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Six Ways to Achieve Better and More Restful Sleep


The majority of teens require at least eight to ten hours of sleep per night, but how many teens receive this minimal amount?  Too many people today have problems sleeping, including teenagers, and lack of sleep can affect almost every aspect of our lives ranging from emotional control to driving.  In fact, medical research has shown that a lack of sleep can impact negatively on our bodies reducing our immune system and sometimes causing people to gain weight.

If you aren’t too sure about how to get a good night’s sleep, here are some tip top ideas.

how to sleep better

  1. Be Active During The Day

Have you ever thought that wearing yourself out can result in a good night’s rest?  Think about little children and the amount of running around they do – they exhaust themselves.  Now think about how soundly they sleep – isn’t that something you would enjoy?

Take a tip from the youn’ ‘un; there’s something to be said about physical exercise.  By engaging in physical activity, you can decrease stress, feel more relaxed, and work off energy that keeps you awake at night.  Be careful, however, because working out near bedtime will wake you up instead of putting you to sleep.


  1. New Mattress

They say that you should have a good pair of shoes and a good mattress because if you’re not in one you are in the other. A good quality mattress can make a huge difference to how you feel and your night’s rest. Memory foam mattresses like these are renowned for providing a better quality of rest as they work to provide your body with support in the right place when resting, leading to less disturbance and better sleep.


  1. Keep A Sleep Routine

Many adults feel they need to stay up all night and keep working late hours, but setting a sleep routine can relax the brain and body making you more productivity during the day.  By going to bed each night at the same time, you will train your body to expect sleep and enhance a relaxation effect.  Play music, write in a journal, read, do whatever relaxes you to bring your body to a state of ‘zen’.


  1. Turn Off The Electronics

Researchers recommend that a bedroom be used for sleep only and be void of any technological devices.  It’s difficult to remove the tech-devices, but by turning off phones and shutting down laptops, you don’t need to worry about any buzzing or pinging at night.


  1. Don’t Stress Over Sleep

Stress triggers insomnia, and the more you worry about not sleeping, the less chance you have of falling asleep.  Instead of stressing about not snoozing, say to yourself that you will sleep well before going to bed and expect a good night’s rest.  Use mind over matter, and you’ll find yourself well-rested.


  1. Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

The majority of people think drugs and alcohol will increase feelings of relaxation and drowsiness, but this is not the case.  In fact, alcohol and drugs will disrupt sleep and cause anxiety instead of calm increasing the chance of you waking up in the night.


6 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Cooking Dinner

My husband grew up in a household where he was asked what he would like to eat for dinner. Of course he always picked something like chicken nuggets and fries.. Needless to say, my husband now is a bit of a brat, especially when it comes to food. He was used to getting exactly what he wanted, and now he is unwilling to try new foods. On the other hand, I grew up in a family where you ate what you were given. Mom decided what was on the menu and we couldn’t complain. I believe that is why I like to try all kind of food and I like most of it.

These days parents are making lots of mistakes when cooking for children. I found this amazing post about cooking for children on Quora and I had to share it with you. Here are the main mistakes parents do when cooking for children.

6 Biggest Mistakes When Cooking for Children

Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Cooking For Children

1. Not allowing your kids to help

Making dinner can be very stressful. Most of the time it’s a huge mess so you just want to keep your kids busy either with YouTube, playing outside or reading a book.
But try to do this next time – allow them to help! Kids love to be the part of the process. This will give kids a sense of control about their food and they will also be more likely to eat things that they help to prepare. They will also gain invaluable life skills by learning how to cook from an early age.

2. Forcing Kids to eat

Never, I mean never ever, force your kid to eat things he or she genuinely doesn’t like. Also, I am totally against insisting kids finish all of their food. If my daughter says she is full, I believe her. Of course, that also means no snacking before the next meal.

3. Not experimenting with food

Making kids try new food can be really hard but you have to remember that it may take a toddler a few dozen tries to discover that she or he likes some new food.

I found some great advice about experimenting with food. While you’re cooking do a “taste test” with your kids, where they decide which type of food they like better. Or try and cook something two ways and let them decide which way they  like it better. One simple thing also is: showing them what happens if you add more of some spice and then you let them taste it before and after. Kids love that kind of things!

4. Not offering a variety of food

When you’re kid is a picky eater, you will probably just give up and stop making new things for him or her.  Well, I believe that is a wrong way to go, even though it’s an easy route.
The better thing to do is to offer a variety of food. Of course, they don’t have to eat it all. Just try to get them to take a bite, but don’t force it. It’s ok if they don’t like it – the important thing is to try it.

5. Putting too much pressure on your kids and yourself

If you insist on serving a four course meal for dinner, it will just be overwhelming to a child. Instead, do a one dish meal that have several healthy elements.

Just prepare what you like to eat and don’t worry how much they eat! Mealtime doesn’t have to be a battlefield.

6. Treating kids like little restaurant customers.

When my daughter is spending time with my parents, I know she will be treated like a restaurant customer. They ask her what she wants, they give her another meal if she doesn’t like the previous. I go crazy because of this. In our home she tastes everything and eats what we eat!

My conclusion:
A parent decides what and when the child eats; the child decides whether to eat and how much.


Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Summer Sandals

As soon as the weather gets warm, most women are quick to switch to shoes that let they feet feel loose and happy. Sandals are often the shoes of choice, with strappy shoes being the top pick. The shoes are comfy during the warm weather; they have sexy appeal that flirters the feet as well as they choice of clothing. Shopping for sandals on eBay is a fun experience for many women. The online store has dozens of styles that ensure feet get kissed by the sun while looking “swav.”

However, the trick to finding the idea pear amongst the many on offer is to have some handy shopping tips at your fingertips that guide your choice. Below are a few tips women should consider before going to shop for shoes.

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Summer Sandals

Finding the perfect sandals


  1. Think Comfort


While style tends to be the foremost factor when choosing sexy, strappy sandals, comfort should be the primary factor. It would make little sense spending so much on a pair of sexy shoes only not to wear them because they are not comfortable. It is vital to choose footwear that is comfy to walk in, and that means not just a pair that is a perfect fit. Women should pick sandals that will be ideal for a special event and still ideal for a day in the park. Ensuring the selected shoes are comfortable will prevent the feet from straining and help them stay healthy.  Some new pairs may take some time to get used to, but if the shoes are still uncomfortable even after wearing them severally, then they are a wrong choice.

A shoe that fits perfectly is most likely going to be comfy. Women should avoid buying sandals that will have the toes struggling to stay in the pair. Shoes that are too big or too small cause the feet muscles to tense making them irritable and painful. Many people find that orthotic sandals have come a long way in terms of style and are also very comfortable – check out these Spenco Sandals for instance. A pair that is big poses the risk of blistering on the ankles and soles while a small pair will be a tight fit that will cause blistering on the top of the feet as well as between the toes.


  1. Go A Little Bigger


Finding a pair that fits an individual foot might not be that easy, though not impossible. More often than not, consumers fit shoes by trying to have the feet fill the entire shoe; this is the wrong approach. Shoes should have snug fit; something that is not too tight yet does not leave too much room because this can lead to painful skin irritation. In the case of sandals, leaving a bit of extra space is good. Pick something with a sole size that is slightly bigger than the soles of the feet. Such a pair will keep the toes from sliding to the front and feet from dropping over the sides. Conversely, this preserves the aesthetics of the sandals while protecting the feet.

Always haves some reference points when shopping for shoes only, even on eBay. It is a common habit to pick shoes only after wearing the pair and standing in the shoes. Feet spread when standing and this will help determine is the pair is a perfect fit. Avoid choosing shoes when wearing them while seated. Stand and gauge how both feet feel in the pair; to not any pressure or discomfort. Doing this will also help get the right sole size.


  1. Go For High-Quality Materials


Bargains are always a valuable find, especially when it comes to shoes and other items. However, the slashed prices should not be an indication of a worthy purchase if it means skimping on quality. A pair of cheap sandals will be a nice idea if you place to wear them when trotting along the hot sand; but, they may not be such a bright idea if you are doing this for several minutes. The right choice will be a pair that made from quality materials.

Cheap artificial materials also pose the risk of skin irritations and are not robust enough to hold the pair of sandals together for long-term use. The risk of fungus and bacteria growing in the shoes cannot be overlooked since some of these cheap materials tend to absorb and hold water. The perfect sandals for summer are those made from bacteria-resistant rubber, natural fibers, or high-quality leather.


  1. Consider Your Body Shape


Not every style is a “One fits all” thing, what suit you may not work for another person; that is the way fashion is! Consumers should always consider their body type while factoring in their tastes and preference. It is a fact that applies to shoes as it does to clothing. The shape of the feet determines the kind of sandals to buy. For instance, gladiator sandals a very flattery on nearly all body types. The vertical or diagonal ties create a slim and long illusion. On the other hand, strappy heels create and awkwardly wide impression on large feet.

Women should, irrespective of the size and shape of their feet should pick a pair that creates a slim and elegant line. A lady with heavy ankles should consider single ankle-strap shoes; these make the legs look short while accentuating the ankles. Ladies with big feet should do sandals that offer adequate coverage.

No matter the size and shape of the feet, it is important to remember to choose sandals that will keep the feet healthy, allowing the feet to breathe. Keeping the toenails well-groomed will add to the overall look.


  1. Know Your Size


eBay is a great option when shopping for sandals because it offers an array of styles from different fashion brands and designers. The collection of shoes is from various countries thus the sizes may differ though they are the same in numbering. As such, sizing conventions may be an issue to remember so as to avoid choosing the wrong pair of sandals.

The sizes indicated on the shoes are just guidelines thus are not a standard element in all shoe brands. Consumers should always ask the seller for more information about the dimensions of any pair of shoes that they doubt the sizing convention. However, the most accurate approach is getting to know if the shoe is the right size by wearing them and standing in the shoes.


Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety


The Internet can be a wonderful place for our kids. They communicate, read, learn, study, play, investigate the world through computers and phones. They get to know this world a bit different from how we did. Being a fascinating, new way to entertain and develop the child, the Internet also endangers with:

  • cyberbullying (a new form of bullying that happens online);
  • pornography and sexting;
  • online offenders;
  • sharing too much personal data;
  • game of 72 or other dangerous games;
  • psychological or health problems;
  • the list can go on and on, but every problem has a solution and we know them.

Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

I already wrote a lot about dangers of Internet and how to be safe online. I believe that our goal as parents, teachers and guardians, is to keep our kids safe. But how can we do it? Where the line crosses between norm and risk if this digital world is also new for us and we are also learning?

That’s why Everycloud Team have created an Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety to show the latest data of what actually kids do online. You will read the latest statistics of what they share, how much time they spend online and what games they play. This is something every parent should be aware of.

We should know the risks our children may have online and methods how to help them if something happens. We should talk with our children and encourage them being more open with us about their online life. Our love and support are main cards in this digital game. Let’s know how to use them wise with the help of this awesome infographic.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!
How much time does your child spend online? Do you know everything he or she does while browsing the Internet?

How to keep our kids safe online


Improving Your Appearance: Tips For Maintaining Clear Skin


Do you find yourself struggling to get done everything on your daily checklist? Do you wish you had clearer skin but simply don’t have the time to devote to an intense routine? There are still things you can do to help your appearance. Read through these five tips to get started.

tips for clear skin


  1. Avoid Cigarettes

Smoking affects your skin and makes you look older. It adds wrinkles as well. Furthermore, smoking causes problems for both elastin and collagen, which are instrumental in helping the skin stay strong and flexible.

In addition, you hold your face a certain way when you smoke. Doing this over and over again, for years, can also add a few new wrinkles to your face as well.

If you are a smoker, stop as soon as possible. If you do not think you can do it on your own, talk to your family care physician to get some assistance.


  1. Cover Up

When you go outside, make sure your skin is adequately protected. The sun affects your skin in a number of negative ways; for example, you are more likely to develop age spots and wrinkles when don’t shield your skin from the sun. Skin cancer is a very real possibility as well.

If you want to cover up, make sure you put on sunscreen. It is best to go with a product that has an SPF of at least 30. Make sure you put on more sunscreen if you are outside for longer than two hours. Also, the sun is at its strongest between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. If at all possible, stay indoors during that time frame.

Your clothes can help as well. Wear long sleeves so your arms aren’t exposed. Pants and a wide-brimmed hat are good ideas as well. You can even wash your clothes with an additive that adds UV protection. Finally, there is clothing that was created specifically to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Pick up a few pieces to wear when you are outside for long periods of time.


  1. Eat Well

When you add a lot of vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and fruit to your diet, you feel a lot better. Your skin looks better too; there are studies that indicate, for example, that eating foods high in vitamin C and low in carbohydrates can help you look younger. Here is a good blog on foods for better skin.


  1. Be Good To Your Skin

Even something as simple as washing your face can irritate your skin. To be as kind to yourself as possible, avoid long baths and showers. The water strips oils from your skin. In addition, turn down the temperature. Warm water is much better than hot water.

Find a soap that is mild. Something that is too strong will dry out your skin over time. If you are shaving, use a shaving product to prepare your skin for the blade. Make sure your razor is sharp and clean. Always go in the same direction as the hair growth.

When you are finished with your shower or bath, avoid rubbing yourself dry. Pat instead, leaving a little bit of moisture on your skin. Finally, when you are finished, moisturize. It is even better if your moisturizer has some SPF in it.


  1. Use the Proactiv System

Proactiv is a well renowned acne treatment system that works on spot prone skin and helps people achieve a clearer complexion. The deep cleansing wash is renowned as a fantastic way for those who suffer from acne to improve their skin through the use of a quality product.


  1. Relax

When you are upset, your skin suffers. Learn to relax by giving yourself more manageable tasks, saying no when necessary and giving yourself time to do your own pursuits. You might be surprised by how much better you look and feel as a result.