50 Best Books For Toddlers 2017


If you’re interested in new best books for toddlers 2017, you came to the right place. You all loved our old post about best books for toddlers so we decided that it is time to search for some new books for toddlers that are already out there. After researching and buying a good number of children’s books 2017 we finally completed our list of best books for toddlers 2017!


50 Best Books For Toddlers 2017

1. Ada Twist, Scientist by David Roberts

Ada Twist, Scientist

We love these series from David Roberts and this one did not disappoint either.
We already read Iggy Peck Architect and Rosy Revere Engineer, so we hope they will keep making more of these! This will be a big hit in children’s books 2017 list.

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2. Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes by James Dean

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

Just like any other Pete the Cat book, my daughter loved this one too. Very cute book to read with fun, vibrant colors that kept the little one completely interested. This time a mystery is involved. For additional activity, while reading, do the math. Pete the cat is awesome and definitely deserves to be on best books for toddlers 2017 list.

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3. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin

Good Good Father

This book is well-written, easy to read aloud, and brightly illustrated. Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett did a great job telling the story of a little bear named Tucker who wants to know what the King is like.


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4. We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen

We Found a Hat Author Jon Klassen brings a lot of humor out of a hat.
This one has a moral to it involving friendship and sacrifice. Two turtles find a hat in the desert. They both want to wear it, but obviously, they can’t.
So, they sacrifice, go without and try not to think about the hat. And you know what happens when you try not to think about something? Like having the brownies in the house when you’re on a diet.
Who is going to end up with the hat? And what happens to the hat if neither turtle gets it? That is what keeps you turning the pages.

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5. If You Give a Mouse a Brownie by Laura Numeroff

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

I absolutely love this series of books! Like always, silly Mouse is up to his normal mischief. Except for this time we start it off by giving him a tasty brownie. Then, of course, he needs something else, and then something else, and then something else… until we come full circle and he finds himself needing another brownie. One of best books for toddlers 2017.

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6. Warm Hearts Day: A Branches Book (Owl Diaries 5) by Rebecca Elliott

Warm Hearts Day: A Branches Book (Owl Diaries 5)


This series is part of Scholastic’s early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence. In book #5, it’s almost Warm Hearts Day! Everyone is busy making gifts for their loved ones. Eva LOVES crafting, so she creates all sorts of fun gifts and treats for her friends. She is excited to give out her homemade gifts at the big party at the Old Oak Tree. But then Eva realizes she forgot to make gifts for her family! Will she be able to make the gifts in time?

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7. Dinosaur Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Dinosaur Dance!

The entire book is about different types of dinosaurs doing different dance moves. Educational in the names of different dinosaurs and it encourages kids to get up and move. Kids will have no problem acting out any dance moves the dinosaurs are doing. Super colorful, incredibly interactive, definitely a book you could read in a group setting or for a children’s reading time. Sandra Boynton is a great children writer and this is one of the best books for toddlers 2017.

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8. River Rose and the Magical Lullaby by Kelly Clarkson

River Rose and the Magical Lullaby

Very cute book! I love how the words flow with such ease. It was a real pleasure to read this. The illustrations are so adorable. This is a story of a little girl’s first trip to the zoo. She is so excited to be going and can’t get to sleep but then she gets a magical lullaby from her mom.


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9. Pete the Cat: Snow Daze  by James Dean

Pete the Cat: Snow Daze (My First I Can Read)

My 3-year-old loves Pete the Cat books. I bought this one and am saving it until the first snow this year. Pete the Cat books are simple to read and the pictures always make her smile. When Pete wakes up to a snow day, he’s so excited to play outside with his friends. Snow days are the best! But how much snow is too much?Beginning readers will shiver with excitement for Pete the Cat in this wintry tale!

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10. They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel

They All Saw a Cat This book has beautiful artwork and shows the cat looking different from a bunch of different animals’ perspectives. It gives my 3-year-old something to think about and she also really loves the colors. Since the words are relatively repetitive (the dog saw a cat…the bat saw a cat…), it’s easy for her to “read” it herself and study each word.

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11. A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers

A Child of BooksOnce in a great while, a book is written that makes us feel deeply the power, beauty, and majesty of the written word… The illustrations are unique and very special. The text has been used to visually take you on the journey, alongside the handwritten storyline. From the forest of fairytales to the mountains of monsters, this book brings together numerous children’s books both old and new. If you’re looking for best children’s books 2017, this has to be on your list.

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12. Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door by Adam Rubin

Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door

This book is such a great fun! We totally relate to Old Man Fookwire’s frustrations and laugh at the squirrels’ crazy plans. This book has that rare quality that lets the parent have a good time while reading a book to their child.

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13. Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum!

Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum!

Another great addition to the Llama Llama collection! This is a board book, but the price is slightly higher due to the scratch and sniffs aspect. There are 6 different scratch and sniff foods and they are labeled “scratch here” below the illustration. The scratch and sniff smells are orange juice, pink juice, jelly, pickles, spaghetti and a cherry.

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14.Penguin Problems by Jory John

Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems is one of the most charming and unexpectedly touching children’s books I’ve come across in a long time. Jory John’s compassionate and gentle sense of humor shines throughout, and Lane Smith’s gorgeous illustrations are a wonder to behold. I really can’t recommend Penguin Problems enough — both for children and adults. Get a copy ASAP!

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15. Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

Hotel BruceGrumpy Bruce continues his reluctant journey as a parent in this wonderfully illustrated and well-written book. Bruce arrives home to find his home has become a hotel! The chaos and pandemonium that ensue will have you reading this book over and over again. Ryan T. Higgins has become my new favorite children’s author!

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16. Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The Cookie Fiasco by Mo Willems

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The Cookie FiascoThis book completely captures the spirit of the Elephant & Piggie series. The illustrations, like the Elephant and Piggie series, are full of humor and character. The story is told through speech bubbles. The story (four friends figuring out how to share three cookies) is also a familiar conundrum for the age set, and when told with fun illustrations, made this a good addition to the read-to-self library.

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17. Eek! Halloween! by Sandra Boynton

Eek! Halloween!

This is a wonderful Halloween book! In it, the chickens are scared of Halloween. They meet different animals in costume and examine typical Halloween items, like Pumpkins. This book is written in typical Boynton fashion: flowing, rhythmic and lyrical. It’s easily read, with half a sentence a page, and kids will adore it! Sandra is great as always, and this is one more amazing children’s books 2017.

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18. Hail to the Chief (Ellis the Elephant) by Callista Gingrich

Hail to the Chief (Ellis the Elephant)

Ellis the Elephant is back, and he’s headed to the White House! In Hail to the Chief, the sixth in Callista Gingrich’s New York Times bestselling series, Ellis meets some of America’s greatest presidents and discovers how they have led USA throughout American history.

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19. The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

Like finding a letter in a glass bottle floating in the sea, this book is a treasure.book is a treasure. The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles tells a timeless, beautiful story, with a powerful lesson. I love picture books like this. It’s one that when we finished reading it, we immediately read it again, and have read many times since then.

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20. How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep?

How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep?

Humorous paintings of oversized dinosaurs with human parents make this an irresistible book for sharing. Laugh and smile as the dinosaurs try everything to avoid bedtime — from hiding under the bed to screaming no! — and then snuggle in as all the dinosaurs. For some unknown reason, kids adore dinosaurs so this had to be part of my best books for toddlers 2017 list.

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21. Buddy’s Bedtime Battery by Christina Geist

Buddy's Bedtime Battery

A great bedtime book for the little ones. My kid is fascinated with Buddy and his routine. She just loves the illustrations and everything about it. Would be a great gift for anyone with a new baby or young child!

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22. A Squiggly Story by Andrew Larsen

A Squiggly StoryA Squiggly Story is a book about writing. A little boy sees his sister reading and writing stories all the time, and he wants to write a story too, but he doesn’t know how. His sister tells him that it’s easy. Stories are made of words, and words are made of letters, so just start with a letter. He does. And then she prompts, “What happens next?” The story continues this way with the sister, the teacher, or his classmates continuing to prompt him. The result is a fun story made of individual letters and squiggly lines.

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23. The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic by Berkeley Breathed

The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County EpicBill the Cat has been an enigma in the fantasy world of Bloom County, and “The Bill the Cat Story” provides details about his origins, his travels, and how he ended up in Bloom County to “ack!” and “ptthhhhhp” is way through panel after panel. Beautifully drawn with Berkeley Breathed’s rare wit, it’s a fascinating story — worth a look if you’re a Bloom County fan (even if you’re not a Bloom County fan, it’s still worth a look).

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24. Hey, That’s MY Monster! by Amanda Noll

Hey, That's MY Monster!This book is just plain fun. Ethan finds a note under his bed instead of his monster. He’s gone to help someone else who needs a monster to stay in bed – his little sister, Emma. Ethan knows that Emma gets up at night and plays, but he doesn’t want to give up his monster, Gabe, even though he’s afraid of him. He needs the fear of his monster to sleep at night. Ethan is determined to find another monster for Emma, so Gabe agrees to give him 3 tries. Unfortunately, it seems that no monster will be able to scare Emma into sleeping.

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25. TouchThinkLearn: ABC by Xavier Deneux

TouchThinkLearn: ABC


There are all kinds of ABC books, but none quite as unique or as fun as Xavier Deneux’s. This is the first time I’ve seen a TouchThinkLearn board book, but it won’t be the last. Board books are a marvelous way to introduce a baby or toddler to the joys of reading and this book is no different. Unlike most board books, this one is like an oversized picture book, a book that can be worked with on a table.

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26. Before Morning by Joyce Sidman

Before Morning

Sidman’s invocation is simple and heartfelt. She voices it with the clarity of a ringing bell and real honesty. She plays her quiet voice against the hustle and busyness of an urban setting, allowing the snow and the wonder of it to slow the entire book down to the pace of the invocation itself. It’s a beautiful effect, strengthened by the illustrations and the beauty of the words themselves.

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27. The Secret Life of Squirrels by Nancy Rose

The Secret Life of Squirrels


The photos in this book are hilarious! This book is a perfect gift for all your friends who battle the squirrels who damage their yards and empty their bird feeders. It’s a losing battle, and this book at least gives you some humor about the situation. Nancy Rose is a (patient) genius!

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28. Grandmother Fish: A Child’s First Book of Evolution by Jonathan Tweet

Grandmother Fish: A Child's First Book of EvolutionA book that should be in every school and public library. Teaches the principles of evolution in terms that kids can understand, with helpful information in the back for adults.  Good science, good artwork, good story, something kids will love and learn from (without ever realizing they are learning). Brilliant!!

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29. Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs by Eric Litwin

Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

Amazing book! It teaches so many concepts as well as valuable social skills, problem-solving and creativity. I love it and eagerly await more books from this series. My kids and my students love your books!


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30. Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! We Are Growing! by Mo Willems

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! We Are Growing!

This book is cute. Eight blades of grass are growing. They’re so proud of themselves. It’s adorable. Then they start to notice their differences: one is curliest, one is tallest, two are pointiest, etc. But the last one, Walt, doesn’t know what he is. When the lawn mower comes along, he is finally able to determine what he is.

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31. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

Stick Man



A great book for youngsters to read during winter/X’mas time, STICK MAN from the artists of ROOM ON THE BOOM offers another unique story about the family tree dad who is content with his beautiful Stick Lady Love and stick children three, is one day chased away from home by a dog and hurls into worlds of danger.

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32. The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield

The Darkest DarkChris loves rockets and planets and pretending he’s a brave astronaut, exploring the universe. Only one problem–at night, Chris doesn’t feel so brave. He’s afraid of the dark.But when he watches the groundbreaking moon landing on TV, he realizes that space is the darkest dark there is–and the dark is beautiful and exciting, especially when you have big dreams to keep you company.

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 33. Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon

Duck on a Tractor

What happens when Duck drives the big red tractor through town, past the popular diner where all the locals are having lunch? What will those folks really think when they see Duck and all the other animals riding around on Farmer O’Dell’s tractor? Filled with entertaining detail and sly jokes, readers will pore over each picture again and again. Perfect for reading aloud!

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34. The Big Book of Trains by DK

The Big Book of Trains

From the first locomotive built in 1804 to the high-speed bullet train, The Big Book of Trains is the perfect book for kids who love trains.


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35. Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance

Puppy Mind

Terrific book, especially for kids, but with a great message for adults as well. Teaches important skill that provides a great foundation to build on as one grows up. Makes a wonderful gift. Thoughtful parents will be excited to have this resource.

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36. Heroes for My Daughter by Brad Meltzer

Heroes for My Daughter

Brad was inspired by the birth of his daughter to curate this collection, but you don’t need to be a parent to treasure it—Heroes for My Daughter is perfect for children, parents, teachers, and anyone looking for inspiration. The sixty featured figures represent the spectacular potential we all have within us to change the world.

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37. The Ultimate Book of Space by Anne-Sophie Baumann

The Ultimate Book of Space

I’ll admit it: I’m an adult who loves children’s pop-up books. I’ve amassed a decent collection and enjoy seeing how different artists have played with construction techniques to enhance the story. So I was curious to see how a book about space would incorporate the various interactive elements.

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38. Violet the Pilot by Steve Breen

Violet the PilotBy the time she’s two years old, Violet Van Winkle can fix nearly any appliance in the house. And by eight she’s building elaborate flying machines from scratch—mind-boggling contraptions such as the Tubbubbler, the Bicycopter, and the Wing-a-ma-jig.

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39. Brave Little Finn (Sweet Pea & Friends) by Jennifer Churchman

Brave Little Finn (Sweet Pea & Friends)

Newborn lamb Finn, raised inside the farmhouse, isn’t as big and strong as the other animals on the farm. He can’t help but be frightened as he ventures outside and encounters unfamiliar sights, sounds, and creatures. With the help of Farmer John and his animal friends, Little Finn learns to be brave and mighty.

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40. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

Goodbye Summer, Hello AutumnA child wearing a flowing red scarf heads out into the woods on a late summer morning. Branches sway in the cool wind. Animals are out and busy looking for food while others are heading south for the winter. Cozy nests and dens are being crafted too. The flowers are catching the last rays of warm summer sun.

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41. My Very First Mother Goose by Iona Opie

My Very First Mother Goose



This book may keep Mother Goose nursery rhymes alive for many more generations to come. I was not particularly drawn to Mother Goose books – many of the rhymes I could remember seemed irrelevant to me. But this book has changed my view. My 3 1/2-year-old daughter and I read it together regularly – she now chants the rhymes along with me.

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42. Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples! by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples!Young readers will love this pink amazing 8×8 picture book that comes with a beautiful sheet of stickers.

Pinkalicious and the Pinkertons are all excited when they return from their trip to the orchard with lots of Pink Lady apples to munch on! After realizing they have more apples than the family could possibly use, Pinkalicious finds ways to share the apples with others.

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43. Cityblock (Alphablock) by Christopher Franceschelli

Cityblock (Alphablock)

Here we have a big, chunky, board book about big city life for the toddler set. The pictures of skyscrapers and street life are colorful and bold, in a modern approach. The pages are often cut into fun shapes–a soccer ball, subway windows, the back of a taxi, etc. First up, we explore city transportation–subways, taxis, buses, walking, and more.

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44. The Storybook Knight by Helen Docherty

The Storybook Knight


“The Storybook Knight” is an absolutely delightful tale of Leo, a knight (mouse) who doesn’t like to fight. He is sent on a quest to defeat a dragon who has been terrorizing people. He encounters a scary griffin, troll, and the dragon on his quest. Instead of fighting them, he offers to read them a story and then gives them the book, stating their anger and giving them something more productive to do. He returns home victorious to be left in peace to read.

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45. The Berenstain Bears Classic Collection by Jan & Mike Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears Classic Collection

This book purports to teach a lesson about kindness by showing that if you are kind to others then you will get something in return. Really? That is the reason we should be kind to others?? What a terrible moral lesson to teach anyone, especially a child.

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46. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Superheroes have superpowers that they usually use for good, but what happens when they have a bad day? Do they destroy the playground, knock over buildings, or cause dangerous weather to spoil a nice day? This book is actually a great partner to Dolly Parton’s I Am a Rainbow because it also deals with emotions and how to control them in a calm, logical way.

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47. Dear Dragon: A Pen Pal Tale by Josh Funk

Dear Dragon: A Pen Pal Tale


This book has the perfect marriage of text and images that work together to tell the story of 2 classes that send pen pal letters to each other. The reader is in on the plot twist, leaving us wondering what will happen when the 2 groups finally meet. In clever rhyme, each group assumes they are writing to someone very much like them when in fact, one group is comprised of humans and the other is comprised of dragons!

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48. Quit Calling Me a Monster! by Jory John

Quit Calling Me a Monster!With all the concern currently about stereotypes and all that happens to perpetuate them, it’s refreshing to see a take on the subject that is so very enjoyable. Floyd Peterson is very clearly a monster (even he admits it at one point in the story, although very reluctantly). He looks like a monster, he sometimes behaves like a monster, although he claims that that is inadvertent. But despite it all, he does not like being called a monster.

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49. Heroes for My Son by Brad Meltzer

Heroes for My Son


Meltzer brings to his latest book the same gifts of being able to see the ‘big picture’ of an elaborate plot with lots of colorful characters — but this time to give his readers a series of snapshots of humanity — some of them larger than life, some of them just our size — to define just what makes an act, or even a thought, a heroic one.

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50. Max at Night by Ed Vere

Max at NightSweet Max, an adorable little kitten, is almost ready to shut his eyes and curl up for a wonderful night’s sleep. It’s way past his bedtime and he’s very sleepy. He does his nightly rituals… laps up his milk, brushes his teeth, even cleans behind his ears (boy this kitty means business), and to finish off he just has to say goodnight to all the things he loves.  But wait! Where is the moon? It is nowhere to be found so he goes outside to try to locate it. It definitely deserves to be on the list of best books for toddlers 2017.

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If you have some good books for toddlers you would like to add to the list of best books for toddlers, feel free to leave it in the comments.

“It’s not so much about what book you look at, it is how you interact with the toddler. Toddlers don’t read but love looking at pictures, so books with lots of pictures are great. The thing to do is to ask questions – “Where’s the mouse?”, “What color is the house?”, “Shall we count the trees together?” etc.
So you could use the Encyclopedia Britannica if you want, the book isn’t really that important as long as it’s got lots of nice pictures.
Also, do funny voices, kids love funny voices.”
by James Johnson about Best books for toddlers.

*And just for full disclosure, there are affiliate links in post ‘Best Books for toddlers’. This means that I’m sharing something that I think is helpful, and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit back. No extra cost to you, and just a little help for me to pay for the blog expenses.


  1. I don’t have any toddlers in my family right now, but I am intrigued by the latest children books and the fun twist and turns they take. It’s nothing like when I was growing up, which is a great thing.

  2. So many wonderful ones in there. My kids have always loved Pete the Cat books and we just read They All Saw A Cat also great new picture book. I’m visiting today from #thehappynowlinkup.

  3. This is a great list – and a great resource both for parents and those who have toddlers on their Christmas list. Shared on our Hearth and Soul Facebook page. Thank you for sharing with us!


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