12 Amazing Tips For Successful Travel With a Baby

travel with a baby


I love to travel. That’s my biggest passion and I think I wouldn’t be able to survive a year without going somewhere unknown at least once. Most of the time, me and my husband travel alone, and we would always leave our daughter with our parents. Why? Because that seemed like the easiest way to travel at the moment. Travel with a baby – that sounded crazy.

I would love for her to travel with us, but I didn’t think that traveling with a baby can be stress-free. Imagine my surprise when I found this cool infographic (+ video) with 12 amazing tips! We are going to Berlin in couple of weeks – but after that I definitely plan to organize a city break with our little one. I believe that traveling is always an incredible experience and that it will make anyone a better person, especially young children. Children who travel discover different languages and cultures and they will learn that the world is big and amazing place.

12 Great Tips For Stress-Free Travel With a Baby

So, if you’re thinking about your next vacation but not sure how to travel with a baby – just look at this great infographic and think no more. With this easy to follow tips there is no way that your trip will be stressful. With the right preparation, your vacation will be fantastic. Book your seats in advance, feed the baby on take-off and landing to ease the pressure changes for the baby, match your journey time to sleep patterns…. These are just few tips you will find here. The best thing is – the infographic covered every type of traveling – plane, car, train and even boats. So, you just need to relax and enjoy! I know I will!

travel with a baby

12 Pro-Tips for Stress-Free Travel With a Baby [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu


  1. We dont travle much. My mom lives 1.5 hrs away and when we visit my husband tells me “we’ll were not moving why do you carry so much stuff? two words: be prepared!

  2. Nice infographic. We’ve always done road trips to see my family. When we lived closer (by that I mean only 10 hours away instead of 25) from my parents we tried once to make the drive overnight so when the kids woke up we’d be there – and we both got so tired we ended up pulling over at 3am at a rest stop and sleeping for a few hours so we didn’t crash! Nighttime driving works for other people, but not us.


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