Gifts for your little ballerina she will cherish forever


Twirling, spinning, balancing and feeling like you’re floating on air. Ballet is almost a right of passage for any little girl. Especially if she’s in love with all things pink, delicate and dance-themed. Ballet can help build confidence, improve posture and give them a sense of purpose, especially if they’re working towards a grade or a competition. But, finding the perfect gifts for your little ballerina can seem impossible.

If your little ballet dancer has a birthday coming up, then finding them the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult, you’ll find a great range of toys for 6-year-old girls here, just click the link. But if you really want to make their birthday extra special, why not consider something that will complement their passion for ballet? Here we’ll take a look at gifts for your little ballerina that your little dancer will cherish forever.

Some ballet slippers

Every little ballerina needs their own pair of slippers. You can get them handmade from a proper supplier to make them even more special. You’ll want a pair that will last long, look great and are super comfortable!

A trip to the ballet show

If your ballet dancer is a little older, than a trip to see a world-famous ballet production is a birthday present that they’ll never forget. If they’re a little on the young side to sit through 3 hours of dance, then consider taking them to see a local kids production. They’ll take lots of inspiration from seeing others dance.

Room décor

How about a little room makeover for their birthday? You’ll be amazed at the difference a few simple ballet-themed wall decals can make. You could paint their walls, add a rug, treat them to some ballet-themed bedding and create somewhere to hang all their precious ballet attire.

A ballerina musical jewellery box

Every ballerina needs somewhere to keep their most precious trinkets and jewellery, so what could be better than a ballerina musical jewellery box? Is there anything sweeter than a wind up musical box with a gorgeously detailed ballerina slowly turning? Your little one will love it.

School stuff

A new ballerina school bag, and stationery and notebooks. If your ballerina is of school age, then they’ll love these new dance-themed additions to their school day.

A new tutu

Every ballerina needs a tutu. Beautiful layers of silk, nylon or tulle, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful, handmade tutus online. Your little dancer will love showing it off at their next dance class.


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