5 Ways to Grow Your Home based Business

How to start a home based business

No matter how much we love our kids, we stand their tantrums and deal with the ridiculous amount of poop without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining and crying from time to time), we all want something that is solely ours. Be it a hobby or business, we need something to keep our sanity. So if you have had a long-awaited dream of owning a business of your own and can be run from home, here are five ways to help you minimize struggle and boost your home based business.

How to start a home based business

Starting a home based business

1. Focus on one product
Oft times mommies make a mistake and offer a wide choice of products. This may overwhelm customers. Focus on one product and aim to be famed for your expertise in the product.

2. Take it to the Web
You are more likely to reach more customers if you choose one ground- the web. Make a website and advertise your business online. In most cases, it is fail-proof. Social media is a marketing weapon if used right. You can reach friends, family and everyone else in your area is literally just clicks away.

3. Boost sales
Come up with offers that are impossible to say no to. Your first target should be your current clients – find ways to keep them coming for more. Give them a card which offer a free gift on 10 purchases or offer them discounts on bulk purchases. It would be good to hire someone for your public relations. Be careful when choosing the right company. Find the one that already worked with your niche. For example, if your product is connected to babies and children, I can recommend Konnect PR since they’ve been working a lot with companies in that niche.

4. Hire help
If you have too many orders and not enough hands, don’t send customers away or compromise of quality. You can always hire help. All your profits will drown if you get a full-time employ so instead hire interns or freelancers. You do not need to bear any benefits or additional costs or taxes. How cool is that?

5. Think big
Right now you just want a small business where you can do what you love, maintain a healthy home-work balance and make some money so you can buy those shoes you have your eye on. But see, your children will grow up and get busy with school and you will soon have more free time. You can actually make your home based business a big deal. Don’t discard the idea just yet- aim it and you will be there in a few years.

The thing about the digital age is that anyone can do anything. So if you have a passion or a skill but can’t manage to leave home to make a career, make an office at home and cash your skill today!



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