Preparing your children to do well in further education

further education

These days it’s expected that our children continue their further education as much as possible. We all want our children to secure a degree or completing an apprenticeship because we know that it can substantially improve their child’s job opportunities. So, they start to get their children used to the idea that they will attend university, from an early age.

This is great because if your child knows that is likely to be the case they will be more motivated to do well at school and get good grades. But, there is far more you can do to prepare your children for further education.

Get them used to using the tools they will need to produce good work

Becoming a good academic writer is quite challenging. You have to learn quite a few additional skills, including how to use specialist tools and software. It makes sense to get your child used to them at an early stage. You could, for example, give them access to a free to use APA citation tool like this one to get them used to citing their sources whenever they write.

Very soon using this essential tool will become second nature to them. They will also get used to the fact that they need to carry out careful research and be prepared to demonstrate that they have done so. Getting into the habit of quoting their sources will also make them think more carefully about which ones they trust and how they structure what they write.
Also, get them some educational books so they can get familiar with the writing style.

Encourage them to set and follow a study schedule

Studies show that students who are highly organized do better than those that are not. They get more done and do so in a shorter period. At an early age get your children to set up a study schedule. You can easily find printable ones online, which they can then edit.

Make sure that they have enough time to relax

When setting up their study schedule with them, be sure to factor in enough time for them to take a break and relax. We all need time to decompress. It is all too easy to inadvertently push your children and yourself too hard.

Help them to prepare financially

Going onto further education is not cheap. The sooner you start saving for your child´s university or scholarship the better. If you can do so, open a college account for each of your children and put money into it regularly.

When they are old enough to understand, encourage your child to make a small contribution too. Doing so will engage them and help them to learn to prepare financially for their future.

Encourage them to share what they learn

Studies show that sharing what you are learning with others helps to crystalize things in your mind. This is the case regardless of what age you are.

Encouraging your children to help out by teaching others what they know is also a great way to build character. Plus, the fact that they have been doing so will look good on their university or apprenticeship application. Something that will make it more likely that your child will be able to fulfill their dream of continuing with their education.



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