Cooking Activities For Kids

Cooking activities for kids


I am often surprised by the number of kids who don’t even know basic cooking skills. It seems like parents aren’t teaching kids to cook any more, which I think is a shame! Do you think that kitchen is not safe for the kids? Well, with some supervision, kitchen can be a fun place for kids where they can learn invaluable life skills while spending time with their parents. Some cooking activities for kids are so fun that kids would enjoy it.

Cooking activities for kids

Do you want to have a grownup kid that doesn’t even know how to make a sandwich?

The answer is simple:

As soon as they have the motor skills to stand steadily and get things – they can do cooking activities for kids! Of course, they need to be interested – but hey, they are kids and kids are always interested in what their parents are doing.

If you think that toddlers are still too young for trying cooking activities for kids – you are probably wrong.
Toddlers can do so many things and that will be entertaining to them.

Cooking activities for kids

1. Stirring
2. Adding ingredients
3. Getting things out of the pantry
4. Rolling out and shape dough
5. Pouring liquids
6. Starting kitchen appliances while you’re helping (after all, they like to push (our) buttons).
7. Chopping some soft foods like bananas, mushrooms or soft cheese with a butter knife.
8. Splashing around in a sink full of warm water to ‘wash the dishes.’
9. Spreading peanut butter, jam and other spreads onto bread and crackers.

This will not only teach them some important kitchen skills, but they will start to understand there is time, effort, and a process involved in getting food from the market to the plate. They will appreciate their food much more then before – and they will love to eat what they’ve prepared.

With constant supervision, there are always some cooking activities for kids even the youngest child can help you with. Check out some cool kids recipes or our collection of donuts recipes and try to make your favorite one together.


  1. These are awesome ways to get kids involved in the kitchen. My nieces and nephews love to help out and you’ve inspired me to let them do little tasks more often.

    All the Best,

  2. I love this. My two year old helps me pour ingredients that I have measured, stir, push buttons and turn things on for me, and, of course, help me taste test things. 😉

  3. Kids love cooking, but you certainly have to have the patience for it as every task tasked a million times longer. If know I have to have the stamina for it before I start….lol

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  4. I just started getting my daughter to help spread PB on bread, she is already great at clearing her dishes and trying to set the table. She loves putting on her apron and baking with me though.

  5. It really is important to start kids off in the kitchen when they are little. Not only does it develop important skills but it helps create lovely memories too! Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.


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