How to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Clean their rooms


Sometimes it is exasperating to get your kids to clean their rooms and keep it that way. Sometimes it may even turn into a power struggle in which the parent almost always ends up feeling disappointed and often even angry. Things don’t have to get out of hand; here are a few tips to help you help your kids keep a neat and pleasant rooms.

How to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms

How to get kids to clean their rooms

Establish Routine

You can easily precondition your child to maintain a clean room by introducing small but vital protocols aimed at achieving order. Simple routines, like making the bed or putting clothes in their wardrobe before leaving the room, create predictability and stability in the life of kids.

Insist on Well-Established Rules

Let the child know what can and can’t be done in their rooms. Sometimes the mess in the room could be as a result of the child having too many tasks happening in a small space. Rules such as having no food or dirty dishes in the room too will help keep the room clean.

Teach Your Child How to Do Chores

This will in the process teach your kid how to take care of things. They will begin to love order and organization that they will then extend to their rooms.

Clearly Delineate Your Definition of a Neat Room

Sometimes the child just needs you to explain what you expect the room needs to look like. By having well-defined standards, you will find that your children are more willing to meet your expectations and clean their rooms.

Provide Just Enough of What They Need

I am a big supporter of minimalism. If your daughter has more stuff that her small room can handle, her room will be a constant mess. They will clean their rooms easily if they have less stuff. Do they really need so many toys?

Finally, an important part of getting a child to clean their rooms is giving him or her pride of his or her room. If your daughter, for instance, feels that she owns her room, she will be inclined to keep it looking great. Of course, as a parent, you too are expected to set the perfect example of neatness and organization. There are lots of neat tips on Pinterest. Use them!

Of course, When they get older – you will get to an age where you need to pick your battles. Having kids to clean their rooms sometimes isn’t everything. Also, it’s nice for kids to feel like they have their own space where they have some degree of autonomy. Think about it!


  1. Ugh, we provide way more than they need and the room is often a disaster area. I’m always looking for tips on keeping it clean. The six-year-old takes direction well, but the three-year-old just makes it worse.

  2. Getting my two sons (ages 12 and 15) to clean their rooms was easy – when they were younger. I could threaten them with not going outdoors or this or that … now that they are older though – I still fight with them to clean their rooms – but instead of lasting several days I’m lucky if the “clean” lasts 24 hours lol! I’ve basically given up and just shut the door. You can’t fight a losing battle.

  3. I remember when my first child was old enough to start cleaning his own room, I realized I had to actually TEACH him to do it. I think it is often overlooked that children can’t live up to our expectation of clean until we help them learn what clean means.

    I’ve had to teach my boys many times how to clean their room……especially after gift giving holodays lol

  4. Yes! I have four littles and these tips are so right! When we have clear expectations and clear requests, they do so much better! Thank you!

  5. My daughter has an easier time keeping my grandsons’ rooms clean than I did when I was raising my daughters. Why? Minimalism. Why didn’t someone tell us about minimalism 30 years ago? 😉

    Found you at the Facebook InspiredBN Promos group. Really good post! I’m going to pin it to my Pinterest Christian Parenting board.

  6. Hi Marina,
    love the issue you chose for today, it’s an evergreen 🙂 To my experience so far, it’s No 1 that is paramount. After we established a routine of putting away toys before dinner (which starts a whole lot of other mini chores before bed), the situation went straight from chaotic to …very good 🙂 Having structure in your toddler’s life obviously works too.
    (Pinned your post to use as a reminder on wilder days 😉

  7. Love all your tips. We usually try to have clean up time before bed and a major one Saturday mornings. We’re so busy during the week, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Your tips are great ideas for parents. Sharing this!

  8. We’ve been trying to get into a routine with our kids cleaning their room and helping with picking up around the house for that matter. I don’t like being a martyr and doing it all myself. Thanks for sharing a few extra tips I can implement.

  9. I know what you mean – when we were young nobody even had minimalism in mind. I remember my house was always full of little things that today I would just throw away 😀

  10. Thanks for sharing these tips!
    I’m a big fan of minimalism too, and I’m so glad of this every time I have to clean the whole house 🙂

  11. Such great tips! My little one is starting to help more with keeping her room clean (she’s 2). Although things always don’t go into the “correct” bins, I’m just happy that she helps get the toys up off the floor!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  12. Wonderful tips! I agree with having less out. My children play more with their toys AND are more likely to clean up after themselves.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  13. Wonderful suggestions! My boys are both teenagers now and we’re still trying to declutter from their toys when they were little! They are incredible help to me throughout the house and so glad we taught them to clean and gave them chores when they were younger, but their rooms are still out of control! Love your reminder about a clear definition of a neat room! We do a random “inspection” once in a while and it is taken so much more seriously if I give them warning that dad will be checking instead of me- then their rooms get very clean LOL Thanks for these great tips! (Found you on Titus 2 Tuesday linkup and glad to be your “neighbor”) 😀

  14. Thanks for these tips! I struggle to get my 4-year-old to pick up her room, and I love your suggestion on minimizing. I need to purge some of her toys!

    Thanks for linking up to This is How We Roll linky party!

  15. This list is brilliant! Getting my son to clean his room is like pulling teeth. Maybe this will help get him in to a routine and we won’t have such a struggle getting him to clean up after himself. Stop by my weekly link-up. I would love to read more of your post!

  16. […] Amy chose How to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms from Parental Journey. “I picked this post because it’s been a challenge getting my son to clean up after himself, I love the tips and suggestions in this post to help establish more of a routine so that I’m not always the one that need to nag him to do it.” […]

  17. Great tips I tend to try and make it into a game for the kids so I say who can be first to put back five toys and make it really exciting for them or I give them each a job one does babies one does teddies for instance they love the challenge of it. Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner


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