16 Time Saving Tips For Moms

16 Time Management Tips For Moms

Life can be unpredictable especially if you have children. It may not be possible to avoid chaos but if you follow the critical time-saving tips we provide, you will be able to know how to maximize the time available to you and make the most of those precious moments.

16 Time Management Tips For Moms

16 Time Saving Tips For Moms

  1. Time Assessment: Closely examine how you are spending your time. According to the experts, many people spend as much as one hour daily on tasks that could either be put on hold or eliminated completely from their schedule.
  1. Prioritization: Distinguishing between priorities and what can wait is the key to organization. According to the experts, you should split your to-do list into 3 sections: things that should be addressed at once, things that can be addressed anytime during the week, and things that are either ongoing or long-term projects.
  1. Forward thinking: Find ways to reduce the number of steps required to perform tasks or reduce the time you spend preparing. For example, prepare as much as possible the night before for the morning. You can even set the table for the next meal using dishes unloaded from the dishwasher.
  1. Get Organized: Acquire a file cabinet and use it to keep copies of everything. Keep a folder for every child so that you are always aware of where their information is. Make copies of important details such as class lists and phone numbers and keep one at work and the other at home.
  1. Choosing Your Battles: Make a decision regarding what gets under your skin and what you can stomach. You might be unable to stand dirty floors but you might be able to stomach beds made less than perfectly.
  1. Multitasking: You should start consolidating jobs and getting things done during downtime. While you are sitting in waiting rooms you can go over your child’s homework or even pay your bills. Buy a phone headset so that you are able to perform other chores while you make phone calls.
  1. Seek help: You are no Supermom and don’t always have to do everything yourself. If you are running short on time you can find someone to help you out. You can consider bartering with another parent whereby she runs errands on your behalf on one day and you watch her son for a couple of hours on another day.
  1. Delegate tasks: Whether it is picking things up, licking stamps, or sorting laundry, you will never lack chores to delegate to even the smallest of helpers.
  1. Posting It: To keep track of it all from movie dates with your husband, doctor visits to PTA meetings, hang a family wall calendar. Post a grocery list on your fridge. Hang an erasable white board in your kitchen for posting reminders and lists.
  1. Cleaning: Cleaning can take a large part of your spare time up and if you have other tasks can be something a lot of people get bogged down in. Our advice is why not hire the services of local cleaners. They can cut time spent on cleaning and their professional abilities ensure the home is spotless.
  1. The Internet: Pay your bills online by having them deducted from your bank account automatically. Use the Internet to buy gifts and save yourself the hassle of dealing with store crowds. Research items online before heading out to the stores and save some time. It is also a great way to know where to go and what you will be buying.
  1. Putting Everything in Its Place: Looking for lost items is one of the greatest time wasters. Ensure that things are put away after use to ensure that they are not stuck somewhere when you are in a hurry.
  1. Consolidation: Keep items of the same ‘subject’ together in a single location. Store the entire family’s rain gear in one place or keep all your children’s sports uniforms in the same drawer.
  1. Make Baskets Your BFF: Have a decent-sized basket in each room for storing videos, books, toys, etc. Put a basket by the door for each family member for storing shoes, backpacks, and whatever the person goes out with every morning.
  1. Making Extras: Any time you cook a meal, double or even triple the recipe and freeze the extras. If you are running late or are eating something simple, use plastic utensils and paper plates and save your good dishes for the fancy meals.
  2. Be ready to move: Always keep a bag of essentials by the door. Fill the bag with baby gear, stamps, stationery, coloring books, napkins, snacks, etc.


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