How to Choose A New Family Vehicle: Knowing What to Look For

picking family car

Family vehicles need to balance the necessity of safety and mobility for you and your loved ones. Over 42,000 people lost their lives in highway-related accidents last year making road safety more important than ever. Every parent understands the desire for a family vehicle that can protect your family. Large vehicles like sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are becoming the new go-to for safety. But they are also under the bigger risk of rollovers and danger to other drivers.

picking family car

Modern Safety Features Are Proven To Reduce the Risk Of Injury

When choosing a new family vehicle, it’s important to consider basic safety features. Many new cars include a feature to manually disable airbags for a time, eliminate the risk of causing indjuries to small children. You should also consider child safety locks, which automatically trigger when a vehicle’s ignition is started or turned off. These and other electronic safety measures can help with family safety in modern truck vehicles.

Check Informative Sources About Your Vehicle’s Make Or Model

If you’re going to buy a new family vehicle, consider checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. This government organization has been testing vehicle safety when it comes to impact crashes, rollovers, and other accident scenarios for years. They then reward models a safety rating using a five-star system. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is another group that gathers data on vehicle safety to help consumers make the right choice.

The Best Vehicle For Personal Safety

Family drivers have been buying more SUVs in recent years. The perception is that the larger mass of the vehicles reduces the seriousness of injury during crashes. Though SUVs do have a tendency to protect you and your family in an impact based crash, they are more prone to rollover due to the extra height, and the extra impact is transferred into other vehicles on side or head-on collisions, raising the risk of serious injury or death in anyone else involved in a crash.

Making the Best Choice

If you’re looking to buy a new family vehicle with your family’s safety as the priority, an SUV is most likely the right option. When it comes to child safety, remember to buy a more modern vehicle. Child safety locks and electronic vehicle monitoring give parents more control over their safety than ever before. And before you buy a new family vehicle, you need to check it with the NHTSA or IIHS. Always determine the safety and efficiency of your family vehicle.


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