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How to Have Fun With Kids on a Budget


I often have a hard time when thinking about how to have fun with kids on a budget. It’s getting harder to find worthwhile things to keep them entertained. While it’s nice to get them outdoors and active, signing kids up for team sports or music or art activities, can add to an already slim budget.

fun with kids on a budget

Fun and Affordable Things To Do To Have Fun With Kids on a Budget

1. Random Acts of Kindness

Teach your kids that not everything involves spending money and people can do things out of the kindness of their hearts.

Bake some cookies and bring them to a nursing home.
– Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
– Help a neighbour to clean up the garage.

Acts of kindness cost very little but have a huge payout that sparks happiness and a sense of personal growth in your child.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go for a hike at a local park and create a list of items that your child has to be on the look for. Things like acorns, a maple leaf, squirrels, birds or anything you can think of. The first child to find everything gets to pick where everyone goes afterward such as ice cream or hot chocolate.

You can even find some cool printables online you can use for your own nature scavenger hunt.


3. Recycled Inventions

This is great if you have some creative geniuses in your home. Pick something out from the recycling bin for your kids to transform into something useful. Things like turning milk containers into bird feeders or turning boxes into forts will teach kids about sustainability while they have a great time.

4. Design A Graphic Novel Or Comic Strip

You don’t have to be an artist for this one. Sometimes the crude drawings make the comic more interesting. Brainstorm some story ideas and characters with your kis. If they’re too young to write, you can fill in the captions for them. It’s a great activity to have fun with kids on a budget.

5. Weekly Library Trips

Once a week, go to the library and let everyone in your family pick a book for them. Libraries here have great study sections, children’s sections, and a room where you can watch movies. They often organize interesting lectures you and your kids will definitely enjoy.

And at home, you can organize your own family book club where you can all discuss a book you’ve read. Of course, you will have to read children’s books, but that can be fun too!

There are so many other activities you can take part in with your child that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Simply taking them to the park and throwing a ball around can be fun as well.

Tell your kid stories about when you were their age and their attention span will move from their phone to you.

See, there are so many things you can do to have fun with kids on a budget. What is your favorite budget activity?


35 Lunchbox Recipes For the Whole Family

Did you know that the world was celebrating ‘Pack your lunch day’ on March 10th? Oh yes, that is for real. But hey, who doesn’t like celebrations? So, to celebrate that, I collected 35 best lunch box recipes for your little one (and the rest of your family). Share yours in the comment and I will add it to the list!

lunch box recipes

The best thing about these recipes is the fact that they are perfect for your kids, but also you! Take this to work and you will feel energized all day long.

First – lunch box tips and tricks!

1. Choose fresh food. Not only are fresh foods better for you and your kids, but they even taste better.

2. Freeze what you can. You can prepare your snacks when you’re free and then just freeze them. It will save you time when you’re busy from work.

3. Keep your food safe. Choose an insulated lunch box or one with a freezer pack to keep the lunch box cool. You should pack food like eggs or dairy products if just cooked. First cool in the refrigerator overnight.

4. Go vegetarian at least two days a week. Replace it with a plant-based protein-rich food that will also fill you up.

5. Let your kids pack their own lunches. You will save time and they will not complain about their lunch.

And here is a list of 35 lunch box recipes from around the web you can choose from.

1. Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips – Vegetable chips can be really tasteful. This is amazing!

baked zucchini chips

2. Ham & Cheese Muffins – Ham and cheese, how can you go wrong with that?

ham and cheese muffins

3. No-Bake Granola Bars – Perfect recipe for when you don’t feel like baking.

no bake granola bars

4. Rice Puff Bars – Kid of all ages just adore rice puffs. Try to make your own!

rice puff bars

5. Raspberry Almond Lunch Box Waffles – Cute and interesting!

Raspberry Almond Lunch Box Waffles

6. Monte Carlo biscuits – This is yummy classic!

monte carlo biscuits

7. Pinwheel lollipops – This is one of my favorites!

Pinwheel lollipops

8. Fruit Kebabs – One really simple idea and the cutest one!

healthy fruit kebabs

9. Cheese Puffs – It’s called cheese puffs, but it’s full of veggies!

cheese puffs

10. Peanut Butter Brownie – For peanut butter lovers!

peanut butter brownie

11. Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Healthy version of cookies!

12. Banana Molasses Granola Bars – Granola bars are perfect for a quick burst of energy.

13. Acai Bowl – Time for superfruit!

acai bowl

14. Carrot & Oat Breakfast Cookies – Cookies with carrots!

Cookies with carrots

15. Homemade Parmesan Potato Chips – Potato chips are not really healthy, but why not try homemade option?

potato chips

16. Chicken Roll Surprise – Stuffed chicken!

17. Mini Quiches – Who doesn’t like quiches?

mini quiche

18. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – You can put it in a jar! Love that!

packable breakfast

19. Baked Quinoa Burgers – This is one of my favorite veggie burgers!

20. Savory Spinach Rolls – Don’t worry about spinach, your kids will love this!

Savory Spinach Rolls

21. Rice Balls – Cute and simple!

22. Pea Fritters – Wonderful and tasty lunch for your kids!

pea fritters

23. 3 Ingredient Mini Muffins – Just three ingredients!

mini muffins

24. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls – Coolest idea ever!

25. Roasted Eggplant Sandwich – Different type of sandwich.

26. Veggies Stored in Dip – Simple and you don’t need to cook!

27. Tuna Dippers – You can prepare it a day before!

28. Zucchini Slice – I adore zucchinis and this is the next on my ‘to cook’ list!

29. Vegetable Muffins – Healthy muffins!

30. Holy Guacamole Sandwich – I can’t wait to try this sandwich!

31. Banana Bread – You can’t go wrong with banana bread!

32. Wheat and Refined Sugar-Free Carrot Cake – One of the healthiest cakes I’ve ever seen.

carrot cake

33. Sandwich Sushi – Looks so interesting!

34. Raspberry Baby Muffins Sugar-Free – Muffins without sugar!

raspberry muffins

35. Veggie Wraps – Veggies are always the best lunch choice!

Which one is your favorite lunchbox recipe? Feel free to share your recipe in the comment section!


Children’s Lying Behavior: How to Deal with It

There are so many reasons why children lie. Lying does not begin in adulthood; instead, children’s lying behavior starts at a young age. Children lie when they feel the need to cover up something they did to avoid getting into trouble. For instance, when your child steals a candy, they lie and deny doing such a deed since they know they will get in trouble if they tell the truth.

how to deal with children's lying behavior

How to deal with Children’s Lying Behavior

Besides this, children also lie to gauge your response when they lie to you. This means that sometimes your children lie to assess your response and thus, determine if they can continue lying in future. Sometimes, when children are with their peers and are storytelling, they tend to lie to make the story more exciting. They also make up things to better their image in front of their peers.

Additionally, the other reason that children’s lying behavior starts is that they desire to get your attention, more so, when they know you have not given them any attention. Thus, they will lie even when they know you know the truth. Another reason that they lie is when they know they cannot get what they want from you. Hence, they will lie to you to get what they want. They will say something like, “Mum lets me have candy before dinner,” or, “Dad lets me watch YouTube before I sleep.”

When do children lie?

Children’s lying behavior starts at an early age. They usually begin lying from around three to four years. At this age, your kid begins to realize that you cannot read minds. So at this time, your child starts to test your knowledge of realization of whether you can tell they are lying. So they will say things that are untrue to you. By the age of six, children lie even more. Thus, at this time, they become better at lying. Hence, they can match their facial expression with the tones in their voices. She will even get more confidence in telling lies. When the child reaches the school age, they not only lie more often but they also better their lying skills. Thus, their lies become more complicated since your child has more words to use and explore when lying but also has a better understanding of the way people reason. At this time, they become perfect liars who can get away with their lies at any time, any place and any day.

Four ways to make your child stop lying

1. Make your child stop lying or shun away from lying is through encouraging them to tell the truth always. Once they have grown older, they begin to have more understanding of the differences between the truth and lies. Thus, it is great to encourage them.

2. Support them to tell the truth. Through supporting them, your children will shun from lies.

3. You can succeed in this through laying great emphasis on the vitality of honesty in the family.

4. When your child practices honesty, then it is best to praise them, as this will get them to become more honest.



Awesome Star Wars Decor For Your Apartment


May 4th has become commonly known as Star Wars Day. And who could be surprised? The words, “May the 4th” seem to beg the rest of the catchphrase be uttered. Star Wars, an epic space opera became an almost instant cult classic.

The way you celebrate Star Wars day will depend on how well you know this cultural phenomenon. Movie marathons with friends, Star Wars trivia games and even Star Wars themed snacks (Death Star piñata, anyone?) will guarantee this day is full of fun as well as being very educational.

Awesome Star Wars Decor you Can Buy Online

This year, we will just have a movie marathon with our little one, and my husband found some great Star Wars decor for true fans! May the 4th be with you!

Awesome Star Wars Decor you Can Buy Online

1. DoorWrap: Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Sticker for Door / Bedroom / Home

DoorWrap: Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Sticker for Door / Bedroom / Home

This is something that every Star Wars fan will die for – to make your bedroom door look like it has Han Solo frozen in carbonate or even your front door.

2. Vinyl Record Clock – Star Wars

Vinyl Record Clock - Star Wars.

Star Wars clock made of vinyl record. This home made clock is perfect example how to make something old in to something cool and new. Perfect Star Wars decor for kids bedroom.

3. LEGO Kids’ 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

For every Star Wars fan having something in the house that is Star Wars themed is an obligation! This clock is perfect not only for kids but also for man caves. Maybe even bedroom if you wife allows it :).

4. Uncle Milton Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light
Star Wars Room Light

This awesome Star Wars decor room light will find its place in any Star Wars fan home. It has 8 different colors and they can be changed with a remote control, how cool is that?

5. Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug – Mix your drink with the Force

Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug

Perfect gift for everyone from age 3 to 60. This Darth Vader cup is a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Plus, it stirs your drink with the force – it can’t get better than that.

6. Star Wars Rebels Standard Kit (Serves 8)

Star Wars Rebels Standard Kit (Serves 8)

All in one set for kids birthday party with Star Wars theme. Kids will love it and will have no dishes to do after the party.

7. Silicone Star Wars Theme Style Molds for Ice Cubes-Chocolate- Set of 5

Silicone Star Wars Theme Style Molds for Ice Cubes

Ever wanted to have your ice cubes shaped as Star Wars space fighter, R2D2 or maybe Han Solo frozen in carbonate. Now you can! With this great set of Silicone style molds you can have a super refreshing drink with your Star Wars ice cubes.

8. Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

If you are a couple into Star Wars, this towels are cool Star Wars decor to have in your bathroom. They are not tacky so you can put them without making a bathroom to geeky.

9. Star Wars – Darth Vader 4 Port USB Hub

Underground Toys Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub

This USB hub is not only super useful but your computer table will look bad ass.

10. Lucas Film Star Wars Rebels “Fight” Sheet Set, Full

Lucas Film Star Wars Rebels "Fight" Sheet Set, Full

This Star Wars bedding is something that any kid will just love (and some bigger kids like your husbands).

Do you have some Star Wars decor at home?

*And just for full disclosure, there are affiliate links in this post about Star Wars Decor. That means that I’m sharing something that I think is helpful, and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit back. No extra cost to you, and just a little help for me to pay for the blog expenses.


101 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Toddler This Weekend


I often catch myself playing Candy Crush Saga or Uno on my iPhone, instead of playing with my little girl. That’s bad, I know it and I want to change it!

Well, this weekend I decided to play with her every hour, every minute, every second… Me and my husband gathered the list of 101 fun things to do with toddlers we will do this weekend (and few next ones..) with our little toddler. Join us!

Fun things to do with toddlers

fun things to do with toddlers

1. Bake muffins.
2. Play balloon tennis.
3. Draw together.
4. Construct something cool with LEGO’s
5. Have a picnic in the living room.
6. Visit a pet zoo and show her how chickens look like in real life.
7. Take a walk by the sea.
8. Sing together her favorite songs.
9. Build a fort.
10. Play with finger paint.
11. Play football in the backyard.
12. Plant something together. Cherry tomatoes, for example.
13. Play hide and seek.
14. Make homemade ice cream.
15. Fly a kite.
16. Visit grandparents and let them spoil her.
17. Go to the park
18. Play tea party with her dolls.
19. Spend 30 minutes reading her favorite story.
20. Do magic tricks!
21. Make your own greeting cards.
22. Play with play dough.
23. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
24. Have a water gun fight.
25. Go out for dessert.
26. Play UNO or some other fun card game for kids.
27. Play indoor basketball.
28. Blow bubbles.
29. Color cute pages you can find online for free.
30. Play catch.
31. Build a tower and then knock it down.
32. Feed the ducks.
33. Collect cool rocks on the beach.
34. Visit a botanical garden.
35. Visit an aquarium.
36. Watch the children play at the theater.
37. Jump on the trampolines.
38. Build a sand castle.
39. Have a newspaper snowball fight.
40. Do chores together.
41. Pick flowers.
42. Play dress up.
43. Draw on windows.
44. Visit the pet store to see hamsters and rabbits.
45. Wrestle.
46. Make your own puzzle.
47. Play instruments.
48. Go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before.
49. Water your plants.
50. Play hopscotch.
51. Workout together.
52. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.
53. Just dance.
54. Play with her favorite toys.
55. Play with sensory boxes
56. Face paint.
57. Bake tasty cookies together.
58. Build an egg carton trains.
59. Create something out of a box.
60. Put on a puppet show.
61. Make paper hats.
62. Make a playhouse out of a large box.
63. Make and play with sock puppets.
64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk.
65. Do the Hokey Pokey.
66. Make a domino chain.
67. Make your own juice.
68. Take a nap together!
69. Make a fruit necklace.
70. Throw a birthday party for her favorite stuffed animal.
71. Play board games.
72. Do some paper plate crafts.
73. Make your own moon sand and play with it.
74. Tickle each other.
75. Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting.
76. Play with color rice.
77. Make a foil river in the yard.
78. Make a color wheel and teach kid about colors.
79. Play an indoor bubble wrap hopscotch.
80. Create roadways on the floor with some tape.
81. Build a sponge tower.
82. Make maracas from yogurt bottles.
83. Play horsey.
84. Make homemade pudding.
85. Make a simple bird feeder.
86. Paint with frozen ice cubes.
87. Paint those rocks you found on the beach.
88. Make a color shape river.
89. Feed the alphabet monster.
90. Make a paper bag mask.
91. Pom Poms target practice.
92. Have a ‘yes day’ and do whatever your toddler wants.
93. Make your own stuffed animal.
94. Make your own jam and have it for dinner.
95. Do some sticker art.
96. Send a message in the bottle with 101 activities.
97. Roll down hills.
98. Have a photo shooting!
99. Donate your extra toys!
100. Make a jar with all the activities, write them down on paper and just pull it out of the jar when you don’t know what to do. Similar to happy jar with memories.
101. Hug her and never let go.

I hope you like the list. I mean, with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy. Do you have Fun Things To Do With Toddlers or a toddler activity you would like to add?

*And just for full disclosure, there might be a few affiliate links in Fun Things To Do With Toddlers post. This means that I’m sharing something that I think is helpful, and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit back. No extra cost to you, and just a little help for me to pay for the blog expenses.


How to Make the Ultimate Book of Activities


I am always surfing the web (especially Pinterest) trying to find some cool crafts, recipes and activities I can do with my toddler. My bookmarks folder on my laptop were full of interesting activities for kids but it seemed like I never do anything from there. It was there, but not in my plain sight and that was the problem for me.

That is when I decided to make my own ultimate book of activities for kids.

Book of Kids Activities

Just a simple black notebook, right? Well, it’s not! I spend almost a year to fill every single page with wonderful activities for kids and it’s finally done. It has family recipes, interesting crafts, even some life advice I wanted to pass on to my daughter.

Activities for Kids

How to make it?
Pick a notebook with hard cover. You will use this book on a daily basis so it’s better for everyone to be the best quality.
Start simple. Write down your favorite activities, crafts or recipes on a piece of paper. Choose one activity to start with.
Use your favorite pencils, scrapbooking material, buttons, newspapers, whatever you like.
And just start decorating your notebook. One activity by one.
The best thing about this is that every page can be completely different from one before. Let your imagination go crazy!

Recipes for Kids

Recipes for Kids

When you seem stuck and don’t have enough inspiration to move on, just give the book to your friend and ask her to write down her favorite activity or recipe for kids. You will be surprised with how creative your friends can be! Or give to your husband and see what does he has to say.
If you still don’t have an idea what to include, you can choose something from my list ‘101 Things to do with your Toddler this Weekend‘.

Easy cookies for kids

This will be a great memory for your kid (and grandchildren) one day and it can even be a beautiful family legacy. I know I would love to have something like this from my parents or grandparents. Imagine how cool would that be?

Kids activities

*I apologize because some part of photos are blurry. I put so much effort into this that I just feel like it is an intimate part of me, so not really wanted to share everything I wrote. But that is ok, isn’t it? I just give you an inspiration and you will make your own memories, activities, crafts and family recipes…