How To Travel With Kids When You Can’t Actually Travel

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Having a hard time making up activities for your children during the lock-down? You’d like to travel but don’t think it’s safe? You want to do something new and exciting with your kids? We got you covered.

Traveling is currently a bit of a struggle. Especially with kids. We all want to keep our children safe, but sometimes we lack ideas on how to keep them busy. To help you with that, we explored some options on how to travel with kids when you can’t actually travel.

We’ll visit museums, ZOOs, aquariums and something out of this world at the end. It will be fun, educational and a new experience for the whole family.

Buckle up!

California (USA)

No need to apply for a visa. We’re hoping on an exciting adventure with giraffes! Well, giraffes were our choice, but you can choose among hypos, elephants, giraffes, apes, polar bears and many other animals settling in San Diego’s ZOO. Thanks to live webcams, you can take a look at the daily life of exotic animals and learn something new.

If your kids are more for an ocean-view, Monterey Bay Aquarium is a place to go. Although currently closed for visitors, this leading institution in ocean conservation gives you an opportunity to see sea otters, penguins, sharks or to enjoy the open sea view. All from the comfort of your home.


Next destination – Asia. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea was open in 1969 and its mission is to ‘offer a culturally rewarding experience to its visitors’. Explore new exhibitions and enjoy the city skylines. Maybe this will be the beginning of planning an actual trip to Korea. Something different. Give it a go and see how the kids react.

New York’s MoMA also offers virtual tours. From Van Gogh to Film Vault Summer Camp, there’s something for everybody.

Florida (USA)

Back to the States. Some say it’s the happiest place in the world – Disney World. A series of 360-degree panoramas and virtual tours show Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. After this long trip, make some popcorn and relax with your family while watching Pirates of the Caribbean or some other Disney movie.


Five hours of walking the streets of The Eternal City. And you don’t need to even take a step. Nor be worried that your kid will wander off. Did you know that Rome has 280 fountains and more than 900 churches? Experience Rome with this walking tour that also has captions to give you some information about what you see.

If your family is not that into Italy, try London, Paris, Dublin, or Barcelona.


Saving the best till last. We’re going into space! Sort of speak. Download Space Center Houston free and interactive mobile app and let your kids become astronauts for a day. It’s not far, just a few clicks away.

The app features audio tour, GPS maps, selfie filters, augmented reality experiences, and virtual reality lite. Except for the fun part, this journey will teach your kids interesting facts like how did the American grandfather of rocket science, Robert Goddard, get kicked out of his hometown; why did early astronauts bring water guns to space and why is there so much velcro on the International Space Station.

Forget the passports, packing dozens of bags or missing your flight. Pick a place from our list and experience traveling differently. Of course, there are other museums, ZOOs and institutions offering online tours. Maybe your children will like something else better. But the possibilities are numerous.

Let us know what the kids think! 



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