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How To Raise Child Entrepreneurs?

Today we celebrate ‘Be a Millionaire Day’! The origins of this day may be unknown, but the day honors the desire to enjoy the freedom and power associated with being financially secure.

We all want to raise our children to be self-sustaining and happy people and give them a chance at a life we didn’t have. We teach them how to save money, how to make the right decision, how to be a decent people etc. but wouldn’t it be nice if we could teach them how to be a future millionaire?

Of course the most important thing is to raise a happy child, but if it’s possible, why wouldn’t we do the best we can to set up their minds to become child entrepreneurs.

child entrepreneurs

Here are some ideas on how to raise child entrepreneurs!

Teach Them Dream Big

Future millionaire is a person who thinks big and trying hard to accomplish things that everyone else says are impossible. Henry Ford wanted to bring cars to the middle-class people and he created one of the biggest businesses of his time. Thomas Edison dreamed of using electricity to light cities. Dream big!

Make Them Aware of Life’s Options

If you look at all the people who are grossing a million or more in salary per year, chances are you will find people who have taken something they love and built an empire. Who knows, your son’s fascination with crafting guitars can turn into a multi-million dollar business. Or your daughter’s love for designing clothes could set her up for life. Maybe they both are fond of writing stories which can help them make some money on assignment writing. Take away the mystery of the steps to attain this and they will be well on their way.

Invest In The Proper Education

Conventional education will bring about conventional minds. Let your children explore the world. Expanding the borders will expand their minds; allow ideas to come with new opportunities. It’s one thing to send them to a good school or make them get good grades but it’s another thing to have them really understand it. A trip to Africa to see lions will teach them about wildlife and could very well turn into a conservation project as well as other opportunities that will no doubt net profits. I believe that traveling through the world should be the best education for everybody. It’s only when you see the big picture you will be able to fully understand how everything ties together.

Teach Your Future Child Entrepreneurs To Love Work

There is no doubt you have to love what you do to be successful at it. Teach your kids that working doesn’t have to be a chore. If Bill Gates hated what he did, he wouldn’t have been one of the richest people in the world.
Teach them that if they want something in life they need to work for it.
Teach them the difference between working hard and working smart.

Start Early

Bill Gates began programming at least a few hours a day every day when he was around 12 years old. Warren Buffett began with paper routes and vending machines when he was just big enough to ride a bike. Carlos Slim’s dad started him out running the family’s businesses around 14 years old. By the time he was 30, he was already a multi-millionaire. Zuckerberg has a similar story. Bezos has a similar story. Elon Musk…. you get it. Child entrepreneurs start early!

teach kids to save money

Teach Them The Value of Money

When Elon Musk was in college, he tried to live on $1 a day. All the Rockefeller children had to keep accounts of their daily spending. Many people don’t teach their kids the value of money, and even worse, some instill even negative habits and negative views of money in their kids! The combination of thrift and hard work at an early age is what separates the wealthy from those who have to borrow money.

Become financially literate.

Make sure you know all these things before you try to teach them to become a future millionaire. Before you can teach them how to be rich, you must know how to get rich. Read books about investing and concepts about finance such as profit, asset, liability, equity, coupon, cost of capital, etc. You don’t have to become the next Warren Buffett, but you should be familiar with some basics.

No matter what kind of life we had, we can teach our kids to have a better one. Showing them how to succeed is the one gift we can give them that they will cherish for a lifetime. Becoming a future millionaire isn’t a difficult task if you know what to do. Well, they don’t even need to become a future millionaire, but these steps will help them to succeed (and maybe even become a future millionaire!


25+ Indoor Activities For Kids Recommended by Mom Bloggers


I am always having trouble when I have to figure out some fun things to do with kids at home for a rainy day. Well, I decided to make it easier for me and asked fellow mom bloggers for their favorite indoor activities for kids.

And here are the fun things to do with kids at home – recommended by mom bloggers!

Things To Do With Kids At Home

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home For Age: 1 month – 1,5 years

“Some of my favorite things to do with kids at home are reading books, playing in the floor with his toys and helping him learn, playing peek a boo and pat a cake, and singing to him! We also get lots of cuddle time in while watching Sesame Street. He has learned so much from all of our play time already, the newest being clapping. It makes me feel so accomplished seeing him happy, healthy, and learning!!”
Brittany @ “Stay at Home Momma Life”

Water playing for babies

Baby E. is playing with water

“Right now, our favorite indoor activities for kids are books, trying to learn to walk and going out on the patio to swing or play in sand. Around four months, I introduced water play to Baby E. Now, most people assume that water play should only be limited to outdoor play. BUT, that simply is not true. I filled a glass pie pan half-way with water and gave her a spoon, a small cup and a rubber ducky and allowed her to explore. At first, she wasn’t so sure that it was ok to play in it. Then once she confirmed it was ok to proceed, she began to splash and mix the water around with the spoon.”
Marcia @ Our Eggcellent Adventure

“Our favourite indoor activities for kids are playing with bubbles (bit messy!). Just a small bottle, I’ll blow them in the air and Archie runs around trying to pop/eat them.”
Kaye @ Hello Archie

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home For Age: 1,5 – 5 years

Kids washing dishes

Little princess likes to wash dishes!

“One of our favorite things to do with kids at home is “washing dishes.” I am usually doing something in the kitchen, and she just wants to participate as well. She doesn’t really wash a thing. We get her stool and set up the sink with bubbles and a few plastic cups, containers and she gets some good water sensory play in.”
Krystal @ Fit Frugal Mom


“A road made of masking tape is a smart way to engage a toddler. Prep time is way shorter than play time: you’ll only need a minute or two to stick the masking tape onto the floor. No need to be precise, your toddler will enjoy any version! It’s my son favorite indoor activity. He is quite fond of the road in the middle of the living room.”
Damjana @ Apple Green Cottage

“My 2 1/2 year old is becoming very curious and independent. Matching Bingo is a perfect activity for us both. Not only is it fun, but it helps with learning shapes, colors, and matching. It’s a perfect family game, but he also loves to play it on his own. He gets very excited when he fills the whole board all on his own.”
Adreanna @ Life in Our Nomad

“My son, Dallas, is almost three and his favorite indoor activities are puzzles and bubbles! We have a Frozen puzzle that he is obsessed with and is really fun to do together. It’s cool to watch him get better and better with it. Blowing bubbles in our living room is so much fun too. He likes to hold the wand and then chase them down. Hours of fun!”
Regan @ One and Done

Playdough game

She is having fun with Playdough!

“For my two year old toddler, we enjoy stacking blocks and then knocking them down… rinse and repeat.
Also, she really loves play-doh and water color painting. My daughter loves to put some sea shells, sticks, blocks, wiggly eyes, and buttons in her play-doh and that makes it even more interesting for her.
With water color painting, she has all the freedom to use a brush and paint in anyway that she feels compelled to do. There is no method except freedom! That is the best way to do it!”

Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar

Kid reading

Baby N loves to draw!

“Baby N. likes to go out and play with other kids, but sometimes we’re just forced to stay in. What to do then? Her most favorite activity is reading and drawing. She only knows few letters but it’s fun for her anyway and she is learning at the same time.
Also, we enjoy playing with our cat (or better to say, she is driving him crazy). He runs around the apartment and we are trying to catch him. He usually wins in playing catch with her, but she never gives up trying!
We also like to play with playdough but we will try to make our own next week, so we will see how will that work out!”

Marina @ Parental Journey

“My favorite things to do with kids at home is painting with watercolors. Once they have their watercolor papers, their watercolors, their paintbrushes and some water, they immediately explore their creativity by mixing different colors and putting them on paper without thinking but just feeling. When they have finished their paintings, they are so happy and proud of their work. Of course, it is a messy thing but I don’t mind because watercolors are washable and their happy faces will more than make up for it!”
Janet @ Writing Webworking Mom

Kids Reading Books

Book Picnic!

“Indoor activities for kids… We have what we call book picnics. My daughter & I will lay out a blanket and some pillows on the floor in our living room. Set out a plate of snacks & some juice and spread out a pile of books. What she likes to read varies by week. She is really big recently into reading (High Five) Highlights magazine. This week Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is a favorite. Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees & Steam Train Dream Train are big ones. This is a great rainy day activity that we can enjoy together.”

Kim @ Pinterested parent

“My favorite things to do with kids at home are making bracelets and necklaces. They’re getting into beading jewelry and I love it! It’s great to see what a 3 and 5 year-old can create with just some beads and string.”
Kristina @ The Mommy Rundown

“My 2,5 year old loves when we take all the cushions from the sofa and create a fort out of them. She calls it her “house” and brings all her favorite toys in there and we have such a good time. Sometimes, we even share a snack together in her “house” “
Vicki @ Diary of an Imperfect Mom

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home For Age: 5 – 10 years

caterpillar diy project

caterpillar diy project

Our top 3 things to do with kids at home are:
I went to my local dollar tree and grabbed some paint…paint brushes …and a project board and was able to create a fun project for the kids for under $4 (I cut the project paper so we could get more use out of it )
Pinterest had this cute little caterpillar diy project …and while it only took a few minutes to make …the kids had fun playing with it for awhile. All you need is some Popsicles Stick … little puff balls (which I also found at the dollar tree )…and we found the fuzzy sticks and googly eyes at Walmart. Glue the puffs to the stick and I found it easier to wrap the fuzzy sticks(which we used for ears) around one of the puffs
Reading books:
My kids have always loved reading…so cuddling up with a good book is a daily activity in our house. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of our indoor activities!

Tonisha @ A little of this and a sprinkle of that!

“Our favorite indoor activity right now is nerf dart guns. It’s a safer version of playing darts. We just draw a dart board and use suction cup nerf bullets.”
Natalie @ Messy Mom

“Our family enjoys completing puzzles together. My kids are three and almost seven so I try to get puzzles that are in the 200 piece range. That way it’s a bit of a challenge for the kids, but I’m there to help.”
Melissa @ Wading through Motherhood

“Quiet boxes are boxes you make that are perfect during quiet time or a fun rainy day/inside day activity. I used them when my daughter was out of naps but I had a sleeping baby at home. We always had some ‘quiet’ time and these were perfect. I traded the boxes out so she wouldn’t get bored with the material. I ONLY let her have them during this special quiet time too. Also, moon Sand is a fun and easy project you can do in minutes. It’s perfect for a rainy day or on a nice day too. Kids of all ages would love this! Gak is another fun and simple thing to make at home with just a few ingredients.”
Shannon @ Daily Momtivity



“For my 7 year old son, our favorite indoor activities are building with Legos, Reading out loud to him, and watching documentaries on prehistoric creatures.
He also loves Story Cubes. Story Cubes are like dice with a picture on each side.
The game is played by rolling a dice and beginning a story based on the picture. Then the next person rolls a dice and continues the story based on that picture.
You can continue the game for as long as you like. We have the prehistoric story cubes which contain pictures of dinosaurs, volcanoes, meteors, mammoths, swamps, cavemen, ect. It is a really fun game of story telling and imagination.”

Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar

“My favorite thing to do with my kids at home is arts and crafts. We keep a “craft box” in the house that is filled with supplies and many of those easy craft kits that you buy from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. On bad weather days I say, “Go get the craft box!” and he’ll run and pull it off the shelf. Sometimes it’s even fun to play board games. Our favorite is a game called Blokus. We also sometimes play Uno.”
@ The Jersey Momma

“One of the games I used to play with my kids when they were small was Hot and Cold. It was really just a take off on the old “you’re getting warmer” thing. We would take turns hiding something, sometimes a toy, or if I had a
treat for them, I would hide that. Then, they would look for it while I would prompt them with “You’re getting warmer” or “You’re so cold you are turning into ice!” I used all kinds of hot and cold sentences to guide
them to where the treasure was hidden. You are going to catch on fire! You have cold feet. Don’t burn your hand! If you are going over there, you better put on your mittens! The kids had a lot of fun playing this and love to re-hide the treasure over and over. It was a great way to pass a rainy afternoon, with everyone getting a chance to hide and find.
My kids also loved to build forts. And one of their favourite thing to build forts with were the couch cushions! They would stand them up as walls, add a blanket over top for the roof and make tunnels around the living room. They would gather all the furniture cushions from around the house and make bigger forts. Now my younger kids show their niece and nephews how to build them! Using a blanket over a table also makes a great fort or hideout!”

Sue @ The Little Shack on the Hill

Happy Jar With Activities

Happy Jar With Activities

“My six-year-old daughter loves to pick happy activities from our happy jar.
We created it together when she was going through a rough patch (she has anxiety).
It’s full of all of her favorite activities she likes to do with Mommy and things that elicit happy feelings. Its purpose is to help her focus on the positive and manage her anxiety in a healthy positive way.
She’s come a long way since we started the “happy jar,” but it remains one of OUR favorite indoor activities.”

Elle @ Tuned In Parents



Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home For Age: 10+ years.

Kids Making Sushi

Kids Can Even Make Sushi

“I like to involve kids in kitchen activities. One project that my son and I love doing is making sushi! This is a great supervised activity for kids ages 10 and up. New to sushi making? The Sushi Making Kit from Mud Puddle is a great place to start – it includes a recipe book, rolling mat, rice paddle and two sets of chopsticks. We made California Rolls – no raw fish involved! But you can get really creative and use just about any ingredient that can be rolled up!”
@ Mom Meets Blog

“My 10 year old loves arts and crafts, so we do lots of DIY projects we find on Pinterest. We choose the 1st craft project that catches our eye, as long as we have all the materials or sometimes we just improvise with what’s around the house then we have a go at it. It keeps our creative juices flowing.”
Anne @ Stretch Your Pesos

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home For Age: everyone!

“Because my children range in age from 1 to 10, I’ve tried to come up with a few fun indoor activities that we can all participate in when the weather is just not cooperating. Here are some recent picks: – Put on a play: Everyone can take part! The oldest can write and direct, while the youngest can have their own little “role” or be a part of the audience with mommy. – Have a dance party: Let everyone take turns picking out songs or create your own family playlist. It’s a great way to burn off some energy (and a few calories!). – Write a book: My sons are really enjoying this project right now, and even my littlest guy can color on some folded white paper that has been stapled to create a booklet. Give everyone 15-30 minutes to work and then take turns sharing the finished products. They key for our family in each of these ideas is that they are not competitive but harmonious projects that build cooperation and listening skills – and help keep the peace!”
@ Overwhelmed Mom

“My favorite indoor activity with my kids is to create treasure hunts for them. I leave clues all over the house leading them to the next clue, ending at a prize (usually some cookies or stuff I keep in a stash from the dollar store). When I don’t have time to make up clues, but want to keep the kids busy, I send them on a scavenger hunt. Here’s a sample of one. This activity works best for school-aged children. If you have older kids too (tweens and teens), they love to help make up the clues.”
Corinne @ Wondermom Wannabe

Do you have some indoor activities for kids you would like to share? Just send me an email and I will add your things to do with kids at home to the list


How to Generate Ideas for Essay Writing

I know that it is the height of summer vacation and the last thing any parent wants to think about is school work. However, we all know that at one point one of our kids is going to come to us to inform us that they have an essay due. The next statement you will probably here is, it is due in the morning. After you calm down, you will probably realize that it has been years since you thought about an essay, let alone wrote one.

Essay writing is not hard. It can be difficult if you make it hard or stressful. So now that summer is here let’s add one more item to that good old parenting bag of tricks.  The tricks to successful essay writing are good brainstorming, sticking to the thesis, and staying relaxed.

essay ideas

Do Not Overthink

The first tip is not to overthink the brainstorming. Hopefully, you will luck out, and your child will already have the topic. No sweat if they don’t. The easiest way to write an essay is to use the “three-part” thesis method. Even today when I write, you can be sure that this is my old faithful.

Pick a topic that you can come up with three ideas or parts that you can fully develop into at least three sentence paragraphs. They should be separate ideas and easy to write about. Remember to keep them simple. In fact, if you look back to the last sentence of the second paragraph of this post, you see my three part thesis.

Kick those ideas around till you can write an effective thesis with supporting paragraphs.

Stick To It

Now that you have the argument stick to it. It is easy once you start writing to go off on a tangent. If you are like me, you have a tendency to let your mind roam. Start a paper on whales, and before too long you are writing about Finding Dory. It happens; that is what makes the three-part thesis so high a method. Every one of your paragraphs should in some way support an idea of the thesis statement.

If you follow the three-part thesis, you have your body. It will be at least three paragraphs, and for most schools, that is more than enough. All you need to do is write your opening and your conclusion. Me what I like to do, is as always, keep it simple. I restate my introductory paragraph as my closing. Why make life hard?

Stay Relaxed

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying relaxed. Too often we turn the simple things into planning the D-day Invasion. Writing an essay can be a challenge, but it need not be scary or stressful. Take small breaks when you feel that writer’s block come on. Do not force writing.

If you become stressed, the ink pen will dry up quickly.

I like to play music when I write, nothing that will distract me, but something that will tune out the background and keep me relaxed. It helps me to stay on task. So much time as I can avoid stress, I can write anything.

Good brainstorming, sticking to the thesis, and staying relaxed can help you write any essay, no matter how last minute.  With summer upon us, I know we are much happier turning our attention to the sun and fun, but it never hurts to be prepared. Those says until that dreaded, “What I did for summer vacation” essays will soon be due.


Practical Summer Outfit Ideas for Busy Moms

For families, the summer months are great. The days are long, the weather warm and everyone feels happier when the sun is shining. You can spend most of the day outside enjoying time with your family, which is a great way to keep the kids active. But, you need to wear practical outfits to really be able to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy playing with your children.


fashion tips for moms

If you like jumpsuits, the good news is they are very much back in vogue. Retailers like Fashion World have plenty for sale, this year. They are really practical items of clothing, especially if you have young children. It is really annoying when your t-shirt rides up every time you pick up your child or bend down to pick up a ball. Regardless, of how you move your jumpsuit will stay in place and your modesty will be preserved. Provided you get the fit right, this style of garment will still provide you with plenty of freedom of movement.

Plus, jumpsuits are an instant outfit. If you wake up early, and the sun is shining, you can just grab your playsuit and favorite sandals and head off out with the kids. For a day at the beach, they are perfect. Just pull one on over your swimming costume, and go.

A tankini and jeans

Speaking of going for a swim, if you are looking for a practical swimming costume, a tankini could be perfect. They basically consist of a set of bikini bottoms and a top half that is basically a tank top. You can easily wear the top half with jeans and if it gets chilly you can just pop a cotton blouse or shirt on. It is a great “ready for anything outfit”. Tankinis now come in a range of designs, so it is quite easy to find a tankini that suits the way you like to dress.

A nice maxi dress

If you want to look pretty, a dress is always a good bet. The maxi is a particularly good design. A nice lightweight one keeps enough of the sun off for you not to have to use a lot of sun cream, yet you still feel lovely and cool. Plus, a maxi dress gives you plenty of freedom of movement. They are great for walking in, with the added benefit that you can get away with wearing most types of footwear. If you choose a long enough one, nobody is really going to notice that you are wearing flat pumps instead of high heels. It is really easy to smarten up your look by adding a semi-tailored jacket to your outfit. A maxi dress really is a surprisingly versatile item of clothing.

Convertible and multi-way clothing

Dresses, tops, and trousers that can be worn in more than one way are a good addition to any wardrobe. There are many different types available including blouses with sleeves that can be worn full length or rolled up. These days it is relatively easy to find shorts that can be worn at different lengths and there are some really nice dresses out there that can be worn in several ways. Reversible clothing can also be a good option.


How to Have Fun With Kids on a Budget


I often have a hard time when thinking about how to have fun with kids on a budget. It’s getting harder to find worthwhile things to keep them entertained. While it’s nice to get them outdoors and active, signing kids up for team sports or music or art activities, can add to an already slim budget.

fun with kids on a budget

Fun and Affordable Things To Do To Have Fun With Kids on a Budget

1. Random Acts of Kindness

Teach your kids that not everything involves spending money and people can do things out of the kindness of their hearts.

Bake some cookies and bring them to a nursing home.
– Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
– Help a neighbour to clean up the garage.

Acts of kindness cost very little but have a huge payout that sparks happiness and a sense of personal growth in your child.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go for a hike at a local park and create a list of items that your child has to be on the look for. Things like acorns, a maple leaf, squirrels, birds or anything you can think of. The first child to find everything gets to pick where everyone goes afterward such as ice cream or hot chocolate.

You can even find some cool printables online you can use for your own nature scavenger hunt.


3. Recycled Inventions

This is great if you have some creative geniuses in your home. Pick something out from the recycling bin for your kids to transform into something useful. Things like turning milk containers into bird feeders or turning boxes into forts will teach kids about sustainability while they have a great time.

4. Design A Graphic Novel Or Comic Strip

You don’t have to be an artist for this one. Sometimes the crude drawings make the comic more interesting. Brainstorm some story ideas and characters with your kis. If they’re too young to write, you can fill in the captions for them. It’s a great activity to have fun with kids on a budget.

5. Weekly Library Trips

Once a week, go to the library and let everyone in your family pick a book for them. Libraries here have great study sections, children’s sections, and a room where you can watch movies. They often organize interesting lectures you and your kids will definitely enjoy.

And at home, you can organize your own family book club where you can all discuss a book you’ve read. Of course, you will have to read children’s books, but that can be fun too!

There are so many other activities you can take part in with your child that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Simply taking them to the park and throwing a ball around can be fun as well.

Tell your kid stories about when you were their age and their attention span will move from their phone to you.

See, there are so many things you can do to have fun with kids on a budget. What is your favorite budget activity?


35 Lunchbox Recipes For the Whole Family

Did you know that the world was celebrating ‘Pack your lunch day’ on March 10th? Oh yes, that is for real. But hey, who doesn’t like celebrations? So, to celebrate that, I collected 35 best lunch box recipes for your little one (and the rest of your family). Share yours in the comment and I will add it to the list!

lunch box recipes

The best thing about these recipes is the fact that they are perfect for your kids, but also you! Take this to work and you will feel energized all day long.

First – lunch box tips and tricks!

1. Choose fresh food. Not only are fresh foods better for you and your kids, but they even taste better.

2. Freeze what you can. You can prepare your snacks when you’re free and then just freeze them. It will save you time when you’re busy from work.

3. Keep your food safe. Choose an insulated lunch box or one with a freezer pack to keep the lunch box cool. You should pack food like eggs or dairy products if just cooked. First cool in the refrigerator overnight.

4. Go vegetarian at least two days a week. Replace it with a plant-based protein-rich food that will also fill you up.

5. Let your kids pack their own lunches. You will save time and they will not complain about their lunch.

And here is a list of 35 lunch box recipes from around the web you can choose from.

1. Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips – Vegetable chips can be really tasteful. This is amazing!

baked zucchini chips

2. Ham & Cheese Muffins – Ham and cheese, how can you go wrong with that?

ham and cheese muffins

3. No-Bake Granola Bars – Perfect recipe for when you don’t feel like baking.

no bake granola bars

4. Rice Puff Bars – Kid of all ages just adore rice puffs. Try to make your own!

rice puff bars

5. Raspberry Almond Lunch Box Waffles – Cute and interesting!

Raspberry Almond Lunch Box Waffles

6. Monte Carlo biscuits – This is yummy classic!

monte carlo biscuits

7. Pinwheel lollipops – This is one of my favorites!

Pinwheel lollipops

8. Fruit Kebabs – One really simple idea and the cutest one!

healthy fruit kebabs

9. Cheese Puffs – It’s called cheese puffs, but it’s full of veggies!

cheese puffs

10. Peanut Butter Brownie – For peanut butter lovers!

peanut butter brownie

11. Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Healthy version of cookies!

12. Banana Molasses Granola Bars – Granola bars are perfect for a quick burst of energy.

13. Acai Bowl – Time for superfruit!

acai bowl

14. Carrot & Oat Breakfast Cookies – Cookies with carrots!

Cookies with carrots

15. Homemade Parmesan Potato Chips – Potato chips are not really healthy, but why not try homemade option?

potato chips

16. Chicken Roll Surprise – Stuffed chicken!

17. Mini Quiches – Who doesn’t like quiches?

mini quiche

18. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – You can put it in a jar! Love that!

packable breakfast

19. Baked Quinoa Burgers – This is one of my favorite veggie burgers!

20. Savory Spinach Rolls – Don’t worry about spinach, your kids will love this!

Savory Spinach Rolls

21. Rice Balls – Cute and simple!

22. Pea Fritters – Wonderful and tasty lunch for your kids!

pea fritters

23. 3 Ingredient Mini Muffins – Just three ingredients!

mini muffins

24. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls – Coolest idea ever!

25. Roasted Eggplant Sandwich – Different type of sandwich.

26. Veggies Stored in Dip – Simple and you don’t need to cook!

27. Tuna Dippers – You can prepare it a day before!

28. Zucchini Slice – I adore zucchinis and this is the next on my ‘to cook’ list!

29. Vegetable Muffins – Healthy muffins!

30. Holy Guacamole Sandwich – I can’t wait to try this sandwich!

31. Banana Bread – You can’t go wrong with banana bread!

32. Wheat and Refined Sugar-Free Carrot Cake – One of the healthiest cakes I’ve ever seen.

carrot cake

33. Sandwich Sushi – Looks so interesting!

34. Raspberry Baby Muffins Sugar-Free – Muffins without sugar!

raspberry muffins

35. Veggie Wraps – Veggies are always the best lunch choice!

Which one is your favorite lunchbox recipe? Feel free to share your recipe in the comment section!