Fisher Price Babys First Blocks Review



Fisher Price Babys First Blocks Review


Fisher Price Babys First Blocks

Fisher Price Babys First Blocks has proven to be one of the best toys we ever bought for our little girl. We bought Fisher Price Babys First Blocks for her first birthday, even though she didn’t know at the time how to use it. She loved to watch me putting the shapes into the right hole. But now that she is 2 and a half years old I can honestly say that it’s her favorite toy. She differentiates shapes and puts them into right holes, and can do it over and over. Also it’s an excellent toy for your baby to start learning colors.


  • Great for developing motor skills in a fun way
  • Fosters a variety of developmental skills
  • Great for on the go fun
  • Enhances problem-solving skills with put & take play, stacking & sorting



There is one more reason I love Fisher Price Babys First Blocks. It’s the only toy that can quickly calm her if she is upset and crying. If your baby  is crying so much and doesn’t want to get calm no mater what you do, you can try this little trick I do. I take the box and empty it in front of her and then start trying to put the peaces inside, but I keep failing on purpose. She comes every time to help me, no mater how upset she is. She loves showing off and letting me know which peace is going where.


With this  toy she learns shapes and colors and improves her logic, so I really think it’s a perfect toy for young kids to play and learn. And with this Fisher Price Babys First Blocks bundle they also get cool rock stack to play with!

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