How to survive a rainy day with a toddler

rainy day with a toddler

Kids are miracles which is why every parent can tell you at least 5 amazing things about their child from the top of their head. We love them so much that we would without any second of doubt push our partner in front of the bullet to save our child.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to strangle them every once in a while. Every good parent knows that the key to staying sane is balance. 

The main thing that puts my balance and sanity in question is rainy days.  They are bored, they don’t know what they want to do, every suggestion you make is not the correct one, and you just want to have a lazy day but there is no way that could happen.. On a sunny day or even on a cloudy day you can take them out of the house, let them run wild and watch with glee as they become tired so you can have your peace and quiet. No hope of that when the rain decides to join the party.

Activities for a rainy day with a toddler

So what can you do to keep your sanity on a rainy day with a toddler and keep them busy at the same time? Sadly, taking a sip of wine every time your toddler says mom is not one of the approved activities.

Finger painting

All-time favourite in this house is finger painting. First thing first, take a garbage bag and cut it with scissors along one side and create a protective cover. You will need this. The paint will end up everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.

Now give them some paper, paint and let them enjoy it. Not only you are helping them discover their creativity, but this is an extremely calming opportunity for you too. You can even make your own finger paint and put everyone to shame. Or you can buy it and still say that you made it by yourself. I will let you decide for yourself which option I choose.

Playing with water

Water play is another win. Again take our precious garbage bag and protect everything that needs protecting. Fill the bowl with a bunch of shower gel or shampoo and water to create foam. Pop in some toys inside and show your toddler how to wash them. This ensures at least 30 minutes of fascinating playtime.


Building is one more activity that will never get boring. Gather all the legos or bricks that you have and let them discover their inner architect. Or if you are in my house, let your kid discover their inner demolisher. Her favourite thing is to wait until I finish building my masterpiece and then she channels Godzilla and destroys everything.

Who cares about the rain – let’s go out!

But even though my toddler likes all of these activities her favourite thing is still to put on a raincoat and wellies and go look for puddles. No, you are not taking your kid out in the rain, you are teaching them physics. Every action has a reaction. You jump in the puddle, water splashes out. Physics, didn’t I tell you? 

If you are interested in more indoor activities for a rainy day with a toddler, check out our old blog post with a bunch of ideas!


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