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Paid Survey Guide 2017 – How to make some extra money by taking paid surveys online

One of my favorite ways of earning some extra bucks is by doing paid surveys online. It’s so simple and easy. If you didn’t try it yet, what are you waiting for?

Paid Survey Guide 2017

So, what exactly is a paid survey? Simply put, a paid surveys are a questionnaires conducted online by certain companies to assist them with their marketing research. Survey panel companies usually act on behalf of big corporations looking to survey people whose opinions may help them provide better service, develop a new product, or improve an existing one.

Manufacturing companies, retail stores, chain stores, and restaurants among others, are all businesses that pay a lot of money just to know what consumers are thinking. They all want to know about your shopping habits, why you are keen to buy certain products, and not so eager to purchase others.

How To Earn Money By Doing Online Surveys

Are paid surveys a legitimate way to make money?

Yes indeed, paid surveys are a legitimate way to make money, but not all the survey panel companies are reputable or reliable.

Do some research and only register with a company which is proven to be reputable, reliable, and entirely legitimate. There are many survey review sites that give feedback from users of various survey panels, which you can use as a guide when choosing where to register, or sign up.

You basically need a PC, laptop, or a digital device such as a smartphone, as many survey companies now have mobile apps which allow you to complete surveys on your phone.

You should also check their reputation at BBB.

Paid survey guide 2017

How to register for online paid survey sites

You can register for as many sites as you want to. All reputable sites have no sign-up fees, and if you come across a site asking for a sign-up fee, do not consider registering with them. A reputable company will not ask you to pay them – they want to pay YOU!

Once you have selected which sites you want to register with, the sign-up process is pretty simple. Every survey site has an application form on their website that you must complete as fully as possible, and send back to them for registration. After that you are good to go, and can look forward to receiving your first survey offer – and making some cash!


How much money can I make?

You will not get rich, but paid surveys are a great way to make extra cash of at least $100 to $300 each month. There is a wide variety of people who join paid surveys, including those who want to supplement their income, students who do not have time for full-time work, retired folk, or moms who want to work from home.  

To make money you should register with as many legitimate paid surveys companies as possible to get onto the panels and begin to receive invitations, and start participating. Some surveys may require qualification criteria such as age, sex, interests etc, and you may not qualify for all the invites you receive. Don’t let this put you off, just move on the next one. The chances are excellent that you will qualify for most of the surveys you receive.

Survey panel sites mostly reward your efforts by means of gift cards which can be used at many stores, points which can be redeemed, or cash via Paypal. You can opt to collect your rewards in the way that will be most convenient for you.


Some tips how to make additional money doing surveys.

Once you have built up a good reputation with the survey panels sites by correctly completing survey offers you receive, you will be in line to get offers for work that pays much higher rates that the normal surveys. These include invites to join focus groups, and do mystery shopping assignments. Here is what they are all about:

  • Mystery shopping is one of the tools used externally by companies in their market research activities. Usually the identity and intent of the mystery shopper is not revealed to the chosen establishment. The shopper may be required to buy products, ask questions about products, assess the service provided, and maybe even register a complaint. A detailed feedback report of experiences must then be submitted. Expenses which may have been incurred are normally refunded with the payment for the survey fee.
  • A focus group is a group opinion panel which is useful to obtain group feelings and opinions about products and services of companies and businesses. This can be done in person if there is a focus group facility in your area, or in an online focus group, or also via a smart phone or tablet. Focus groups are by invitation only, and you could earn upwards of $50 per hour. The more surveys you complete, the better your chances are of getting invites to join focus groups.

Here you can find much more paid survey tips on how to make more money.

Some final thoughts in this paid survey guide 2017.

There has been a lot of positive talk about what an excellent opportunity it is to make some extra cash doing paid surveys. Remember to avoid registering with companies who want to charge a fee, be it for ordinary surveys, focus groups, or secret shopping.

The key to success is to do the research, and sign up with as many reputable companies as you can.

People from all walks of life are signing up, but overall it is for anyone who wants to make cash doing something in their own time.


Foods That Will Help Maintain a Child’s Gums and Teeth Healthy

Many people may have the concept that the health of their teeth and gums is linked to their brushing and flossing habits, while this is true, maintaining a balanced diet that contains low-sugary foods and is high in nutrients are essential for a child’s developing dental health. Children are not big fans of vegetables and hate hearing: “You have to eat your greens!” from their parents but there are some snacks that you as a parent can include in your child’s diet that will not only help their dental health as a child but will also serve as a guide for their own future dental care.

If your child has been brought up maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they will most likely behave the same way once they are adults and pass that knowledge on to their children, and so on. You may be asking yourself: “So what do I give them if they do not want to eat any veggies?” While most children only want cookies, candies, chocolate, or chips, which by the way are very terrible for dental health, you can provide your child with some healthy snack choices that will encourage them to want to eat it.

Healthy teeth

Dental Health Friendly Snacks for Children

The American Dental Association states that in order to maintain good health, eating a variety of foods is what needs to be done. This is echoed by Los Angeles dentists at New Image Dental. Healthy proteins such as seeds, nuts, vegetables; fruits, whole-grain foods and low-fat dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt can assist with your child’s overall mouth health. Below will be described a few snacks that would be enjoyed by children but at the same time providing them with everything they need for their mouths maintenance like nutrients, minerals, and vitamins:

  • Watermelon slices
  • Different types of berries mixed with low-fat yogurt
  • Slices of apple and cheddar cheese
  • Whole grain pita dipped into hummus
  • Cream cheese and celery
  • And more


How Frequently Should I Give My Child These Snacks?

Plaque can be formed on top of your child’s teeth the more they eat snacks because it allows more bacteria to develop in their mouths. It is best to limit the number of snacks your child will be eating in a day, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Saliva serves as a cleaner for food particles that may still linger in your child’s mouth but it only functions well when there has been plenty of hours in between meals.


The Foods Children Love: Sugars and Starches

Limiting these foods can promote healthy dental care for your child. Foods such as candies, pastries, and cookies, which are all high in sugars, should not be consumed on a frequent scale. Also, foods like bread, muffins, and chips contain a high amount of carbohydrates that transform into sugars very quickly. Acids that attack the teeth’s enamel come from these two diets: high sugars and high-carbohydrates. There are tasty snacks that your child can eat as a healthier option that will still have the sugary taste that they love.

We recommended that you avoid giving your child too many snacks during the day and turning to healthier options that will encourage an overall strong oral health. Just be aware that although healthy snacks may be good for your child, too much of anything is never good. Reduce the number of times that you give your child snacks throughout the day.

As a parent, you can help your child with the maintenance of their teeth and gums by a well-balanced diet, making sure that they brush their teeth at least two times a day and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.





My Child Suffered Injuries From A Dog Attack: What Should I Do Next?


The worst experience that a parent can go through is seeing their child get injured. Children tend to have an attraction to animals, especially dogs. This attraction can sometimes end with severe repercussions for the child and even with a fatality. The child may have just wanted to pet the dog like many children do, but instead, they were faced with an aggressive dog and suffered injuries because of it. The question that many parents may ask themselves is: “what should I do after my child is bitten by another person’s dog”?

The personal injury lawyers at Drake Law Firm understand the pain that you are going through and they offered us few tips on what should you do after a dog attack.

Also, make sure to check out our post about best dogs for kids!

what to do after a dog attack

Steps To Take After A Dog Attack

Did you know that there are about 1,000 people throughout the United States that seek emergency care for dog bites every year? Use the following tips of what a parent should do after their child has been injured by a strangers dog:

  • It is vital that the child seeks immediate medical assistance. The health of the child is the most important thing to think about in these types of situations. Also, seeking care serves as a form of evidence for potential a claim. It shows that the child did, in fact, get hurt from the attack and that they took the time to get treated for their injuries.
  • Do not go by what the owner’s word that their dog has had all their shots. Report the attack to the local health department where they could provide you with that information.
  • Report it to animal services where they would keep a record of attack. This is also another form of evidence.
  • Try to gather as much information of the dog’s owner. Make sure to get their name, phone number, address, and write down everything they had to say. Also, write down the breed and sex of the dog.
  • Try taking pictures and videos of the dog, the location of the attack and the injuries sustained are great assets for a case. If the parent is unable to do so themselves, they should have a relative or friend to go take pictures of the scene. Remember that the more evidence that you have, the better it will be in the formation of a solid case.
  • The professional advice of a litigator that specializes in personal injury cases should be sought. Insurance companies will never want to give you the full amount of damages that your child is entitled to. They will try their best in using their tactics to avoid liability for the attack. The attorneys at Drake Law Firm know their way around these tactics and have dealt with insurance companies for many years.
My Journey

Link Love – My Favorite Things – Week Six

I found this cool idea about ‘link love’ on several websites I like to read on daily basis. People are sharing their favorite things they found online that week. I love that! I found so many cool blogs and interesting websites by reading other bloggers’ ‘link love’.

I decided to also do something similar. I will share all the cool things I stumbled upon recently. Hope you will like my picks and find something cool for you.

link love my favorite things

Link Love – My Favorite Things

Handmade baby slippers

baby slippers on etsy

I was looking for cute baby slippers for my friend’s baby shower and look what I found. This lady on Etsy makes amazing and cutest baby slippers. Every single model is unique and entirely handmade. She even makes custom orders so you can pick any size, color or shape you would like. This can be a great gift for birthdays, baptism, baby showers..

You can also find some cute headbands and jewelry here – something for everyone.

All the items are made in Switzerland, but they do send to other countries. Take a look and I am sure you will find something adorable.

Customized 3D prints and other novelty items

3d prints etsy

I think you already know that my husband is a big gamer. I don’t have problem with that, that’s his hobby! He likes to play all kind of games, but recently his favorite one is Doom 2016. That is why I decided to find something special and Doom related for his birthday. Of course, as always, I opened Etsy and started browsing. And wow – I found a motherload – customized 3d prints!
The items are 3d printed, hand painted and air brushed and they look like the real little pieces of art. The items can be shipped worldwide! Check out the store, you will love it!

Metal Puzzle by GiftForSoul

metal puzzle etsy

This is the best thing I saw on Etsy recently. Something cool and unique – Handmade Wire Puzzle. This is an exclusive test of intelligence. Are you afraid to try? Don’t worry if you don’t get it immediately. By playing this amazing and gorgeously designed metal puzzle, you will improve your creative thinking and your iq. This is a fun game for the whole family (they even have a children version) and a perfect gift for your family and friends who love to play puzzle games.

Check out this great Etsy store and find your favorite thing. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Eve Rabi – The Other Woman

The Other Woman Eve Rabi writer

As you already know, I love to read! That’s one of my favorite hobbies. I especially love a good thriller! Imagine how surprised I was when I found Eve Rabi’s books. She is amazing. I can’t even describe the suspense I was feeling when I was reading this book. I truly recommend it to anyone in love with psychological thrillers!

WARNING: This scandalous, nail-biting, five-star read has been known to ruin a good manicure! Proceed with extreme caution and a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio. Or a bottle. You can find it on Amazon. There is even a Kindle edition if you prefer ebooks.

Helge Jewelry

helge jewelry etsy

Do you love jewelry? I do, and my little one is also obsessed about it lately. She is stealing all my jewelry and that is why I have to buy even more jewelry 🙂 I love to browse around Etsy to try to find something unique. And I found Helge Jewelry, a handmade Estonian brand that started out in 2014. The name Helge is actually an adjective in Estonian language that means light, positive or intelligent. It is a brand of unique designs made with gemstones, silver and gold worked into jewelry such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. I love every single item! Check it out and tell me which one is your favorite!


Unique Folks

Custome art and portraits

If you love bath bombs, this is the Etsy shop you have to check out. You will find custom art and portraits, beautiful jewelry, and most amazing bath bombs. You can pick from all sort of bath bombs here – Deadpool, Pokemon, Horror movies, Animals and much more. Those are also perfect as a gift.

Ash and Lucy will do their best to make the perfect and unique handmade item for you. So check out their wonderful shop and pick your favorite item. Whatever you chose, I am sure you will love it! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Do you have a cat? I do! And I love him with all my heart, but I am sick and tired of cleaning his litter. That is the worst thing for me. I can survive cat hair everywhere, but the litter is just too much for me.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are a self cleaning litter boxes?? And not just one of them – you can choose from many different ones. I found a cool blog with reviews – it really helped me to pick the best.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are a self cleaning litter boxes?? And not just one of them – you can choose from many different ones. I found a cool blog with reviews – it really helped me to pick the best self cleaning litter box for my little fella. And guess what? I never need to clean his litter box ever again. Woohoo.
If you’re interested, learn more here.



This amazing Etsy shop has a great collection on bridal garters, so I recommend to every ‘bride to be’ to check it out. Your wedding will be your most special moment, so make it even more special with unique and beautiful selections of garter sets, haircombs, brooches, jewelry sets and much more. These beautiful items are really amazing and you will love it!

Shipping is available worldwide! Head over to Etsy and find the perfect set for you – white and elegant with crystals or maybe colorful with flowers – there is something for everyone!

bridal graters on etsy

The Best Fondation For Sensitive Skin

A few years ago, my beauty routine included just washing my face, so I was quite clueless about beauty tips and tricks. That is when I started following beauty blogs and learn so much! Kaylee Beauty is one of the best – I love the piece about best fondation for sensitive skin because it is so detailed. After reading this article, you just can’t get it wrong!

NYC Divorce Lawyers

The divorce can be a really hard topic, but sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself and your child. Nobody ever said that going through a divorce would be easy, and some of the most amicable separations have the potential to quickly turn messy. If that is the case with you, you really need the best lawyer possible. These divorce lawyers have 40 years of experience so you can be sure they will do the best job for you. They have offices located in New York, Brooklyn, and Long Island.


10 Tips For A Great Children’s Party


Children’s parties are fun and can be some of the best memories a child has. So, how do you make them the best they can be – with these 10 tips of course.

10 Tips For A Great Children Party

  1. Staying Close to Home

Consider having the party in your own home or garden. This will make it much easier for you to organize activities and you don’t have to haul various supplies and food around. You can even ask a relative or good friend if you can borrow their house for a few hours if your living space can’t accommodate all of your guests.

Make it clear that you will do all the cleaning up and setting up afterwards, as you suggest the idea. Or, whenever the weather permits, you can even use the local park. It will certainly be much less expensive draping some streamers on a picnic table, than it would be using just any other venue you can rent.


  1. Be Cautious About Guests

When planning the party, it’s just natural to have the urge of inviting all your family, friends, and even people who’ve invited you to their parties previously. However, don’t forget that the bigger the gathering, the higher the budgetary requirements, and the more hectic the party will be.

Rather, you should look into limiting the amount of guests to a manageable figure, and be careful not to invite more people at the last minute. If it’s a children party, then only invite people that can enjoy a few hours in house full of children.


  1. Go for Simple foods

Of course, food is the centerpiece of a good party. But this doesn’t mean that you have to serve your guests a full meal. Juice, cake, and a couple of snack should keep the toddlers happy. Check out my list of best finger foods for kids parties.


  1. Classic Games are Ideal

Just as they adore watching an interesting magic show, children will be delighted with playing great games. Classic titles such as musical chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey can never go out of style. You can even use a sack race and skittles to create a carnival atmosphere to make the games more interesting.


  1. Consider Hiring Undiscovered Talent

For those who like to keep away from the limelight, but still want to have an entertainer brighten up the kid’s party, then networking can help a great deal. Do you know someone with a steady hand with face painting, or juggles exceptionally well? Many dads and uncles have put on the clown suit several times, and have been the soul or life of the party.

You can also opt to post at the noticeboard of your local college. The drama club students like to make a few bucks on the side doing some magic tricks or putting on a fairy princess’ outfit.


  1. No-Fuss Invitations

Rather than spending a few hours trying to channel your inner crafter to make some handmade invitations, just let technology do the job for you. Invite people through social media and email; it will be much easier, and your guests to save date.


  1. Creativity with Plates

There’s a huge chance you have more parties in the future, so why not have them in bulk? Rather than getting those themed supplies, why not get paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic cutlery in various colors at your local store? When it comes to kids’ stuff, you don’t need to take any gender or age specific items. Plus, you should be able to use them in many years to come.


  1. Party Bag Fillers

One key money-waster for parties is plastic toys for the party-bags, which are inevitably just thrown away or get lost almost immediately. Why not try something different? Stocking up on huge packages of art supplies like stickers, glitter pens, kids glow sticks and stamps is one great way to do this. You can then break up the sets and give every child a piece of each.


  1. Choose Non-Peak Time

For working parents, it may be quite difficult to find the time to plan the party at your house. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up on holding one, even when on a budget. Look for local venues that can host at good prices. For instance, some of your local restaurants can cater for your party at a much lower cost if you opt to hold the party during their off peak hours, such as during the afternoon.


  1. Share the Party

You can also get together with a few friends who have birthday parties for their children near your child’s, and even form a group party. Such a plan might work best if the children are below 4 years of age, since they probably won’t care if the party isn’t just for them.


You will also be saving a lot of money, since you will be splitting the expenses between a few families. Be sure to sing a birthday song for each of the children, and have several fairy cakes instead of just one big cake.


10 Terrific Websites For Kids And Parents

A good children’s website should be both educational and entertaining for its young visitors. The 10 educational websites listed here score top marks in both fields, and at least some of them are sure to be big hits for your own inquisitive youngsters.

Best Websites For Kids And Parents

Best Websites For Kids And Parents


1) Curious World

Curious World is a carefully-crafted site put together by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The target audience here is made up of the youngest of the young; this is primarily a pre-kindergarten website. It covers social skills along with reliable standbys like math and reading readiness. One of the best features you’ll find here is a fully-customizable flashcard system that you can fine-tune by age and subject matter. Once your selections are set, your kids can enjoy the flashcards at any time.


2) Spatulatta

The working theory that drives the Spatulatta site is that the kitchen can be a learning environment. Besides educating kids on basic cooking and safety techniques, the site will also let them explore new recipes based on the ingredients and meals they love. Why not encourage your picky eaters to transform into young chefs?


3) BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an animated site that does a terrific job of educating kids either one-on-one or by the class. The site covers a diverse range of topics – from history to science to the stock market. Continuity and connection are encouraged by a pack of endearing characters led by a plucky robot.


4) FarFaria

Are your children hungry for fresh stories when the time for bedtime reading rolls around? FarFaria is a terrific app that gives you access to an endless library of anytime storybooks. Subscriptions for the site can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, and your payment unlocks a library big enough to satisfy even the most voracious of readers.



Agnitus is a tactile learning site. Figuring that kids hear “don’t touch!” way too often, the makers of Agnitus have put together a learning environment where curious youngsters are encouraged to get hands-on with the learning experience. Subjects include reading, colors, basic numbers, size relationships, and more. This tablet-centric educational site has a free trial available to determine whether or not it’s a good fit with your kids.



An unending stream of tot-friendly TV programming is the big draw at Equip yourself with some educational resources to ease your way through those sleepless 3 AM nights! There are always educational shows, music, games, and more available. The site uses a structured fee approach that allows you to pick the features you want and the devices (Kindle, iPad, etc) your kids will use.


7) Funbrain

Funbrain is a wide-ranging site that has outstanding reading and math content for kids from preschool age all the way up to Grade 8. Mobile reading is a big draw, as are fun games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball.



This site bills itself as the world’s most comprehensive learning tool for children between the ages of two and seven. Kids will be able to listen to music, read (or listen to) books, color, and play games across a range of customized learning levels designed by educational experts. Full progress tracking adds to the site’s value for parents. You can try the site for free for up to a month; ongoing membership will cost $7.95 per month.


9) Focus Clinics

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unusual of places and this little game from Focus Clinics shows this to be the case. It’s fun and will certainly keep children happy.


10) PBS Kids

For multi-generational PBS families, there’s no better way to entertain and educate the next generation than checking out PBS Kids. Your children will be in good hands with both familiar faces like Curious George and Elmo and new friends like Peg + Cat. Besides a vast library of fun games, this site also provides you with tons of printable materials to help your child learn offline.