Lamaze Musical Inchworm Review

lamaze inchworm


This was the first soft friend for my little one! She loved the textures and sounds that encouraged her to explore while bright colors promoted visual stimulation. And it has a ruler to track baby’s growth, so that was really cool. She is now 2 years old and she still carries him around.

Lamaze Musical Inchworm Review

Lamaze Musical Inchworm

I think we bought this when she was 3 months old. You can use it with younger child too, but no need since I don’t really think that baby younger than 3 months will find this (or anything) interesting. This cute and colorful worm has really interesting textures that child can touch (and chew) so I think it’s a perfect development toy for a baby.

lamaze musical inchworm

In my opinion, you won’t be wrong if you buy this for your kid or as a present for someone else. Kids love it and the melody isn’t too loud so it won’t really bother the parents.

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Here is also the information from their official page that you might find interesting:

Features of Lamaze Musical Inchworm:

  • Squeeze the nose to hear a melody
  • Use the ruler on its reverse side to track baby’s growth
  • Explore the eight different sections that feature multiple textures, squeaks, and crinkles
  • Bright colors and multiple patterns promote visual stimulation
  • Makes tummy time fun!
  • Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song!
  • Textures and sounds encourage exploration
  • Bright colors
  • Makes tummy time fun!
  • Use ruler to track baby’s growth


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