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Awesome Star Wars Decor For Your Apartment


May 4th has become commonly known as Star Wars Day. And who could be surprised? The words, “May the 4th” seem to beg the rest of the catchphrase be uttered. Star Wars, an epic space opera became an almost instant cult classic.

The way you celebrate Star Wars day will depend on how well you know this cultural phenomenon. Movie marathons with friends, Star Wars trivia games and even Star Wars themed snacks (Death Star piñata, anyone?) will guarantee this day is full of fun as well as being very educational.

Awesome Star Wars Decor you Can Buy Online

This year, we will just have a movie marathon with our little one, and my husband found some great Star Wars decor for true fans! May the 4th be with you!

Awesome Star Wars Decor you Can Buy Online

1. DoorWrap: Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Sticker for Door / Bedroom / Home

DoorWrap: Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Sticker for Door / Bedroom / Home

This is something that every Star Wars fan will die for – to make your bedroom door look like it has Han Solo frozen in carbonate or even your front door.

2. Vinyl Record Clock – Star Wars

Vinyl Record Clock - Star Wars.

Star Wars clock made of vinyl record. This home made clock is perfect example how to make something old in to something cool and new. Perfect Star Wars decor for kids bedroom.

3. LEGO Kids’ 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

For every Star Wars fan having something in the house that is Star Wars themed is an obligation! This clock is perfect not only for kids but also for man caves. Maybe even bedroom if you wife allows it :).

4. Uncle Milton Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light
Star Wars Room Light

This awesome Star Wars decor room light will find its place in any Star Wars fan home. It has 8 different colors and they can be changed with a remote control, how cool is that?

5. Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug – Mix your drink with the Force

Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug

Perfect gift for everyone from age 3 to 60. This Darth Vader cup is a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Plus, it stirs your drink with the force – it can’t get better than that.

6. Star Wars Rebels Standard Kit (Serves 8)

Star Wars Rebels Standard Kit (Serves 8)

All in one set for kids birthday party with Star Wars theme. Kids will love it and will have no dishes to do after the party.

7. Silicone Star Wars Theme Style Molds for Ice Cubes-Chocolate- Set of 5

Silicone Star Wars Theme Style Molds for Ice Cubes

Ever wanted to have your ice cubes shaped as Star Wars space fighter, R2D2 or maybe Han Solo frozen in carbonate. Now you can! With this great set of Silicone style molds you can have a super refreshing drink with your Star Wars ice cubes.

8. Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

If you are a couple into Star Wars, this towels are cool Star Wars decor to have in your bathroom. They are not tacky so you can put them without making a bathroom to geeky.

9. Star Wars – Darth Vader 4 Port USB Hub

Underground Toys Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub

This USB hub is not only super useful but your computer table will look bad ass.

10. Lucas Film Star Wars Rebels “Fight” Sheet Set, Full

Lucas Film Star Wars Rebels "Fight" Sheet Set, Full

This Star Wars bedding is something that any kid will just love (and some bigger kids like your husbands).

Do you have some Star Wars decor at home?

*And just for full disclosure, there are affiliate links in this post about Star Wars Decor. That means that I’m sharing something that I think is helpful, and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit back. No extra cost to you, and just a little help for me to pay for the blog expenses.


101 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Toddler This Weekend


I often catch myself playing Candy Crush Saga or Uno on my iPhone, instead of playing with my little girl. That’s bad, I know it and I want to change it!

Well, this weekend I decided to play with her every hour, every minute, every second… Me and my husband gathered the list of 101 fun things to do with toddlers we will do this weekend (and few next ones..) with our little toddler. Join us!

Fun things to do with toddlers

fun things to do with toddlers

1. Bake muffins.
2. Play balloon tennis.
3. Draw together.
4. Construct something cool with LEGO’s
5. Have a picnic in the living room.
6. Visit a pet zoo and show her how chickens look like in real life.
7. Take a walk by the sea.
8. Sing together her favorite songs.
9. Build a fort.
10. Play with finger paint.
11. Play football in the backyard.
12. Plant something together. Cherry tomatoes, for example.
13. Play hide and seek.
14. Make homemade ice cream.
15. Fly a kite.
16. Visit grandparents and let them spoil her.
17. Go to the park
18. Play tea party with her dolls.
19. Spend 30 minutes reading her favorite story.
20. Do magic tricks!
21. Make your own greeting cards.
22. Play with play dough.
23. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
24. Have a water gun fight.
25. Go out for dessert.
26. Play UNO or some other fun card game for kids.
27. Play indoor basketball.
28. Blow bubbles.
29. Color cute pages you can find online for free.
30. Play catch.
31. Build a tower and then knock it down.
32. Feed the ducks.
33. Collect cool rocks on the beach.
34. Visit a botanical garden.
35. Visit an aquarium.
36. Watch the children play at the theater.
37. Jump on the trampolines.
38. Build a sand castle.
39. Have a newspaper snowball fight.
40. Do chores together.
41. Pick flowers.
42. Play dress up.
43. Draw on windows.
44. Visit the pet store to see hamsters and rabbits.
45. Wrestle.
46. Make your own puzzle.
47. Play instruments.
48. Go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before.
49. Water your plants.
50. Play hopscotch.
51. Workout together.
52. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.
53. Just dance.
54. Play with her favorite toys.
55. Play with sensory boxes
56. Face paint.
57. Bake tasty cookies together.
58. Build an egg carton trains.
59. Create something out of a box.
60. Put on a puppet show.
61. Make paper hats.
62. Make a playhouse out of a large box.
63. Make and play with sock puppets.
64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk.
65. Do the Hokey Pokey.
66. Make a domino chain.
67. Make your own juice.
68. Take a nap together!
69. Make a fruit necklace.
70. Throw a birthday party for her favorite stuffed animal.
71. Play board games.
72. Do some paper plate crafts.
73. Make your own moon sand and play with it.
74. Tickle each other.
75. Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting.
76. Play with color rice.
77. Make a foil river in the yard.
78. Make a color wheel and teach kid about colors.
79. Play an indoor bubble wrap hopscotch.
80. Create roadways on the floor with some tape.
81. Build a sponge tower.
82. Make maracas from yogurt bottles.
83. Play horsey.
84. Make homemade pudding.
85. Make a simple bird feeder.
86. Paint with frozen ice cubes.
87. Paint those rocks you found on the beach.
88. Make a color shape river.
89. Feed the alphabet monster.
90. Make a paper bag mask.
91. Pom Poms target practice.
92. Have a ‘yes day’ and do whatever your toddler wants.
93. Make your own stuffed animal.
94. Make your own jam and have it for dinner.
95. Do some sticker art.
96. Send a message in the bottle with 101 activities.
97. Roll down hills.
98. Have a photo shooting!
99. Donate your extra toys!
100. Make a jar with all the activities, write them down on paper and just pull it out of the jar when you don’t know what to do. Similar to happy jar with memories.
101. Hug her and never let go.

I hope you like the list. I mean, with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy. Do you have Fun Things To Do With Toddlers or a toddler activity you would like to add?

*And just for full disclosure, there might be a few affiliate links in Fun Things To Do With Toddlers post. This means that I’m sharing something that I think is helpful, and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit back. No extra cost to you, and just a little help for me to pay for the blog expenses.


How to Make the Ultimate Book of Activities


I am always surfing the web (especially Pinterest) trying to find some cool crafts, recipes and activities I can do with my toddler. My bookmarks folder on my laptop were full of interesting activities for kids but it seemed like I never do anything from there. It was there, but not in my plain sight and that was the problem for me.

That is when I decided to make my own ultimate book of activities for kids.

Book of Kids Activities

Just a simple black notebook, right? Well, it’s not! I spend almost a year to fill every single page with wonderful activities for kids and it’s finally done. It has family recipes, interesting crafts, even some life advice I wanted to pass on to my daughter.

Activities for Kids

How to make it?
Pick a notebook with hard cover. You will use this book on a daily basis so it’s better for everyone to be the best quality.
Start simple. Write down your favorite activities, crafts or recipes on a piece of paper. Choose one activity to start with.
Use your favorite pencils, scrapbooking material, buttons, newspapers, whatever you like.
And just start decorating your notebook. One activity by one.
The best thing about this is that every page can be completely different from one before. Let your imagination go crazy!

Recipes for Kids

Recipes for Kids

When you seem stuck and don’t have enough inspiration to move on, just give the book to your friend and ask her to write down her favorite activity or recipe for kids. You will be surprised with how creative your friends can be! Or give to your husband and see what does he has to say.
If you still don’t have an idea what to include, you can choose something from my list ‘101 Things to do with your Toddler this Weekend‘.

Easy cookies for kids

This will be a great memory for your kid (and grandchildren) one day and it can even be a beautiful family legacy. I know I would love to have something like this from my parents or grandparents. Imagine how cool would that be?

Kids activities

*I apologize because some part of photos are blurry. I put so much effort into this that I just feel like it is an intimate part of me, so not really wanted to share everything I wrote. But that is ok, isn’t it? I just give you an inspiration and you will make your own memories, activities, crafts and family recipes…


How To Create A Garden That Your Family Will Enjoy

When was the last time that you spent some quality time outdoors with your children? According to research, only 51% of children go outside to walk or play once a day with either parent. Moreover, the study showed that boys were more likely to be taken outside than girls. As too much time spent indoors can be bad for children’s health, the American Heart Association recommends that kids aged 2 and older should participate in at least 60 minutes of enjoyable, moderate-intensity physical activities—such as a friendly game of soccer or gardening—every day. To encourage your family to spend more time outdoors, consider creating a garden that your loved ones will enjoy. Not only do you get to benefit from the fresh air, but you also get to spend a lot of quality, gadget-free time with your little ones. Here are several ways to create a family-friendly garden that everyone will love.

family garden

Work out what you want in a garden

The first thing that you need to do when planning a garden is to work out what you want in it. Sit down with your family and talk about what activities you want to do in the space. Do you plan to grow flowers or vegetables? Do you want an area for active play? How about a sitting area? Once you’ve decided on what things you want to include in your garden, break up your space into different zones and go from there.

Create a sitting area

A sitting area gives your family a place where you can have meaningful conversations or spend time together doing crafts or playing board games. There are so many options for your garden sitting area—you can have wicker furniture with cushions for added comfort in your patio, or wooden benches under a big tree. You can also create hidden sitting areas throughout your garden for some quiet reading time or a moment of reflection.

Add water elements

Adding water elements gives life and freshness to any garden. You can have a koi pond, a swimming pool, a reflection pool, or an outdoor water fountain in your garden. Whatever you choose to have, make sure not to leave very young children unsupervised when in the garden, and clean your pond, pool, or fountain regularly to avoid algae build up. If you don’t have much room for a water feature, try including a tabletop water fountain in your patio.

Group play equipment in one zone

It’s a good idea to have all your child’s play equipment in one zone in the garden for a more cohesive look. As for the type of play equipment that you can have in the garden, you can have a playhouse, a sand pit, a plastic swing or a tire swing, an in-ground trampoline, slides, and a see-saw.

Spending some time outdoors is beneficial for your family’s health. Try these tips to create a family-friendly garden that you and your loved ones will enjoy for a long time.


Getting your Family Ready for Those Winter Days Out

As a family, we like nothing better than day outs. They give us a chance to catch up and have some fun.

So, even in the winter, we still make the effort to get out and about. At this time of the year, most venues are far less crowded and sometimes they reduce their entrance fees during the winter months.

However, you do need to prepare properly for winter days out. If you do not you run the risk of having to cope with cold and miserable kids.

Getting your family out on a winter day

The right coat for everyone

At the very top of the list of what you need, has to be a good winter coat for Mum, Dad and each of the kids. Without one it is practically impossible to stay sufficiently warm and dry.

The ideal coat will be versatile, robust and practical. It is no good choosing one that looks fantastic, but lets the wind whistle up under it, leaving you shivering. This year there are quite a few nice 3-in-1 coats available. These are a particularly practical option because they can be worn in different configurations. You can wear the entire coat in the morning when it is cold and potentially shed the outer shell later in the day when, hopefully, it warms up a bit.

Layers of clothing

Try to get everyone to dress in layers. That way each person can change what they are wearing to fit in with the temperature and conditions at that moment.

A big enough bag

Be sure to get everyone to carry a bigger than usual bag. In all likelihood, you will need the extra space to stow items of clothing when they are not in use.

Hats gloves and scarves

Everyone needs to have a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf. That way if you have to queue for a ride you can stay warm.

The right footwear

Speaking of queuing, the right footwear is essential in this situation. It is not enough to simply buy something that is waterproof and comfortable. A good pair of winter shoes or boots needs to have relatively thick soles. This will ensure your feet stay warmer if you have to stand still on a cold surface for any period of time.

Snacks and a warm drink

It is a good idea to take a few snacks and a small flask of something warm with you. That way if you arrive at the cafe and discover that they actually close in the winter you will all have something warming to tide you over until you find somewhere to eat.

Prepare the car for inclement weather

Naturally, if the forecast is for snow, strong winds or heavy rain you will stay at home and plan your trip for another day. However, even if you are careful to look at the forecast before going out it is all too easy to get caught out. Therefore, it is always wise to prepare your car for inclement weather. I know that this sounds like a lot of hassle, but it really does not take long to put together a ´go kit´ that you can just grab and put in the boot.


10 Everyday Rituals that Mean a Lot to Kids


As most of us are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with everyday obligations, working long hours and devoting enough time to our families, kids are, unfortunately, those who often suffer the most. Sometimes we simply forget that they grow up quickly and that we’ll never have a second chance to be the best parents we possibly can or we simply don’ have the time and energy to invest in creating stronger relationships with our kids.

Still, even if that’s the case with you, you shouldn’t despair or consider yourself a bad parent. Instead, you can focus on introducing some changes to your behaviour and create some rituals that would mean a lot to your kids and that would make you feel so much better. So, let’s take a look at some activities which are not very time-consuming, but which can have great benefits to both you and your kids.

Evening walks

Try to introduce a routine of having a short walk with your kids after dinner. If you have more than one kid, you could organise individual walks around the neighbourhood. Every Monday, my five-year-old girl and I walk to a nearby park and spend some time sitting on a bench, looking at the ducks swimming in the lake. She tells me about what’s happening at her school and I tell her about my day.

Bike rides

Another thing we like to do as a family is go for a bike ride. The time we spend together is equally important as the health benefits of riding a bike. I really feel satisfied and fulfilled when I look at my kids on their bikes, wearing their helmets and other safety accessories. We rarely go on long rides, because the younger one is still not strong enough, but no matter how long the ride is, we all feel great afterwards.

Helping around the kitchen

kids in the kitchen

Cooking is a regular activity for most of us with children and I often ask my kids to help me with it. Not that I wouldn’t be able to do it without them, but since I have to spend some time in the kitchen, I like to use the opportunity to involve them as well. Though tiring, cooking is a creative activity and most kids react positively to a chance to be creative. Sometimes I ask them to stir or pour something, or simply help by bringing and taking away the ingredients. When we’re done, we enjoy the fruits of a joint effort and they really appreciate it. Also, they tend to be less picky when it comes to eating the food they’ve prepared.

Taking dogs for a walk

Another regular activity that could be done with kids is taking your dog for a walk. Not only do we spend more time together, but they also feel very proud and “grown-up” when I let them hold the leash for a minute or two. They also learn to look after someone, which is an excellent preparation for their future lives.

Tea rituals

I love a good cup of black tea with a few drops of milk every afternoon. Some time ago I started preparing some fruit tea infusions for my kids and invited them to join me if they feel like it. Much more often than not, they are happy to sit with me outside our home and sip their tea and talk about whatever they want. We usually make some plans for future activities and by the time we’re finished with our drinks, we’re ready to resume with our daily routine.

Card and board games

Like most kids, mine enjoy playing card and board games. I asked them to teach me their favourite ones and they were only too happy to oblige. Every Friday afternoon we sit at our dinner table and play a game or two and have some great time, usually while the dinner is being cooked in the kitchen. It’s all about time management, after all.


importance of reading to kids

The advantages of reading to kids are well-known, but I can confirm that it’ great for adults, too. It’s really comforting and soothing and a great way to unwind after a busy day. Naturally, it’s hard to find a book that is equally interesting for all of us, but we usually manage to reach a compromise, although I feel that I’ve learned some stories by heart already. Still, it feels good and I recommend it.

Letting kids stay up late sometimes

This is something that I started practicing with my daughter a few years ago. I let her stay up past her usual bedtime and do whatever she felt like doing. Sometimes she would play alone, but very often she would join me in watching TV or we would simply have a chat. She really appreciated it which is why I’ve just started the same routine with my son. The trick with two kids is not to let them stay up late on the same day in order to make them feel special.

Creating a shopping list and shopping

Some chores are more fun when done together. As soon as my kids learned to write, I started dictating them our shopping list. It would take them some time to complete the task, but they felt involved and important. We would then go to a local supermarket and they would be in charge of checking if we’ve got everything we needed. This is also a great activity you can do as a family, plus your kids practice reading and writing.


No matter how small garden your garden is, you can always do with a little help from your kids. Filling the buckets, watering the plants or simply holding the hose are all activities that most kids like and make them feel like they’re contributing.


As you can see, most of these routines are not so time-consuming, but they all mean the world to your kids. The secret is to allocate that time and involve your kids in whatever they want to be part of. The result will be rewarding both for them and yourself.