Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

How to keep our kids safe online


The Internet can be a wonderful place for our kids. They communicate, read, learn, study, play, investigate the world through computers and phones. They get to know this world a bit different from how we did. Being a fascinating, new way to entertain and develop the child, the Internet also endangers with:

  • cyberbullying (a new form of bullying that happens online);
  • pornography and sexting;
  • online offenders;
  • sharing too much personal data;
  • game of 72 or other dangerous games;
  • psychological or health problems;
  • the list can go on and on, but every problem has a solution and we know them.

Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

I already wrote a lot about dangers of Internet and how to be safe online. I believe that our goal as parents, teachers and guardians, is to keep our kids safe. But how can we do it? Where the line crosses between norm and risk if this digital world is also new for us and we are also learning?

That’s why Everycloud Team have created an Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety to show the latest data of what actually kids do online. You will read the latest statistics of what they share, how much time they spend online and what games they play. This is something every parent should be aware of.

We should know the risks our children may have online and methods how to help them if something happens. We should talk with our children and encourage them being more open with us about their online life. Our love and support are main cards in this digital game. Let’s know how to use them wise with the help of this awesome infographic.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!
How much time does your child spend online? Do you know everything he or she does while browsing the Internet?

How to keep our kids safe online


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