How To Raise A Confident Child

How To Raise A Confident Child

As my daughter is getting older, I am getting more and more scared if I will do a good job in raising her to be secure and confident child. I have to admit that I am reading a lot of books and articles on that topic so I decided to gather a few tips that might do wonders to your child’s confidence.

How To Raise A Confident Child

How To Raise A Confident Child

Don’t be afraid to show them your love. Hug and kiss your partner in front of them, for no good reason. Demonstrate your love for your child through touch, words, and actions.

Give them tasks from the start. Give them a responsibility from a young age. Even when they are two they can carry laundry, put clothes in the hamper, pick up their toys etc. Help them with the task if necessary but give them all the credit and show them how proud you are.

Have rules. These rules should be very tight when they are young. Some studies have shown that as they mature, adolescents will push until they sense their limits which is ok. Most parents do the opposite, they set very few boundaries in the early years and then try to tighten down later on. This does not work! Don’t think you’re smothering them, children like to have a safe and secure routine.

Read to them. It’s important they learn to love books because they will want to learn how to read. Confidence in reading gives a child a sense of academic security.

Give them some autonomy. Two-year-olds are humans too, with a human need for autonomy and independence. Allow them to experience pain and resolve their own issues.

These are just some tips on how to raise a confident child, but I believe you can’t go wrong if you follow them. Feel free to share your own tips and tricks on how to raise a confident child in the comments.





  1. These are excellent tips. I especially liked the one about setting limits and making rules when a child is young, and not waiting until they are older as this really can cause confusion and upset! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul.


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