9 Fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids

Valentine’s Day activities for kids

The New Year has begun but in a different way. Pandemic has changed the way we live, interact, work and learn, and above all social distancing has led to a new beginning, both professionally and personally. We celebrated all our holidays completely different last year. And here comes one different Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only about couples, but it can become one of the favorite family holidays because the celebration is about the purpose of love.

Yes, LOVE, not chocolate!

Spending it together like a family strengthens the connection between children and parents, moreover it creates more love in a family between siblings too. When we cherish and build memories together we feel the importance of the precious relations around us.

Here are the 9 Fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids:

  • Valentine’s Day Card – Kids can make valentine’s cards for friends and family. All they need is a few papers, crayons and stickers and tadah – their card is ready. One of our favorite Valentine’s day activities for kids!
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts – customized gifts are always fun and close to heart. Baking heart-shaped cupcakes as a gift is another option along with homemade heart soaps, heart puzzles, heart DIY shirts and a jar full of small notes telling how much you love your family. For example, when I was 16 years old I filled a vase with roses and name it as one rose for every year that I’ve been alive. A similar thing can be done by writing small colourful love notes in a jar and decorating it with fairy lights.
  • Arts and Crafts – a small area can be decorated nicely with hearts cut and attached to a string. A small backdrop with craft roses, few candles on the table with table décor can make your evening wonderful. Cakes and cupcakes can be cut together as a small family event with dress codes.
  • Valentine’s Play Dough Station – for kids under 5 you can arrange a play dough station with colourful play dough along with a few glitters and heart-shaped mold where they can spend their evening making paperweights for dad and bracelet for mama.
  • Snack Time – this is my favourite part, SNACKS. Children love to help in the kitchen and this is the perfect day to bake and cook together. You can bake a sponge cake for children and ask them to decorate it with their dad taking help with whipped cream, jelly, nuts, and whatever your family likes. Fondant cakes look pretty and give the perfect color to the occasion. Some more snacks include;
  • Strawberry heart Muffin French toast
  • Heart-shaped pizza
  • Heart-shaped cookies and sandwiches
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath – a beautiful wreath looks like a piece of heart. There are several tutorials and step by step procedure to make it. Enjoy making it with your children and hang on the door.  

Here are some videos:

  • Showing Love – apart from all the hands-on activities you should take out time to talk to your children. Talk to them about love and spreading positivity. You can model this by helping someone in need or donating food/money/clothes whatever is feasible for you. Teach them to be kind to everyone by showing them the value of compassion and love.
  • Playing Indoor – as discussed the pandemic situation globally, you can arrange indoor games with children. This can be planned according to their age level. Few games include;
  • Pin the heart on cupid
  • Musical chair
  • Treasure hunt – hide the handmade craft or cards and give clues to the family to find it.
  • Read – Develop the love of books in kids at their early age. You can arrange a small trip to the library and pick few books about Valentine’s Day. Along with the celebration, children must know the history of any occasion while they are celebrating it. Find or decorate a comfortable reading spot at home and enjoy reading as a family.


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