Best Reviewed Magnetic Toys For Kids

best reviewed magnetic toys for kids

Magnetic toys for kids have numerous benefits for the child’s development. From fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, cognitive and problem solving, to creativity – magnetic toys can certainly bring something new into your kid’s everyday life.

To help you ease into this world, we’re bringing you a list of best-reviewed magnetic toys for kids.

Magnet Building Tiles (Recommended for ages 3+)

Maybe you have a Picasso in your house and you don’t even know it. These scalable magnet building tiles are one of the top magnetic toys for kids since they encourage creativity while giving your kids a strong sense of color and geometrical shapes.

One of the reviews emphasized important information for the parents of the younger kids –  there are no pieces that you should worry about your kid eating since all of the magnets are fully enclosed in the plastic shells.

This 60 piece set is also easy to construct and easy to put away for storage.

Magnetic Drawing Board (Recommended for ages 3+)

If you’re trying to get your kids off tablets, this could be the solution.

According to the reviews, it’s entertaining, educational, pretty high-quality, and keeps kids busy for hours. That’s what sold us.

It’s made of eco-friendly ABS Plastic and safe for toddlers. The drawing board has 10 cards with different ideas, so the kids can draw different shape contours and explore the possibilities of this STEM toy.

Note: This toy is a bit loud, so think twice before bringing it to a long car ride.

Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game (Recommended for ages 3+)

Actually going fishing can take hours of drive, sitting in a small boat, with your kid doing everything but fishing. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for outdoor activities, but we’d like to try fishing later. When our kids have more patience. Know how to swim. Or at least not to panic in the water.

Luckily, people invented magnetic toys for kids. This game consists of 25 colorful number fishes, 2 fishing rods, 50 math learning sticks, a clip, and a Wooden Sorting Box. It can help kids learn numbers, recognize colors and do the math.

Not bad for a $20 toy.

Intock Magnetic Blocks (Recommended for ages 3+)

Building stuff has always been beneficial for learning about spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and developing fine motor skills. When the kids are trying to build a structure, they learn from cause and effect.

With magnetic toys for kids, they can free their imagination and make a world of fun and magic. Something that we as grown-ups often forget.

One suggestion from the reviews is to use a permanent marker and write numbers and letters on the blocks. Smart idea to sneak some ‘formal’ education in it.

This set also comes with a booklet filled with pictures of different ways to assemble the blocks.

HLAOLA Magnetic Blocks (Recommended for ages 3+)

133 pieces of blocks make a pretty good STEM learning tool. A variety of shapes in this magnetic toy stimulates kids’ imagination and hands-on ability.

These magnetic building blocks can easily become a house, a ball, a sunflower, a castle, an aircraft… Anything your kid can imagine. And we’re sure that you will be surprised, too. It also comes with windows, roof and doors, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a castle, this could be your chance.

Plus, nobody will have anything like it since your contractor is one of a kind.

If you have any other suggestions or maybe know how to make hand-made magnetic toys for kids, be sure to let us know! We love to share practical information and make it easier for parents all around the world.


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