How to Save Money While Traveling with Kids

saving money when traveling with kids


Traveling with children can be a challenge all of its own, and trying to save money while you do it may seem impossible. Believe it or not, there are a few ways to cut down on the holiday budget even when you are traveling around with kids. Places like Hotels Combined know how to help save money, and have some tips to offer.

saving money when traveling with kids

Look for the Specials

This tends to apply mostly to restaurants but hotels sometimes have the same deals, where kids get service for free. Certain days of the week may have a “kids eat free” or a “kids stay free” offer, which can save you some money if you can fit these deals into your schedule. Just make sure you read the fine print, as there may be conditions you don’t notice at first that make the offer less reasonable for your situation.

Pack the Snacks

Kids love snacks and will bug you for a treat all day long, particularly if they keep seeing snack bars along your route. Putting some limits on snacks is the first step but otherwise make a stop at a grocery store before you leave and stock up on cheaper snacks that you can carry with you.

Avoid the Holidays

Trying to plan all your traveling schedules to match up with school holiday time unfortunately means you almost always end up traveling during “peak season”. Not only does that mean busier venues, but higher prices on just about everything. Instead, think about excusing your kids from classes at a point of the year when people aren’t generally taking their holidays. You can’t beat having shorter lines, and you’ll save money on flights and accommodations too.

Think about Cooking

Another way to save on food is to have some of your meals eat-in at your hotel room. A small kitchenette unit may cost a little more at first but if you can save on multiple restaurant meals, you win out in the end. It can also mean a little less stress if you have several kids who tend to be rambunctious during restaurant meals. You can keep the peace, make them what they want, and save money in the process. All you need is a grocery store.

Focus on Cheap or Free Souvenirs

Make a pact before your trip that you will only look for cheap or free souvenirs that will remind you of your trip, saving you all the money wasted at the local gift shops. Make it a game to see who can find the cheapest items that represent your location. Menus from the restaurant, spare change if you are visiting a foreign country, free postcards from your hotel room, and other little treasures like this.


These are a few handy kid-centric ideas to save on money, but you can always rely on some of the usual tips like comparison shopping for flights or taking public transit when you get around. A memorable family vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune.




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