzle games for kids are great fun – not only for children, but something a whole family can play.

Puzzle Games for Kids

Puzzle Games for Kids


1. IQ Twist

Fun game for  7 year old children to 100 year old grampa . You will spend hours playing with this great game! Love all the smart games as they are so educational. It will make your family completely hooked on this game.

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2. Wooden Puzzles Set Of 3. Best Geometric Puzzles For Kids

Great product! There are three different sets that get more challenging so we are using the easiest set first and as she begins to master the shape and color we will graduate her to the next difficult set. This will probably last you a while.

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3.Melissa & Doug USA Map 51 pcs Floor Puzzle

This puzzle map is perfect for easy and fun way to learn the states. The pieces are cut along state lines, which makes this puzzle a great learning tool for geography. They currently know at least a dozen state names and where they are located within the continental US.

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4. Science Wiz Cool Circuits


This is a great compact educational toy that takes the place of other electronic gadgetry that may not have the same thinking power involved. It your kid is into mind games, and it has easy to challenging problems, so it offers quite a range of puzzles to keep him busy. Recommending it for kids over 7 years.

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5. 404 Brain Intelligence Puzzle Game


This fun puzzle game has a waping 180 2D challenges and 224 3D challenges. So your kid will have a lot of fun until this puzzle game is no longer interesting. 


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6. Mastermind Game — The Strategy Game of Codemaker vs. Codebreaker — Can You Crack the Code?


Fast, simple strategy game one of the bestselling games of all time. More than 2,000 possible combinations make the game different every time it’s played. The logic skills that this game teaches are invaluable. I would even dare say that I feel like I owe some of the skills I employ daily in my work to the strategies this game requires.

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7. Brain Games Kids Puzzle Crazy


Perfect companion on a long trip for your kid. It will keep him occupied for hours and entertained while making him learn.


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  1. My kids can’t get enough of the Wheels Puzzles Android App. There’s over 50 vehicle puzzles, trucks, cars, plans and while they train their developing brains to resolve the puzzle I ask them questions such as “How many pieces are there in this puzzle”, “What color is the truck?”… it’s definitely their number #1 Toddler App. Unfortunately this guys don’t have Iphone but well.. it’s free and it’s a great value!


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