Keeping Track of Your Child’s Growth

Keeping Track of Your Child’s Growth

Even though it may have felt like your pregnancy stretched on for years, as opposed to nine months, many parents express a feeling that their child seems to grow incredibly quickly. While they might be small now, it won’t be long until they have grown into a toddler, child, and then a teenager. You will want to keep track of your child’s growth progress to remember it by. You might even want to come up with creative ways of immortalizing their early years and growth, as opposed to simply writing dates down. Not only can this help you to make the most of when your child is young, but it can also provide an opportunity to look back on the years gone by.

Collage of Photos

Most parents take a number of pictures of their children every single year. From this, you could choose your favorites from each month or year of your child’s life so far, and put them on your wall – check out these collage photo prints to allow you to display images stylishly in your home. By using a collage format, you will be able to clearly see the changes in your child’s height, as well as their other characteristics, such as face shape. You could then opt to add further collage prints over the years, or to have one for each child or family member specifically.

Height Charts

Rather than simply recording the measurement of your child’s height, or etching it into the doorframe or wall where it could become lost if you decorate or move home, you may want to consider buying a wall mounted height chart for each of your children. Over the years, you can make pen lines or notches to show how tall they were, and at what age. Both children and parents alike can have fun together looking at how much growth has happened in a certain time period, as well as to remind you of how much you are succeeding at being a parent.

Don’t Forget to Live in the Moment

While it can be great to look back on the past fun times with your child, as well as to reminisce on how small they used to be, it is important that you don’t lose sight of the present. A study showed that people remembered less when they were photographing items, and you certainly don’t want the same to ring true with your children. Of course, it is understandable to want to take some pictures of them, but it is also incredibly important to be present in the moment with your children. They are more likely to enjoy the day more with their parents actively involved, than stood behind a camera lens or cellphone screen.

Watching your child grow is just one of the rewards that a parent gets for looking after their young. Even though it might seem sad that they are growing bigger and more independent each year, you should always feel proud to know that they are the product of your love and care.


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