15 Most Amazing Unicorn Birthday Cakes

amazing unicorn birthday cakes

We all know how birthdays are important to kids. As a parent, you spend countless hours on the internet looking for the perfect cake design. If your child, niece, or nephew is about to celebrate their birthday, and they are unicorn fans, consider getting them a unicorn birthday cakes for their birthday.

Planning Unicorn Birthday Party

When you are throwing your daughter a unicorn-themed birthday party, make sure to incorporate other unicorn themes, such as pastel-colored balloons and rainbow streamers. You can also give your little guests, little jars of glitters to sprinkle to play in the garden and you will have them screaming with happiness. The party would not be complete without a unicorn piƱata. You can buy unicorn props on Amazon or in any store that sells party supplies.

Make sure that the dessert table is filled with unicorn designed treats, such as donuts, cupcakes with unicorn horns, and cookies. You can also buy your daughter a unicorn dress. To make the party more fun, ask you minnie guests to dress up in a unicorn theme, or give them a unicorn headband when they come to get them in the party mood. You can also install a face painting booth, where the kids can get painted in the colors of the rainbow and glitters.

And don’t forget to keep your little party of guests hydrated due to too much play. The party wouldn’t be complete without pink-colored juice. Also, keep your adults entertained with pink cocktails; even adults love a bit of magic.

My daughter loves unicorn, and I do too. I went online looking for the perfect unicorn birthday cakes design, I loved many, but everyone has favorites. I narrowed down to 15 of the most amazing birthday cakes, which I have shared below with you.

  1. Unicorn birthday cake with buttercream icing and merengue sea shells details by One by One Cake

2. Unicorn birthday cake by Krazy Kool Cakes

3. Unicorn 4-tier Cake by Ana Brum Biscuit

4. Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings by With Love and Confection

5. Unicorn 2-tier cake by CforCupcakes

6. Lavender Unicorn by Unik Cakes

7. Unicorn cake by Bake a Cake

8. Unicorn cake with a flora bottom layer and a magical top by Desserts by Jordan

9. Unicorn cake with a horn by Kerry cake lady

10. Unicorn Rainbow Cake by Carola cakes

11. A unicorn cake with buttercream rainbow icing and horn detail by Little House of Dreams

12. Unicorn Cakes by Frosted Fuji Cakes

13. Three-tiered Unicorn Cake by Sweet Brantley’s cakes

14. Gold Drip Naked Unicorn Rainbow Cake by Rose Bakes

15. Buttercream Unicorn Cake by Dame Cupcakes

Buttercream Unicorn Cake by Dame Cupcakes. Butterfly & Insect ...

Bake Your Unicorn Cake

Instead of buying a ready-made cake, you can make your unicorn birthday cake, but make sure to practice baking and decorating several times before making the final cake. Putting in the work and baking the cake for your daughter makes it more special. You can opt to take cooking classes to eliminate the hustle of learning baking on your own.

After having settled the cake issue, you can proceed to make other party arrangements such as sending out invitations, making other snacks, and always have a backup plan since not everything goes as planned.

If you have more ideas on how to make a unicorn-themed birthday party more fun, kindy share in the comments.


  1. Wow! All of these cakes are so impressive! I never mastered cake decorating, but always thought it would be fun talent.

  2. Wow, this is really awesome my nieces love unicorn and I think I’m in the right blog post perfect for a gift to her.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, I love all the unicorn cakes that you’ve shared with us, they are all pretty and looks really delicious!

  4. Every little girl will love a unicorn birthday cake with a themed unicorn birthday party. These 15 amazing unicorn birthday cakes are exceptional.

  5. These unicorn cakes are amazing. I know so many kids who love unicorns, including my own. I wonder if they’d like to have one of these for their birthday. I’m sure they’d love it.


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