6 Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

valentines day crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be reserved just for those with the significant other. Especially in these times when a usual date night out isn’t really an option. But, you can celebrate it with a home-cooked dinner, enjoying the decorations done by the cutest designers in the whole world – your kids.

Check out these simple Valentine’s Day crafts for kids and get your kids’ creative juices flowing!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Paper Heart Flower Craft

One of the most popular crafts for kids all year round is the paper heart flower craft. It can be used as a beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day card and the best thing of all – you probably already have all the necessary things at your home.

You can print out the template, but we’re sure that your little helpers will do the job better. Plus, you get a personal touch with every ‘mistake’ they make.

Valentine Heart Wreath

Why should we hang up wreaths only on Christmas and/or Easter? Valentine’s Day deserves one also!

This simple, yet beautiful craft for kids can certainly spruce up your home and you can be sure that your wreath will be one of a kind. And shhh… Don’t tell anyone about the designer because we’re sure you’ll have orders coming in.

Owl Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft (Facebook Video Tutorial)

Well, it doesn’t have to be an owl, but we think it’s so adorable!

It includes a bit more work since you should paint the roll, but you can also wrap some scrap paper around the toilet roll and secure it in place with some sellotape at the back. If your kids feel like it, you can make a whole ZOO! Fun for hours.

Bonus: You may get a chance to drink a glass of wine with your husband while your craftsman or a craftswoman is busy making all these cute animals. Fingers crossed!

Heart Corner Bookmarks

If you like to read, this craft can be very useful. Plus, it can be used for school books also. A heart-shaped bookmark perfectly suits the theme of Valentine’s Day, and by adding a special note, you can make it extra personal.

That way, you’ll have your kid’s personal note every time you open the book. Truth be told, we assume it’s not that often because you can’t afford that luxury, but it will brighten your day when it happens.

Check out this simple option if you have younger kids, or make it a bit more challenging with the origami bookmark.

Valentine Treats Gift Wrap

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than chocolate. Or when someone empties the dishwasher without having to tell him. Or folds the laundry. Or gives kids a bath. Anyway, let’s get back to chocolate.

This sweet thing is always a nice gesture, but when it comes in a DIY wrap, it becomes special. This simple and budget-friendly craft for kids transforms an ordinary chocolate bar into a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY Heart Notebook

This one just melts our hearts. It can be done for anyone you love and for different occasions.

It’s one of the more complex crafts for kids, but it’s so thoughtful that we couldn’t skip it. If you have some ribbon (or yarn), red construction paper, and some glue, you’re ready to go. All the other materials are pretty basic and you probably have them at home.

We’re sure you’re going to love the result, especially the sweet little messages that will remind you of how important you are as a mum.

Have fun with these awesome crafts for kids and enjoy the day with your Valentine(s)!



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