Link Love – My Favorite Things – Week Two

link love my favorite things

I found this on several sites. People are sharing their favorite things found online. I love that! I found so many cool blogs and interesting websites by reading some ‘link love’.

I decided to also do that. I will share all the cool things I stumbled upon recently. Hope you will like it.

link love my favorite things

Link Love – My Favorite Things

1. Seeing colors for the first time.

These two brothers seeing colors for the first time is so touching – prepare some tissues!



2. Bla Bla Meter

I love when I stumble upon something this fun. A useful tool for everyone involved in writing (fun tool for PR-Experts, politicians, ad writers or scientists). What does it do? BlaBlaMeter unmasks without mercy how much bull**it hides in any text. I just started copying all my old articles there. I am good, not much bull**it.. And what about you?

What were your favorite things this week? Share with me in the comments!


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