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5 Free Parenting Worksheets That Will Make Your Life Easier


Parenting is the toughest job in the world and we all need some help from time to time. I will be the first one to admit that I often rely on other parenting bloggers out here to help me with their tips and ideas. That is why I am obsessed with parenting worksheets and printables. They are so useful and interesting. There are bunch of them on Pinterest, but I will share my favorites one with you!

Have in mind that all these are just ideas and guidelines.  You just have to do what is best for you and your family, but these parenting worksheets are made to make your life at least a little bit easier. Use them wisely!

5 Free Parenting Worksheets That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Free Printable Chore Ideas By Age

Appropriate Chore Ideas For Kids

This parenting worksheet is really useful. I have to say, I didn’t give much chores to my daughter because I thought she is still too little do fold towels or something like that. But, now she has chores to add to her daily routine – and I can’t say how important it is for kids to have chores.

Source: Mommy Moment

2. 100+ Easy Ways to Bond With Your Kids

100+ Ideas For Family Bonding - Parenting Worksheet

There are bunch of ideas here, just find the ones that work best for you.

Source: Sammy Approves

3. Guidelines For Practical Life Skills

Practical Life Skills For Kids

It’s important to teach our kids practical skills and important life skill values before they leave our nest.

Source: Thirty Handmade Days

4. Holiday Screen Time Rules

Screen Time Rules For Holidays

Simple, but one of my favorite parenting worksheets.

Source: Natural Beach Living

5. 50 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Kid This Weekend

Fun Activities For Toddlers

If you have some cool parenting worksheet you have created, feel free to leave us a link in the comments section, so we can add it to the list.

What parenting worksheet would you like to see?


6 of the Best Pregnancy Foods for Women

The first rule in pregnancy is always about nutrition; eating highly nutritious foods is the only way to having a successful and healthy pregnancy/baby. Many pregnant mothers, however, find themselves craving for processed foods. Although this may be normal, it’s advisable to focus on a healthy diet plan – your body needs it. The fetus growing in you needs all the vital nutrients for cell, body, and brain development.  Folic acid, calcium, and protein are some of the most essential nutrients required for the baby’s development and health before and after birth.

6 of the Best Pregnancy Foods for Women

Some of the best foods you should consider adding to your diet plan during pregnancy include:

  1. Whole Grains

Whole grains are among the best sources of iron, dietary fiber, and folic acid.  Nutritionists also recommend going for fortified cereals and grains for they do help supplement these nutrients. Having oatmeal for breakfast, brown bread for lunch, and brown rice or whole-wheat pasta for supper is recommended for pregnant moms as well.

  1. Legumes

Legumes are also an excellent source of folate, iron, zinc, and calcium. They also provide high-quality fiber and proteins needed for the mother’s health. White beans, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, soybeans and black-eyed beans are mostly recommended for they are nutrient-rich. This infographic from Mid-Atlantic OBGYN shows a lot of the nutrition for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy Nutrition - 6 of the Best Pregnancy Foods for Women

  1. Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids are essentially needed for the baby’s eye and brain cells development. Adding foods rich in these fatty acids, such as salmon and tuna, therefore helps supplement your body’s supply of the same, which therefore promotes the baby’s brain development. Salmon is considerably a better source of omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins as compared to other fish types, hence recommended for pregnant mothers. Nutritionists recommend eating having at least 12 ounces of fish each week.

  1. Eggs

The demand for high-quality proteins (amino acids) in pregnant mothers is considerably much higher than for body builders. Eggs provide some of the best quality amino acids that your baby needs for tissue and muscle development and are affordable as well. Eggs are also excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and choline. You however should be careful not to consume undercooked or raw eggs, as they could pose a huge risk to your unborn child.

  1. Berries

Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and even grapes should be included in your diet plan as well. These berries are very good sources of potassium, fiber, folate, and vitamin C.  You can use these berries to make pancakes or even cereal toppings.

  1. Yogurt

A cup of low-fat yogurt is not only high in proteins but also an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is primarily needed for healthy and strong bones, teeth, and ligaments – both for the mother and the child.


How Should Parents Help With Homework


Most children do not like to do homework. That is a fact. Did you liked it when you were a kid? I know I didn’t. Kids are just too playful to just sit and study. Bribery, ultimatums and punishment won’t do anything if you want to make your kid pick up that pencil and start doing homework. You are probably asking yourself should parents help with homework? If your child is struggling with homework, you just have to make them motivated.

Should Parents Help With Homework?
Few years ago, a large study was published of how parental involvement affects academic achievement, Keith Robinson, a sociology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and Angel L. Harris, a sociology professor at Duke, found that it doesn’t. The researchers tracked 63 different measures of parental participation in kids’ school lives, from helping them with homework, to volunteering at their schools. They published their results in The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children’s Education.

Study showed that parents don’t really mean a lot when it comes to academic achievement. The study even showed how once kids enter middle school, parental help with homework can actually bring test scores down. So, don’t help them with their homework, just use these few tips to motivate your kids to write homework.

By doing homework, kids learn how to:

  • follow directions independently
  • manage their time time better
  • complete work by doing the best they can.

 How Should Parents Help With Homework?

First of all, you need to establish a study routine. Set the time for homework and stick to that schedule. Don’t decide about learning time by yourself. Let your children decide what time is best for them. That way they won’t feel like Kids Homeworkyou are pressuring them.

Invite your child to also choose where will he or she do their homework. If they prefer the kitchen table, let them learn there. Older kids might prefer to learn in their rooms, so be sure to check them from time to time so you know they are really doing their homework.

Help your kids. But, don’t insist on helping them. Help only if your child asks for it. They have to feel like they are in charge. When your kids are about to give up because they don’t know what to do next, encourage him or her by helping them just a little.

Offer support and guidance and help them interpret assignment instructions. Don’t tell them the answer, rather ask them what parts they don’t understand or what they think the answer is. You will help them a little, but they will have to figure out the answers themselves.

At the end of their work time, check each piece of homework to be sure it is completed.

Don’t use rewards. Bribery will not get you anywhere. Replace money or toys with encouraging verbal rewards. Make positive comments about the behavior you want to encourage. Praise good work!
Help them organize. We are not born with great organization skills. They have to be learned. You can help your children by teaching them to use some kind of personal planner to help them get organized. Encourage them to keep a daily homework notebook, which can help you both to know exactly what assignments they have and when is the due homework

Work together. If you brought some work home from the office, do it same time your kid is doing the homework. It will show them that there are assignments for everyone later in life too. Do not turn on the television, even if your favorite tv show is on. If the television or the computer are on, little or no work will get done.

Only thing you can add is some music, because it can help your kid to focus more effectively. As you watch your child work, compliment him on something that he does well. He will try to do even better next time!

Doing homework will help your kids develop a sense of responsibility, pride when a job is well done and a work ethic. That’s why homework is important and you as a parent have to do your part to make your children motivated! What to do you to think – should parents help with homework?


5 Great Tips For Easiest Family Meal Menu Planning Ever


When you have kids, you have to be all about planning or you won’t make it. I am just joking, but it’s not completely false. Without a strict plan you will not be able to focus on anything, trust me. Having a plan helps me to remember all I have to do and to do more in my short day..

One thing that I find really useful is weekly family meal menu planning, so I wanted to share my tips with you. It’s good to use some of the best menu planning app or just take a piece of paper and start writing.

Why you should have a family meal menu plan?  Family meal menu plan will take away the guesswork of what you will have for dinner as the evening approaches and you are getting ready to leave work for home. Then you start thinking about ingredients that you have in the refrigerator and try to think what can you do with that. Probably nothing, so you also need to go to the grocery store.. Etc Etc. At the end you will just end with some unhealthy takeaway. That is not really good for you or for your kids.

Menu planning is a great way to make sure you and your kids are eating a balanced diet. And, it can save you time and money.

Tips For Easy Family Meal Menu Planning

printable menu planner

1. Every Monday, Thursday, Sunday or any other day that works for you sit down, take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down lunch ideas for every single day. You can use a printable menu planner too. Also, choose

If you’re more of a tech-savy person, you can choose a best menu planning app for you.

I truly recommend MealPlan. It’s such a great menu planning app. It’s awesome for first-time meal planners and you just need 5 minutes a day and your family meal menu will be ready.

You can also use it as a grocery list helper.

2. Try to include one new meal to your menu planning every week. You can find ideas for new meals on numerous food blogs that you can find on internet. For example, Wanda Ann from

You can find ideas for new meals on numerous food blogs that you can find on internet. For example, Wanda Ann from Memories by the Mile has amazing recipes you should check out! It’s easier to do that if you decide that one day a week will be your “New Meal Day”. When I read food blogs, I bookmark all the recipes I like, so when it’s my New Meal Day, I just browse through my bookmarks and find something I like. If the meal is successful then I put it into my cookbook.

If you would like to try something new today, go for my Savory Spinach Rolls – simple and tasty.

3. When you finish your family meal menu planning, put your printable menu planner on your fridge, so you can’t forget about it. And then, when you go shopping for groceries, buy only what you need for that week planned meals. I guarantee you that you will spend less money and the less food will be wasted!

4. At the end of the week, when it’s time to write a new family meal menu plan, look into your fridge and see what groceries can you use for next week meals.

5. If you want to save more money, then look online what kind of sale does your supermarket has this week, so plan your meals in the way that you include food products that are on sale this week. My favorite supermarket has sale on chicken breasts, so I will definitely have chicken two times this week!

That’s it! Simple as that! And don’t say: “I will do family meal menu planning next week!”… Do it now!! Now is a perfect moment to start a new habit!

Find some cool printable menu planner to make the family meal menu planning easier or install best family meal planning app. Trust me, in just few weeks you will forget how the life looked like before you started family meal menu planning.


Seven Tips For Relaxing at the End of the Day


Chilling out at the end of the day can be hard, especially if you are a stay at home mom. Well, with these great six tips it will be really easy to relax and chill every single day.

Seven Tips For Relaxing at the End of the Day

  1. Clean and Neat

It may sound odd that a tip on relaxing starts with advice that indicates more work. I am aware that cleaning and tidying up can in itself be exhausting, however in order to really relax, I highly recommend that you take about fifteen minutes to clean up the area where you will be spending your quality time.

Just put everything lying around into closets and drawers, you can get to it later, all the empty spaces should now be cleaned. Use a clean smelling detergent and you will trick yourself into thinking that tonight, there is no housework to be done. If you’re not constantly being reminded of what you need to do or what you should have done, it is much easier to relax.

  1. Turn Down the Lights

Not only does this guarantee that you will not be able to see any undone cleaning, it will help you to become more relaxed. When the light is dimmed, there are less ways to become distracted. All colors come across more gently and this allows for your eyes to relax as well. Instead of using electric light, light candles. Invest some time in making yourself comfortable, those are the small things that count.

  1. Use Scents

I highly recommend the use of scents for relaxing. I personally love lavender. Next to my bed I have a small bag of dried lavender which at times I place under my pillow. It is so soothing! There are other relaxing scents such as ylang ylang, chamomile, bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood and frankincense. The way that scents work varies from person to person, it is best to experiment until you find what works the best for you.

  1. Eat Good Food

It is important for me to enjoy a good meal so that I can relax. The process of cooking can be turned into a goal in itself. Use the finest ingredients on hand and make the food as delicious as possible. Later when you sit down to enjoy the treats you have created, you are going to thank yourself. Just make sure that cooking does not stress you out just because it has to be done. If you feel tired, then maybe for tonight just consider ordering in. A suggestion: the recipes on Smitten Kitchen are delicious, check them out!

  1. Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Red wine in small amounts as I enjoy some food or a good book I find to be quite relaxing. If you are unable to or will not drink alcohol, then I recommend chamomile tea. It really relaxes you, it causes your body to feel heavy and extremely relaxed. A long bath and tea make the perfect combination.

  1. Foot Massage

Why not consider a foot massage when you come home. The feet are connected to so many other parts of the body and a good manual foot massage or even one from a foot massage device can really help you chill when you get home.

  1. Have a Friend Over

A great friend is the best way to get your mind off of work. Make sure that the subject steers away from work, have some fun tonight. Keep in mind that after work your friend may also be tired, so do not overload it, save some adventures for a bit later. Play a game, enjoy a cup of tea, watch an episode or two of your favorite TV series. The important thing here is that; after a long day of unsocial work, being social is good for you and spending time together will greatly benefit your friendship.