Why Do Tired Babies Refuse To Go To Sleep?

tired babies


This is probably a question every parent has asked at one time or another. Ask almost any mom and she will have a story to tell about napless afternoons, pre-bedtime battles, and night wakings.

Understanding a baby is not always easy but in most of the cases, understanding why your tired baby refuses to go to bed is the only solution to this.

tired babies

Why Do Tired Babies Refuse To Go To Sleep?

Could The Little One Be Too Excited?

Sometimes tired babies just get a rush of excitement before bed. The good times that child spends splashing in the tub or playing with daddy could get in the way of sleep. The toddler simply refuses to go to bed so that he or she won’t miss out on the fun. The solution to this could be a soothing lullaby, massage, story or swaddling. It is important that you avoid the TV. The television will only stimulate the baby further making it harder for them to fall asleep.

Baby Needs Special Stimulation to Sleep

If your young one is used to being held, he or she may refuse to sleep unless someone holds or rocks him or her to sleep. The baby may need a particular rhythmic calmness that puts them to sleep. You could try getting a nice swaddle especially for tired babies younger than four months.

Your Baby Is Too Sensitive

Some young ones are just too sensitive to their external environment. Some tired babies are bothered by light, sound and even smells. Extra sensitive children may even be bothered by clothing labels as well as the food digesting in them.
Always ensure that the comfort of the baby is at its finest. Create the most soothing environment possible. Remove tags on pajamas, use softer sheets and darken the room. Ensure that the baby is neither too hot nor cold and ensure the scent in the room is neither offensive nor excessive for the baby.

The best solution to tired babies is understanding. The baby could, for instance, be a midnight snacker, a general anti-napper or simply too attached to you. All these can only be overcome if you know your baby well. So, try to figure out what is bothering your baby and you will probably find a solution by yourself.


  1. All of these reasons have been the things that kept my little one up at one point or another! Sometimes I wonder if somewhere along the line we miss cues and keep them awake, causing them to learn to ignore their body when it says it’s time for sleep. I agree, we have to be in tune with our children so we can figure out the cause and find a solution!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  2. My hubby is notorious for over-stimulating the toddler before bed. He doesn’t mean to but a lot of times he’s not home until dinner time so afterwards is play time. I try to start winding down an hour before with bath time but then they don’t have a lot of time together. Luckily our tot will sleep in the next morning to make up for being awake late at night. I’m expecting another baby here this week and I pray he’s a good sleeper like his older brother. Can a mom get lucky with more than one good sleeper? Thanks for sharing at #MommyMeetUpMondays!


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