Top 10 Games How to Teach Kids to Communicate with Others

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Many children are unable to gain essential communication skills because they spend more time on their smart devices and less time with their peers. As a parent, you can use several fun games to teach kids to communicate, help them develop these skills and become more eloquent. 

Various issues may mean that your child has trouble picking up on essential communication skills. The common reasons are low self-esteem and the lack of interaction with other children. Fortunately, you can tackle both of these with a few communication skills games. 

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As a parent who is stuck wondering how to teach communication skills to your little ones, the following games will be helpful:

1. Conversation Ball

This game consists of discussing with your family, with the rule that the person holding the ball is the only one allowed to speak. It will teach your kids to listen to others without interrupting. 

2. 20 Questions Game

The 20 questions game will train kids to think critically and ask questions directly, as they’re expected to guess what’s on one of the participant’s minds by asking questions. 

3. Impromptu Speech

Get your kid to talk about something they love for about two minutes. As they grow older, introduce more challenging topics and have them give longer speeches to improve their ability to express their thoughts accurately. 

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4. Identify the Object

In a group, blindfold one child, then have the others describe an object to him or her. The blindfolded kid then guesses what the object is from the descriptions. 

5. Presentation

Have your kid write a poem about a particular topic. They should then recite it to the family to build their confidence in public speaking. You can keep the lyrics in your baby memory books to remind you of those fun moments. 

6. Picture Storytelling

Picture story selling is another game of teaching communication skills for kids. Bring a set of pictures then ask your child to arrange them to create a storyline. 

7. Scrabble

Scrabble is a great board game that enriches your child’s vocabulary. It widens their knowledge of a language and makes them more confident when speaking. 

8. Dance Freeze

For communication skills activities for kids that work on listening skills, you should try the dance freeze game. Children should dance when the music is on and then freeze when it stops.

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9. Taboo

Taboo is a picture game, where there are cards with an image and three words below it. The kids are supposed to describe the object in the picture without using the three words. This game develops vocabulary and verbal expression. 

10. ‘Get to Know You’ Balloons

Have kids write questions on paper, put them in a balloon, and then blow it. The questions can be about topics such as their favorite pet. Let them play with the balloons, pick one, then burst it. Each child should answer the question that they get. This allows them to talk about themselves and learn how to communicate their feelings. 

Build Your Kids’ Communication Skills in Style 

Teaching children communication skills is fun when you use games. Make your child feel free to express their thoughts about things that affect them. When you show them that you’re ready to listen, they will open up more easily.

Let us know in the comments which communication games your kids enjoy the most. 

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