How To Transition From Co Sleeping To Crib

co sleeping to crib

How come when we are adults, we get to sleep next to someone, but when you’re little and scared, you have to sleep alone?

how to transition from cosleeping to crib

My daughter was sleeping in our bed until a few months ago. It wasn’t that big of a deal for us to have her sleeping in our bed (we have a big bed), and it sure beat having to get up every night to check on her in the next room.

How To Transition From Co Sleeping To Crib

If your baby is sleeping with you and you want to make a transition from co sleeping to crib or maybe even their own toddler bed, you need to be ready for a few struggles.

You need to be firm yet kind in the application of new sleeping rules. Don’t get frustrated when she wants to disobey new rules, because that’s normal.

co sleeping to crib

Make her room comfortable, peaceful and interesting and hold on to a predictable bedtime routine.

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At the beginning, she will probably try to escape her crib or toddler bed. If your baby is old enough to climb over the crib, maybe you should think of buying a real bed so she doesn’t hurt herself trying to escape. Well, when she escape from her bed, carry her gently back to her bed. If she is upset, calm her with telling her a story or singing a song she like.

When putting her in bad, just talk in soft tones and give them their blankey and warm bottle. One thing you can do is to wear same shirt to sleep in for few nights in a row. After that, put the shirt on a stuffed toy or a pillow. Maybe sounds weird, but your kid will feel like you’re close to him.

If nothing works, you can first try by sharing a room – let your kid sleep in the crib next to your bed or where he or she can see you. Once your kid is adjusted and feels comfortable, then you can try to move the crib to their own room.

I’m not really a fan of “cry it out” method, especially for babies under 18 months, but with the 2-year olds sometimes it’s the only thing you can do. Instead of ‘cry it out’ method, you can also try this. Baby stands up and cries because it doesn’t want to go to sleep in his own bed. Gently pick them up and lay them back down flat. Repeat that it’s ‘sleepy time’. Do this repeatedly and eventually your kid will understand that you’re not giving up.

Be prepared that it will probably be hard to make this sleeping transition from co sleeping to crib, especially if your child is already accustomed to bed sharing. Expect some crying, expect your patience to be tried, expect to think you’ve lulled your child to sleep and can quietly slip away – only to have them notice your departure and protest. Expect everything!

Remember – every kid is different and what worked for me in this Co-Sleeping Guide, doesn’t have to work for you. Find your own solution!


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