KidloLand App Review – Perfect App For Mini Me

best kidloland app review


Last month we tried a new app for toddlers – KidloLand. And I can just say one thing – it’s amazing! So many games, songs, activities… My little one loves it. She likes to play games with animals and listen to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ before going to bed.

I still believe that it’s important to limit the screen time, but also agree that technology has lots of positive sides if you’re using it properly. I am sure my daughter learned a lot just by playing educational games on her tablet and listening to songs.

best kidloland app review

KidloLand App Review – Perfect App For Mini Me

This is the top preschool app for kids under 5 that includes bunch of nursery rhymes, abc’s, phonics, stories, games, activities, colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. They recently won Mom’s Choice Gold Award and I can just say – they earned it!

The one thing I really love about this app is that you can download specific content so that you can use it when there’s no wifi around. We downloaded her favorite games and songs so she can listen to it when we have a long drive in a car. My daughter is usually really easily bored, so she just moves from one app to another. But colourful screens and amazing songs and games in this app are really attractive and most of the time I need to take the tablet away from her. She would play this for ages!

If you want to try it, here are the links for you:

Download for iOS

Google Play Store Download

Amazon Appstore

The KidloLand app is free to download and free version have some great content. To gain access to the full app you need to purchase a subscription. The subscription gives you unlimited access, so you can download many more educational nursery rhymes, games and songs.


Disclosure: We received Kidloland App  subscription free in order to share our experience with that. All opinions are mine.


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