11 Parenting Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know You’re Making

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist

Found this infographic on Imgur.. What’s your opinion?

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist

Source: http://www.curejoy.com/

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  1. Authoritarian and Authoritative are mislabeled. Authoritative are high demanders who are warm, and authoritarian are high demanders who are cold.

  2. What a horribly judgemental post! Nothing like labelling parents as being bad parents and telling them they’ve f*cked their kids up! I’m sure this could have all been phrased much nicer to help parents rather than just slate them!!

  3. Plus 1 for crock. These traits in are as much or more the result of nature (ie genes, personality).

  4. These are not a crock of crap, I totally am an example of these poor parenting traits and so are many of the children that I counsel in school.

  5. As a kid growing up, I got disciplined in front of others. I didn’t speak up, but it wasn’t because of me being disciplined in front of others. I had low self esteem but my mom always encouraged me, but I never listened. These are so far off.

  6. Not at all – I think the worst thing I do as a parent is resort to fish fingers for tea now and then when I am too busy to cook something! I just disagree with someone labelling someone else as a bad parent and making them feel guilty! So go judge someone else!

  7. Does the person that wrote this actually have kids? They certainly don’t have any tact. Most of this is rubbish. We cannot blame parents for all the world’s ills, kids are as individual as fingerprints and so their behaviour and reactions and lack of in certain situations will be just as varied. Stop pointing fingers and wasting good screen space please. Go interview some parents and then post and informed point of view and substance would be a bonus.

  8. Everyone take a deep breath. These are nothing more than thought-provoking statements. I suggest that the author knows very well that the exceptions to these statements are abundant. If you are thinking in black and white only, you won’t get much value from reading these. In my case, they made me question my parenting, not condemn myself nor the author. Thanks, author for offering thought-provoking material aimed at helping parents improve their parenting.

  9. Parents of this generation must learn, to cut their children some slack. No child likes to be preyed upon, by the confidant. #letthechildrenbe, but guide them aright.

  10. Crap! Bad parenting is leaving your child in a hot car alone for “just a sec,” no food in the house while mommy goes out with her new beau, abusing a child… No parent is perfect, but blaming every social trait a child has on the parent is a bunch of bull.

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  12. Great post! As the parents we have a lot to learn, we are not right any time, sometimes we make mistakes, and that will cause bad consequences to our children.

  13. This is silly to me. While some of the points are true, it is so vain to think that every undesirable behavior a child has is because of the parent. I know parents are extremely important and influential and definitely can shape their children…. but kids aren’t a math formula where you can expect a certain result if you put in a certain action. Every child is a unique individual and their behaviors are NOT always tied to their parent. It’s important to be self-reflective when parenting and to always try and do your best but come on…. children can behave in ways we don’t want them to simply because they are their own beings! I think there are lots of modern parents that need to stop taking responsibility for their kid’s behavior!!!

  14. This is literally one of the WORST parenting posts I’ve ever seen. And I’m a psychologist so I’ve seen many. This is judgmental and doesn’t serve to encourage at all. And most of the things are just not even correct.

  15. This post is ridiculous! It doesn’t take into account that some children might have other reasons for “bad” behavior and it is not always bad parenting. You are condemning parents who may already be at their wits end because their child is acting out due to non-diagnosed issues.

  16. Why do I feel this infographic was made by someone that has no actual children? Another vote for giant crock of nonsense. Not saying certain behaviours might not be related in some instances but this across the board approach just stinks of parent blaming.

  17. Love it!!! Life is tough and if we can make their journey easier then of course the children would be nicer. I dont even like kids that much but i know what to do with them. Dirrect them from the bible and strengthen them. How did Jesus treat people? If they still dont reapond we did everything we could.Thanks


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