My Favorite Summer Activities For Preschoolers

outdoor activities for preschoolers

The temperature is rising, it’s so hard to live without AC and all I want is to sit inside and watch tv. But, can’t do that. Preschool is out of session, and now it’s my time to go out with my daughter and play.

I looked around Pinterest for cool summer activities for preschoolers and here is what I found.

My Favorite Summer Activities For Preschoolers

1. Fun Art: Squirt Gun Painting With Kids

Summer activities for preschoolers

I found this cool idea on Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Such a creative art project that I know all preschoolers will enjoy. And their parents too – because it’s so fun and you can show all your creativity!

You will need a water gun fully tanked with  liquid watercolors. Put a standing easel in the backyard and clip a big sheet of paper there. That’s it – now go crazy!

2. Paint Bombs

Another art project I found on Craftulate.

You will need:

  • Water balloons
  • Washable paint
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Old white sheet
  • Metal tent pegs

What now? Use squeeze bottles, fill them half full with water, add paint and shook to mix. Put the water balloon over the nozzle of the bottle, and squirt some paint into it.

3. Balloon Tennis

You can’t go wrong if you pick different sports as a great summer activities for preschoolers. But let’s change it a bit. Why don’t do some balloon tennis? Simple and fun!
I found this great idea on Listotic.

4. Bubble Snakes

All you need is a mismatched sock and a water bottle – and you’re ready to make some bubble snakes.

I found this great summer activities for preschoolers on One Little Project.

5. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

I found this awesome activity on Macaroni Kid Brandon.


  • plastic container or bowl
  • water
  • small toys: plastic animals or dinosaurs, tops, rubber balls, shells, coins (for older children), etc
  • optional: ice cube tray, food coloring and water to make colored ice
  • warm water, spray bottles, paintbrushes, salt, a hammer –anything that you or your child may think of that could be used to get the toys out of the ice block

These are my best outdoor activities for preschoolers. What are yours?


  1. Such great ideas for summer! I have definitely been wanting to try the ice block thing and you’ve just motivated me to give it a shot this week with my girls. Thanks!

  2. Nice collection of activities! I am picturing my son with a hammer though… probably gonna wait a while before we try that one 😉 (found your post on turn it up tuesday)

  3. I love the ice block treasure hunt. Wish I’d heard of this five years ago. My boys are 8 and 7

  4. I LOVE the ice block treasure hunt. We did smaller versions of them and they’re a blast to do especially in the AZ summers! I wish I had a bigger freezer so I could make a huge one. I could imagine my son would go nuts with joy to see a huge chunk of ice with his dino’s “trapped” inside haha


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