kid is not an outdoor type

Are you the kind of person who can’t wait for summer or winter break to escape with your family to some beautiful and enchanting natural locations? You wish your kid would go along but you can’t even convince him to do outdoor sports? How can you make your kid become passionate about the outdoors like you are? Here are some tips.

What to do when your kid is not an outdoor type

 kid is not an outdoor type

Understand why that is

Is your kid obsessed with electronics? PlayStation and computers should not be the only way your kid communicates with other people. Maybe he or she just prefers to read – a passion and skill that always comes useful in life. Still, some principle applies – even though book nerds are sometimes romanticized in series, people still need to have healthy relationships with their peers for good development.

Maybe none of these are the causes. Could your kid have an irrational fear of crowds or animals? Maybe body image issues that lead him to be uncomfortable putting on sports clothes and expose himself to others during exercise? Understanding your kid’s reasons for hating the outdoors will help you devise a plan better.

Enroll your kid in an original and different outdoor activity

Maybe your kid hates ball-sports and doesn’t like playing in teams – often because he is the last one chosen. Or maybe he just doesn’t understand what is so fascinating in being in a field in the middle of a polluted town center. Show him the outdoors is much more than that. From scouts to horseback riding, from climbing to rowing, there are plenty of activities that allow you to connect to nature in a much purer way. It will make your kid healthier and give him more self-confidence and lifelong skills.

Road trip somewhere with a different kind of nature

Some people feel claustrophobic in forests, others hate the cold. Some hate deserts while others find them fascinating. Your kid’s distaste for the outdoors might be just a matter of taste. Perhaps he would change his mind if he saw the beauty of the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains. Maybe he never really got a chance at glancing at a beautiful seaside or a riverbank. Travelling to other places is a way for your kid to understand the variety of nature’s forms and find out what he really loves.

As you can see, if your kid is not an outdoor type, there are plenty of simple ways to show him or her that the nature is really beautiful. Don’t give up!


  1. I liked your tips, especially horseback riding, that is s good! Also, a different place with nature, like a canyon or the Rocky Mountains, some place with interesting history, I think that can also help! I talk about myself – I used to like going out, and still do, a lot, but it has to be something with a purpose – playing just for the sake of playing was not really my thing 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful week!


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