50 Ways To “Ruin” Your Toddler’s Day

50 ways to ruin your toddlers day


50 ways to ruin your toddlers day

1. Ask her to wash her hands before lunch.

2. Tell her to stop washing her hands.

3. Cut her sandwich the wrong way (She really really wanted rectangles this time).

4. Wipe her nose.

5. Wash her hair.

6. Brush her hair.

7. Pick the wrong outfit for the kindergarten (she really wanted that pink dress that is in the washing machine at the moment).

8. Tell her she is a big girl now.

9. Hand her a crayon that is the wrong shade of blue.

10. Close the door while using the bathroom.

11. Talk on your phone.

12. Going to work.

13. Offering food.

14. Put her in her car seat.

15. Take her out of her car seat.

16. Make her wear pajamas to bed.

17. Don’t let her wear pajamas outside.

18. Smile at her.

19. Don’t smile at her.

20. Put the last puzzle piece in for her.

21. Help her go down the stairs.

22. Sit on her spot on the couch.

23. Tell her the wrong bedtime story.

24. You don’t know where she put her favorite Barbie.

25. Help her take off her shoes.

26. Don’t help her take off her shoes.

27. Tell her that grandma is your mommy.

28. Tell her to wear a jacket when it’s freezing outside.

29. Not let her wear a jacket when it’s too hot.

30. Tell her she can’t wear Crocs with that dress.

31. Mention it’s a bath time.

32. Don’t provide enough toys for a bath time.

33. Turn on the wrong cartoon.

34. Turn off that wrong cartoon.

35. Give her a banana.

36. Refuse to give her a banana since she ate three of them already.

37. Make her soup when she asked for soup.

38. Don’t let her play with your mobile phone.

39. Move even one stuffed animal from her bed.

40. Put the wrong stuffed animal on her bed.

41. Cut the apple into smaller pieces.

42. Don’t cut the apple into smaller pieces.

43. Don’t let her watch Kinder Surprise Eggs on YouTube.

44. Sing to her favorite song.

45. Dance to her favorite song.

46. Dance to any song without her permission.

47. Send her to bed because it’s getting late.

48. Don’t let her go to bed at 6 PM.

49. Wash her blankie!

50. Breathe!

We even made a handy cheat sheet, so you never forget!

Fun Cheat Sheet For Toddler's Parents


  1. HAha! This is so right on point! I would even add suggesting it’s time to eat, providing said food to eat, and then asking that it’s eaten! πŸ™‚

  2. Laughing so hard at these because I can totally relate, especially at the “sitting on her spot on the couch one…” that one’s been recent, and very tricky–because the spot changes every hour (or minute, or second…) Thanks for this dose of humor!

  3. The toddler years are tough! I’m looking forward to being out of them in about another 4 years. Around our house it’s not uncommon to hear us say “It’s hard to be X”, because there’s always crying about something! Hang in there, and thanks for joining in at the #happynowlinkup!

  4. Thanks πŸ™‚ But those curls can be a real problem when we are trying to have them under control before going to kindergarten πŸ˜€


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