Tips & Tricks for Packing and Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids
Little boy traveling

Although the pandemic is still kicking hard, the summertime is coming, and so does an opportunity to spend some quality family time on vacation. To make your life easier and help you with organization, try some of our tips & tricks for packing and traveling with kids.

  1. Don’t overpack

Traveling certainly messes up your normal routine and you probably wish to make it easier on the kids. But bringing their whole room on a family trip is not a good idea. Bringing their favorite toy or a blanket is okay, but bringing the LEGO set they play with once a week – not so much. Also, they don’t need 30 outfits for a one-week trip. Bring the items you can combine and use multiple times until they get dirty. They’re kids, they’re gonna get dirty and it’s okay.

  1. Book everything in advance if possible

Instead of waiting in lines with your kids bored, try to book everything in advance if possible. From hotels to different activities – traveling with kids gets much easier when everything is pre-booked.

  1. Talk to your kids about the trip

They are a part of it just as much as you are. Talk to them, show them the pictures, ask them what they would like to do or visit. Include them as much as possible so they know what they can expect.

  1. Have the snacks ready

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are definitely not fun to be around when they’re hungry. Prevent their outbursts with the snacks ready and always within your reach.

  1. Take the advantage of discounts

Many companies offer different discounts for kids, depending on their age. Some even have free entrance for different attractions for young kids. Do some research about your destination, it shouldn’t be a problem to find.   

  1. Give your kids your contact information

You never know what can happen. Just to be safe, give your older kids your contact information or slip a little note with your contact in a younger kid’s shoe/pocket. That way, if something happens, you’ll be easier to track down.

  1. Bring something to keep them entertained

Books, electronic devices, toys… Anything that can keep them entertained in an airplane or during a long drive. Not the whole time, of course, but just to keep them busy for a while.

  1. Let the kids have some fun with a camera

It doesn’t have to be expensive. An old phone or point-and-shoot camera will be enough. You’ll keep them focused on the things around them and have some fantastic memories as well!

  1. Bring a spare outfit for yourself

If you’re traveling with a baby/toddler, we all know what can happen. From changing the diapers to feeding, parents can get dirty as well. So, to prevent you from spending your vacation with some poop on your shirt, bring an extra one to have on hand. 

  1. Schedule some downtime

This depends on the age of your children, but even the older ones need some rest after a few days. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a nap, but just something to relax and get your family ready for new adventures and exploring the new destination.

  1. Enjoy

Last but not least – be flexible and enjoy. Even if you plan everything perfectly, there’s a possibility something will not go according to plan. Don’t stress, prepare as much as you can and adapt. Enjoy the time with your family and cherish the memories you’ll make. 

Do you have some other useful tips & tricks for packing and traveling with kids? Feel free to leave them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you and learn something new! You can help other mums (and dads) looking to optimize their packing and traveling process.


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