Parents Pick Best Hoverboard for Kids

Kid on hoverboard
Parents Pick Best Hoverboard for Kids

New transportation robot. That’s how I think of a hoverboard. This self-balancing scooter is the latest fashion in the transportation industry for both kids and grownups.

But picking the best hoverboard for kids isn’t easy at all. There are thousands of models with dozens of functionalities. 

In this article, we’ll present you top 3 parents’ picks, so you can make an informative decision on what’s the best hoverboard for kids.

What to Look for When Picking the Best Hoverboard for Kids?

As stated above, there are different types of hoverboards, but there are some common things you should be aware of when buying a hoverboard for your kids.

#1 Charging Time

How long the hoverboard will travel up greatly depends on its charging time. Majority of the commercial hoverboards take about three hours to charge. This gives them about seven miles (around 11 kilometers) of ride. 

#2 Speed

The average hoverboard goes between six and eight miles per hour. Be aware of the speed when buying a hoverboard and make sure that you’re comfortable with it. It’s your kid who will be riding it. 

#3 UL Certification

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a certification company whose certificate means that the hoverboard meets or exceeds the requirements of UL’s Standards of Safety. Search for a UL 2272 certification to make sure the hoverboard is safe and reliable.

#4 Local Regulations

In some states and counties, especially in the USA, the use of hoverboards is limited or completely banned. Before making a purchase, check with the authorities if there are any rules regarding the hoverboards. We wouldn’t like you to waste money.

#5 Price

As for everything else, there are different price points to hoverboards. It doesn’t mean that the most expensive one is automatically the best hoverboard for kids. Reading the buyers’ reviews can help you when making a decision, so take some time and see what’s out there.  

Parents’ Picks: Best Hoverboard for Kids

Here are some parents’ favorites based on functionalities, safety features and price:

TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids and Adults (Up To 165 Lbs) 

UL certified, Bluetooth technology, LED lights, mobile app, and great reviews are the main reason this hoverboard is on our list. Tires are made of solid rubber, not plastic, which is also important when talking about the quality of the product.

You’ll enjoy the fact that the hoverboard is safe, but your kids will probably enjoy more in Bluetooth 4.0 technology and seamless design, providing stereo surround sound. Also, there are LED lights for a fun and colorful ride.

SISIGAD Hoverboard (Up To 200 Lbs)

Fun all around for under $140! 

Similar to the Tomoloo hoverboard, this scooter comes with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. It can travel up to nine miles per hour and has 6.5-inch rubber tires.

Built-in Bluetooth speakers can connect to your kids’ portable device and play their favorite music. Or an audiobook. Although we doubt that will be their choice. But you never know.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus (Up To 220 Lbs)

This sturdy and powerful hoverboard can reach a maximum speed of 12.5 miles per hour, travel up to 22 miles and accommodate a maximum load of 220 lbs after a single full charge. 

It also comes with a remote control and an auto-follow mode, which means that you can choose to control the hoverboard by the handle or the joystick on the remote.

It’s more suitable for teenagers and older kids.

Now, the decision is on you. Research the market, but be sure that your hoverboard of choice is safe and suitable for your kid’s age.

Have a fun ride!


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