How to Keep Your Kids Safe on a Smartphone

safe on a smartphone


Today’s kids are most likely to be found sitting in front of some kind of screen. That is not really something good, I guess, but that is what technology has brought to our lives and we have to deal with it the best way we can. Maybe it is not the greatest decision to ban our kids from using gadgets, but at least we can teach them some safe internet habits and do some important things to prevent the wrong use of their smartphones.

I don’t really like to talk about using gadgets because lots of parents would judge me for things I do, but I will say it now: my four-year-old daughter has her own tablet since she was two. We set it on ‘Kids mode’ for her so she can open kids songs on Youtube and play or draw in kids-friendly applications that we downloaded for her. She doesn’t play on her tablet all day long, but when I need a few minutes for myself, I will give her the tablet. There. We can move on now.

Keep your Kids Safe on a Smartphone

No matter how old your kid is and what your opinion on gadgets is, you should definitely listen to some advice on how to keep your kids safe online. This infographic from Pumpic is a great guide for keeping your kids safe on a smartphone. Read this, I think this will be helpful to every parent out there! Simple things like restricting in-app purchases or setting location data to private – that can really make a difference.

Encourage your kids to talk openly about what they do online and it will help you keep them safe. Check out this infographic and let me know what you think about this interesting topic. Do you think you keep your kids safe on a smartphone?

Have you ever thought about family technology detox?

how to keep your kids safe on a smartphone



  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I appreciate your honesty that you let your daughter play on your tablet. I think there is so much GOOD that can come from technology, and our children will be digital natives — it will be their normal. But because of that, we as parents need to be smart. Our kids are ages 18-6 and we have all of our children sign a technology agreement which includes television, computer, tablets, and phones. I have a printable PDF in this post:

  2. These are awesome tips! Thankfully, we’re still at the point where our kiddo is young enough to not be interested in the phone/tablets ye, but I know that will change eventually! This is a great post to bookmark for the future. Thank you!

  3. Its a toughy isn’t it my girls are to young for all this social media stuff but it is a concern i think making the rules clear from the start keeping a close eye and not letting them use smartphones and tablets in their bedroom is good practice of course they then get to an age when that won’t be possible but hopefully they’ll be old enough and understand to make the right decisions. Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner x

  4. I can remember being a young teen when phones became the norm. I spent way too much credit buying some ringtones! These days the cost and the dangers are so much more, this is such a great infographic to share. Thank you for sharing in #KidsCorner x


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