Practical Summer Outfit Ideas for Busy Moms

fashion tips for moms

For families, the summer months are great. The days are long, the weather warm and everyone feels happier when the sun is shining. You can spend most of the day outside enjoying time with your family, which is a great way to keep the kids active. But, you need to wear practical outfits to really be able to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy playing with your children.


fashion tips for moms

If you like jumpsuits, the good news is they are very much back in vogue. Retailers like Fashion World have plenty for sale, this year. They are really practical items of clothing, especially if you have young children. It is really annoying when your t-shirt rides up every time you pick up your child or bend down to pick up a ball. Regardless, of how you move your jumpsuit will stay in place and your modesty will be preserved. Provided you get the fit right, this style of garment will still provide you with plenty of freedom of movement.

Plus, jumpsuits are an instant outfit. If you wake up early, and the sun is shining, you can just grab your playsuit and favorite sandals and head off out with the kids. For a day at the beach, they are perfect. Just pull one on over your swimming costume, and go.

A tankini and jeans

Speaking of going for a swim, if you are looking for a practical swimming costume, a tankini could be perfect. They basically consist of a set of bikini bottoms and a top half that is basically a tank top. You can easily wear the top half with jeans and if it gets chilly you can just pop a cotton blouse or shirt on. It is a great “ready for anything outfit”. Tankinis now come in a range of designs, so it is quite easy to find a tankini that suits the way you like to dress.

A nice maxi dress

If you want to look pretty, a dress is always a good bet. The maxi is a particularly good design. A nice lightweight one keeps enough of the sun off for you not to have to use a lot of sun cream, yet you still feel lovely and cool. Plus, a maxi dress gives you plenty of freedom of movement. They are great for walking in, with the added benefit that you can get away with wearing most types of footwear. If you choose a long enough one, nobody is really going to notice that you are wearing flat pumps instead of high heels. It is really easy to smarten up your look by adding a semi-tailored jacket to your outfit. A maxi dress really is a surprisingly versatile item of clothing.

Convertible and multi-way clothing

Dresses, tops, and trousers that can be worn in more than one way are a good addition to any wardrobe. There are many different types available including blouses with sleeves that can be worn full length or rolled up. These days it is relatively easy to find shorts that can be worn at different lengths and there are some really nice dresses out there that can be worn in several ways. Reversible clothing can also be a good option.


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