Positive Sides Of Kids Using Technology

kids using technology

Gadgets surround us wherever we are. It is difficult to see anybody without a cell phone or tablet in their hands nowadays, and our lives are becoming increasingly tech driven. Gadgets are falling into the hands of children at a younger age now, and while some may think that it is a bad thing, there are a number of positive sides of kids using technology.

What’s Good With Kids Using Technology?

kids using technology

1. Gadgets are Great Tools for Learning.
Especially for toddlers. Tablets can be loaded with interactive videos and games that are attractive as well as informative for toddlers. They can learn about things like colors and animals, and older children can make use of apps and videos that can teach them more advanced things like spelling and reading.

2. Technology Enhances Communication with Your Child.
As a parent, you have to face a barrage of questions from your child as they try to explore the world that is relatively new to them. Sometimes, it can be hard to explain something. Technology enables you to find related information on the internet – teaching resources, videos and websites that you can share with your child. You can even find interactive stories to read, or even show during bedtime.

3. They Can Learn to Be Responsible.
Inculcating responsible behavior at a young age is important. By providing a tablet or smartphone for children and encouraging them to take proper care of it evokes a sense of responsibility that they can carry into their teens. Works the same way as it would if you got your child a pet, although at a smaller scale. I will not buy my daughter a smartphone, but she has a tablet that she can use under my supervision.

4. Technology Can Help Keep Your Child Safe.
There are home automation products that can be used to keep children safe. If you can teach your child to use them via smart devices, that provides an extra layer of safety.

asthma breathing

5. Technology Can Make Your Kid Healthier.
There are also some great games that will help your kids with their health problems, such as Breathing Games. With breathing games, children practice breathing and have fun at the same time. It helps with minimizing asthma attacks.

Technology in the hands of children has been widely portrayed as having a negative effect, but it has a lot of pros to it as well. In the end, it is you – the parent – who has to decide, and we all will make the right choice for our child.


  1. There are definitely some positive sides to technology! I love some of the things we can do now that people wouldn;t have even dreamed about just 20 years ago!

    When I started homeschooling I debated bringing technology into our homeschool but then I saw all the benefits and decided to include it.

    Thanks for sharing.


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