Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy


Physical exercise improves as well as maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness of a person’s body. That’s why exercise during pregnancy is so essential, for it helps with preparing your body for labor and delivery and manages common discomforts during the pregnancy. Several studies have shown that exercising for 20-30 minutes a day or several days a week boosts you and the baby’s health.

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Common benefits of exercise during pregnancy include:

Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance

Exercising tones your muscles, therefore you do not need to put much effort while going on with your daily tasks such as grocery shopping. Exercising three to four times a week gives you strength and endurance. The strength and endurance that you gain may ease labor and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby. You are able to withstand labor pains and get through delivery fast.

Helps you sleep better

Sleeping during pregnancy at times can be difficult for example finding a comfortable sleeping position but exercising tires you out enough to lull you into a deeper restful sleep.

May help prevent or reduce gestational diabetes

Several studies show that exercising during pregnancy can lower the risk of developing gestational diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes it is important to consult with your healthcare provider about exercising. Your condition and how far you are in your pregnancy will determine the exercises you can do or not. A certain major study revealed that regular exercise for women with the condition reduces the risk of having very large newborns by 58% which in turn led to 34% lower risk of caesarian delivery.

Boosts your energy

Regular exercise can help you get through your daily activities more easily. This is because exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system thus ensuring you do not get tired easily. Also check out our picks for best pregnancy foods.

Gets your body back faster after childbirth

After maintaining good posture, muscle tone, and strength all through your pregnancy, your body has an easier time shedding the baby weight after you give birth. Exercising also assists in gaining less weight during the pregnancy.

Helps reduce swelling, bloating, constipation and backaches

The stretching and joint movements done during pregnancy improve blood circulation all around the body which in return minimizes backaches, and feet swelling. It also helps to prevent constipation and bloating which is due to the high progesterone levels and a growing uterus. Exercising along with a high fiber diet promotes better digestion.

Improves your mood

Exercising gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence that spills over to the rest of your day. The lifted spirits ensure good interactions with people in your life.

If you were physically active before getting expectant it is advisable to remain active during the pregnancy, and if you were not active before, it is also advisable to start exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can even exercise at home. The activities you choose to take part in should not pose any danger to yourself and the fetus. Exercises that involve falling, jumping, waist twisting, bouncing while stretching, hopping, holding your breath and exercising during humid weather should be avoided. Be sure to wear comfortable exercise gear and hydrate for a better exercising experience and safety.

Remember it is best to talk to your healthcare provider before choosing an exercise.


  1. I’ve heard the fact about keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy sometimes helping with labor, too! Great tips and information!!


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