5 Redecoration Ideas For Kids’ Bedrooms

Redecoration Ideas For Kids
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In this short guide, we’ll take a look at ways you can revitalize the kids’ bedrooms and make them more suitable for children.

Here are some great redecoration ideas for kids!


For one, you should consider whether the bed should be replaced. Do you have two children in one room? If so, how about fitting a bunk bed? For many kids, this can be a fun and exciting addition to a room plus it will save on space! Another way to save space using a bed is by purchasing one with built in drawers.

Better Organization

You could also make a child’s bedroom more spacious by better organizing items such as through keeping more of their toys and objects at a height, particularly those that are used less. Vertical storage is also a great way to save on space.


How about the walls? You may want to repaint the room or add fresh layers of wallpaper. It’s preferable to have light welcoming colors in a child’s bedroom whether it is aqua, beige, yellow, light green or sea blue. It might also interest you to have stickers added to the walls such as of your children’s favorite TV shows or video games. Kids can of course be picky so for anything specific like this it might be best to involve them in the conversation first! My daughter is obsessed with pink, so for now we went with pink decorations.


When it comes to lighting, a bedroom should feature three types of lighting; general, task and accent. General lighting provides the majority of the room’s illumination. Examples of this type of lighting are ceiling-mounted lights and LED down lights. As for task lighting, examples include table lamps and pendants lights while wall sconces are a popular form of accent lighting. 

You might also like to have color and brightness adjustable smart lights added to the bedroom. These can be set to change in accordance with the time of day so that it can make it easier for your children to fall asleep in the evening time.


What about the flooring? Perhaps you’d like to fit new carpet to create a soft underfoot and add to the environment in general. Timber floorboards may be too harsh or formal for a child’s bedroom. Further, the cost of carpet fitting is relatively low and it’s easy to find in a wide range of different colors. This way you can find the perfect look for your child’s bedroom!

As you can see, there are many ways you can remodel a kid’s bedroom. Keep an open mind, and consider your budget options and requirements. Then do some shopping around to find the perfect fittings and appliances! Do you have any redecoration ideas for kids to share with us?


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