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7 Fun Ways to Study At Home during Summer Vacation

Though it’s the beginning of the official summer, ironically, we have been experiencing the most extended summer vacation, probably a bit too long for...

15 Most Amazing Unicorn Birthday Cakes

We all know how birthdays are important to kids. As a parent, you spend countless hours on the internet looking for the perfect cake...


It’s that time of the year again! – Summer break vs. work from home with kids. Just imagine; kids are playing, bubbles floating, fairy dust...

Best Toddler Books 2020

We are living in a strange period where we are forced to stay at home as much as possible. It was/is weird and difficult...

Importance of Reading to Children

Reading aloud to your children is an important and enjoyable activity for both the child and the parent. Studies suggest that reading to children...

Preparing your children to do well in further education

These days it's expected that our children continue their further education as much as possible. We all want our children to secure a degree...

Gifts for your little ballerina – toys and presents that your little dancer will cherish

Twirling, spinning, balancing and feeling like you’re floating on air. Ballet is almost a right of passage for any little girl. Especially if she's...

Top 10 Games How to Teach Kids to Communicate with Others

Many children are unable to gain essential communication skills because they spend more time on their smart devices and less time with their peers....

Sleep Guidelines for Babies

A baby’s safety is a concern of every parent, and one such concern is your baby's safety during sleep. Of course, how well you...

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